Do you have a refrigerator cabinet for a non-built-in fridge?

nguyendttNovember 25, 2007

If so, can you share some pictures? I wonder if a fridge cabinet is necessary. I'm not planning to buy a built-in and counter depth fridge therefore it's not a must to buy the cabinet fridge. I just want to see what your take on that. How much is a mid-range fridge cabinet cost? Say Kraftmaid line. Thanks!

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Ours is Kraftmaid, Ginger Glaze - Two side panels, one frig cabinet and filler with flip in hinges between the cabinet and fridge. I have no clue how much it cost seperate from the entire order - my guess is $250-300 per panel, plus the cabinet, filler was leftover. Our fridge is counter depth, but we got a great price on it. For us, it is worth it.

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Sorry, don't have pictures. I was recently quoted about $250-$300 per panel, and between $250-$500 for the cabinet. Mine was built in when I moved here. If I had my wish, it wouldn't be though. I love the look but I had to replace the refrigerator and was very limited to 2 specific models because of the cabinet limitations. I'm almost inclined to remove it but that would creae a whole new set of re-do issues that I'm ready to deal with right now. The new refrigerater bumps out beyond the cabinet but it looks OK for now. It was the only one I could get that I liked.

Something to think about...

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I forgot to mention that the refrigerator that I plan to buy is 33.5" depth including the handles so it will stick out beyond the 24" depth of the cabinet anyway. is it worth it to go with the cabinet? Gneegirl, thanks for the input. It does make me think if my selection will be limited if I decide to update the fridge down the line... Any other thoughts?

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Maybe you could scoop out the wall behind the fridge to make the fridge more flush. It will look good flush.

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Yes, I have a fridge cabinet, and I think it improves the look of the kitchen. No staring at a big black metal box.

In my old kitchen, I had a regular size fridge. There was a small wood panel on one side, but it came out only as far as the 12" cabinets above the fridge, so the fridge was kind of a in the kitchen. I think the wood panels on the side soften the fridge.

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I've got Kraftmaid cabinets in ginger glazed maple. I only have one side panel due to the location of the refrigerator. It is just a plain panel, and cost $99.86. The cabinet above the refrigerator was $212.87. It is one of Kraftmaid's least expensive styles, and glaze was free when the cabinets were ordered. Light rail was used as a filler between the top of the refrigerator and the bottom of the cabinet. The refrigerator is counter depth, and while I was a little unsure of going to a smaller refrigerator (had the big LG FD before), I have no regrets.

I apologize for the picture being so big. I know how to resize through Photobucket, but while the picture shows up smaller on the Photobucket page, it keeps ending up big when I post it here.

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Just wanted to add that I totally agree with momj47. Having the refrigerator in a cabinet is a HUGE improvement in the look of my kitchen. (By the way, momj, that before and after is spectacular!) My MIL now has my old refrigerator, and every time I see it, it just feels so big and, I have to say, ugly sitting there in all it's white hugeness.

Also, I just looked at my invoice again. The $99.86 was for the 3-inch filler down the left side of the refrigerator front. The side panel (just a piece of matching plywood, really) was another $101.75. Not a major expense, and SO worth it in my opinion.

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I swear that picture was BIG every time I did a preview of he post! Strange.

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i am getting mine enclosed with panels. it is 29.5" deep w/o handles, so will stick out a few inches; i plan to replace the fridge eventually with a slightly shallower model. as i understand it - and i'm just in the ordering stage now - the panels associated with the cabinet will not make the space any smaller than if i did not enclose the refrigerator. (on one side i have a tall cabinet and on the other, the panel beside the diswasher will just run all the way up rather than stop at counter height)

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We moved the kitchen into the dining room space, and were able to recess the full size fridge by shifting the door a bit, and by using the wall oven space in the old galley kitchen.

The fridge and pantries stick out only 12". It really minimizes the look of that huge fridge.

Sorry, I have no clue on prices, as contractor did not itemize cabinet prices.

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We sandwiched our fridge between 2 pantries, and added a fridge cabinet on top. We also recessed the fridge into the stairwell behind the wall so it looked like counter depth.

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Mine sticks out; it doesn't bother me.

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It really does improve the overall look of a kitchen. Counter-depth models are not necessary. Here are two examples of standard refrigerators with just slightly deeper panels. Most manufacturers offer deeper ones now.


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Here is is a counterdepth KA, but we didn't have the space for a regular depth, otherwise we would have used a regular depth with cabinet.

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We do. I really love how it finishes off the kitchen, even though my fridge sticks out a bit. I can't remember exactly how much it cost, but I do remember buying a 24-inch deep cabinet for above the fridge, and two side panels to connect to it. (Remodel was in early 2004 already!)


Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen

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If you are going to recess your fridge into the wall behind it to make it appear counter depth, do you remember how far it needs to goes back? (It may vary by fridge and not be standard) Also, do you have to allow room on the sides for the doors to swing open? I'm trying to picture how they would swing with the cabinet on either side. It does look so much more finished. Beautiful kitchens!

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beths96, thanks for showing the picture of your outlets underneath the cabinets. I'll take note of that. I was worried that the outlets would ruin the look of my backsplash.. DUH!!!! Your kitchen looks very good. My husband would love the red. :)

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I had one built because I kept my old cabs. This pic is before they were painted. I just don't like seeing the black sides of fridges. This one is not counter depth.

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Like Weedyacres,

We have pantries on either side of our fridge- (done intentionally that way to avoid having to buy extra panels). If I'd started visiting GW earlier I would definitely have strongly considered cutting into the wall behind to create an opening for the fridge- but this way I do have a few inches to cover up with magnets! I love looking at the wood panel as I walk into/out of my kitchen instead of the side of the fridge.

Previous fridge- but you get the idea!

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We put our full-size fridge in a cabinet and I like how it looks.

Only the doors extend past the cabinet and it works very well.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Eventually Almost Mostly Finished Budget Craftsman Kitchen

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jaymielo: It recesses about 6" back. It actually sits barely out front of the pantries and has 1/2" on either side, so the doors open fine.

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weedyacres, Thank you! I'm about to give these specifications to by builder and want to make sure I can open the doors on the fridge. Wouldn't the opposite be a kick in the head? :) j.

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Gil Roschuni

I put a 30" deep broom closet next to the fridge and mounted the cabinet above it 6" out from the wall. The panel with the magnetic bulletin board on the side is 30" wide, so the entire group together makes the fridge look built-in. I think it really makes the area look finished. Here's how it turned out:

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