Where do you store your kitchen swiffer/brooms?

SDgirlygirlNovember 4, 2013

My hubs and I are in the throes of a kitchen reno and it just occurred to me we don't have a place to store our brooms/sweeper. I'd love to hear your ideas! We are unfortunately limited in space so creative solutions are welcome.

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We had a 12" space left between the fridge and the wall that we tasked as a broom closet:

We did a tall cabinet over a two-drawer base. The advantage is that the brooms, etc. are right there. The disadvantage is that because the cabinet is narrow but deep, we needed to do a better job of organizing the stuff inside. Only the items at the front are easy to access.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We have a broom closet in the mudroom which is around the corner from the kitchen where the vacuum parts and the sweepers go.

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I have one broom/dustpan and swiffer hanging on the wall of a tiny coat closet at the edge of the kitchen (beside the back door). Everything else is in the basement.

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In our previous home, we had a small tall closet next to a pantry cabinet, a few steps from the main part of the kitchen. In our current condo, we will just hang them on the wall in the small room (6' long x 4-1/2' wide) that houses the stacked washer & dryer. We'll also have shelves in there for all the cleaning stuff (laundry, kitchen, floors, dustbuster, etc.)

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We wanted a broom closet near our kitchen but the location where we wanted to put it, around the corner in the living room, would have looked odd if there was a door there. The solution I came up with was to build a custom bookcase door.
Of course part of the reason for doing this is just that having a hidden door/secret room seemed like a really cool idea.

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Don't forget to put an electrical outlet inside if you plan to keep anything that might require charging. Actually, even if you don't need it right now, I'd put one in anyway - you never know what you might need in the future!

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Hey, Bob -- I love your hidden utility closet! Ingenious!! What is the width of your bookcase/door?

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2LittleFishies gave me the inspiration for our broom closet. It's located around the corner of our pantry and bar area.

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Lots of people use pullouts, with the brooms hanging on a pegboard or something similar. It's a good use of a 3" or 6" filler. Unfortunately a lot of the relevant pics were on Ikeafans, which IKEA chose to destroy.

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We didn't have a spot for a broom closet in our last house. We ended up hanging our brooms, mop, etc, on the backside of the basement door. I found an over the door rack that had very small hooks that fit inside the hanging holes of the implements nicely.

There are broom hangers that grip the broom and mop handles that could be attached to a (solid) door, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mop and broom hangers at Amazon

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You and suzannel both might want to look at the glideware product it might resolve the ease of use of a small closet problem

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I have a walk-in pantry /laundry room off my kitchen. In the 8" or so between the dryer and the wall, I have "hooks" that hold the broom, dust pan and more off the floor.

This is not ideal. The space isn't quite big enough, and I have to reach around the machines to get to my items.

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Our basement staircase is on the other side of the back wall of the kitchen. With no other storage spot, we put a couple of hook style organizers on the wall of the staircase and the broom, mop, Swiffer, aprons, lunch bags when not in use, extra grocery bags, anything that needs a space and can hang on a hook are hung there. It's not pretty but our basement is not finished so it's more like a service hallway. You can't see it from anywhere in the kitchen except when standing directly at the top of the staircase in front of the pantry. In this pic the pantry is in the back corner with the garage door and just out of sight to the left of the garage door is the stairs. Out of sight but easily accessible. It works for us.

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Oh my gosh dcward89 just described to the tee the things I have hanging on the wall of our basement staircase which is also just off our kitchen... grocery bags- kids lunch boxes and all. So funny. Also not pretty over here, but as you said it works for us. I've been thinking of taking that project on to make it look nicer but it's low on the list I'm afraid.

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