Air Switch - waterstone or other - soap dispensers

rjl443November 17, 2012

Trying to make some decisions and slow-going.

I love-love-love the look of the Waterstone air switch - the traditional deck mount one. The Insinkerator one seems fine but do you really have to push your finger down in it to work it, versus the waterstone it stands up out of the counter more it seems like it would be easier to activate?

Also is there a concern with safety on them - I read something on here that they would not get one because of the danger of switching it on accidentally when a hand was in the sink. We would be doing one on our main sink with a backsplash and a raised bar behind it. The other would be on the backside of our island, with no backsplash an little overhang. Maybe for that one we should consider putting a switch in the under-sink cabinet for safety reasons or I am nuts (well yes). We have a 2 year old.

Would it look ridiculous to get the Waterstone air switch and possibly hot/cold water dispensing faucet (I found a deal on ebay for one of those and I love it too) then a different brand faucet in the same finish on the larger sink? The island sink would just have a faucet and possibly the air switch.

What about soap dispensers? The plumbing parts-sales lady was pushing them saying that otherwise we will have our ugly soap bottle on the counter. We use to have one and honestly we didn't use it a lot, we still had the soap bottle on the counter (it was one you could not fill from the top). Also at a minimum I have a dish detergent and hand soap on the sink, so if we get a soap dispenser should we get 2 one for dish soap, one for hand soap. But then that is 4 holes near the sink - faucet, air switch, dispenser and one with hot/cold water dispenser.



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I have the water stone pull down traditional faucet with the soap dispenser, air switch and instant hot and cold faucet. I don't think the four holes looks bad at all. As a matter of fact, I get lots of compliments on the set up. I am not a fan of two kinds of soap. I use dish soap for everything and use hand lotion when I need to.

Perhaps you should use a batch feed disposer in your island. Then you don't need a switch at all on that counter.

I am not good at posting links but I posted pics of my new kitchen a couple of weeks ago. I is called "almost done--NYC galley with wal ut and calacatta." I will bump it for you so look for it.

Hope this helps.

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I have the Waterstone Traditional PLP at my main sink (LOVE IT!) along with the hot/cold faucet and a a soap dispenser. I have a 36" sink and it isn't crowded at all. Plenty of room to add an air switch and another dispenser for lotion.

I also bought an air switch for the garbage disposal but ended up not using it and stayed with the wall switch. My reason for doing that had to do with safety after watching my daughter playing with every button and knob when we were in at a store. It looked like something fun for her to play with. The wall switch doesn't give her temptation and it far enough away that she'd really have to work at it to get her hand down the disposal and flip the switch at the same time. I agree the switch is beautiful. At the island prep sink I added a switch under the counter for the disposal. The kids think that is pretty cool and showed it off to friends when the kitchen was first done, but now, out of sight out of mind. They don't touch it.

I love my soap dispenser (the NeverMT is a must!) and use it a lot. I still have a bottle of dish soap on the counter and use it a lot too. It just depends on what I'm doing but I love having both. I tend to grab the bottle of soap (I keep it in a pretty olive oil dispenser) when I want soap in a specific place, like a pot or pan that I'm washing. I tend to use the built in dispenser when my hands are dirty or I want to pump some soap on my sponge. There are a lot of pretty dispensers out there if you want to keep soap on the counter. We don't use a separate hand soap and only use dish soap in the kitchen.

I used to have a lotion dispenser in my previous kitchen and got so tired of people trying to wash dishes or their hands with lotion. I found people pumped first and asked questions later. And several times well meaning people added soap to my lotion dispenser. UGH!!! At least a NeverMT would stop that problem. But I found the lotion dispenser drove me nuts more than it helped. I'm just going to put out a pretty lotion dispenser in this kitchen.

As far as mixing the Waterstone air switch and filtration faucet with another brand of kitchen faucet, it is just going to depend on what you pair it with. As long as they look good together, should be fine. It's totally going to depend on what finish you use and the quality of the other faucet, so hard to say.

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