Finished Kitchen Pictures (except backsplash)

alliernNovember 24, 2008

Hello! I am happy to finally be able to say that our house is done and we moved from NYC to Colorado 3 weeks ago! Here are some pictures of our new kitchen...I am so enjoying it! I am still undecided about what to do for a backsplash...have to make a decision soon but I wanted to live in the house for a little while before deciding :)


DW, Fridge, microwave/convection oven (Kitchen Aid)

6 burner dual-fuel 36" range (Thermador)

Thermador Traditional Silent 42" Hood w/remote blower

Perimeter countertop Black Minas Soapstone from Dorado Soapstone

Island Countertop Honed Statuario Marble

Perimeter Cabinets custom built with BM Simply White paint

Island Custom Built Alder

Floor Owens PlankFloor 6" Walnut with Satin Water Based Polyurethane

Delta Allura Faucet and soap dispenser

Danze Pot Filler

Cabinet hardware from Restoration Hardware

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What a beautiful kitchen. I love the ceiling!!

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It's just gorgeous! So light and bright. The ceiling and arches add so much interest. Are you "moved in" yet? Are you loving working in that beautiful kitchen?

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WOW! Love your kitchen. The combination of your gorgeous walnut floors and your white cabs with alder island, the marble, the minas soapstone and coffered ceiling is just beautiful! So open and airy and bright. Post more pics when you get a chance. What are you thinking for your backsplash?

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Stunning! WOW! Love everything. Your ceiling rocks! I love the combination of soapstone and marble, especially with the white cabinets. Gorgeous, enjoy it!!

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Yummy!! That ceiling....ahhhh!!!

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Wow! Phenomenal kitchen! And house too I imagine- love the stone fireplace. what?? you dont have a backsplash? LOL I didnt even notice- full of eye candy.

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pluckmama you made me smile - talk about attention to detail and TKO

alliern - what a gorgeous kitchen. I too love the architectural detail. I wish you many years of enjoyment and happy times in your new home

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that is stunning. looks like all the magazine pictures i cut out for inspiration! just wait until you have a fire blazing and you are cooking in that kitchen! i love everything about it....

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Window Accents by Vanessa Downs

It's absolutely beautiful. I love the arches and the ceiling too - they are my favorites! I would love to see a close up of your cabinet hardware. I can't tell from the photos what you have, but they look nice!

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Awesome...didn't you create this while living in NYC and planning a move? I remember thinking as I read that thread how organized you must be and what faith you had to place in the folks creating your new home! You must be so pleased with how it turned out. I love the pendants and arches.

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Beautiful!! What color are your walls?

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Simply gorgeous! I remember the countertop installation angst and am glad everything turned out so beautifully. Ditto what everyone else has said about the ceiling and arches. Enjoy your beautiful new house.

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Now *that* is gorgeous. Love the floors, the cabinets, the windows (gads! but me loves windows!) and the arches are gorgeous; that fireplace is incredible and the views phenomenal. But the ceiling and that amazing white marble slab over the walnut floors & island are stupendous. Brilliant move with that ceiling.

May I ask what paint colors you have on the walls?

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That is one gorgeous kitchen!! Love the island. Everything flows so well together. Congratulations!!

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Me too! I love your view through all those delicious windows -- mountain living = lucky you! And that ceiling is incredible. I also love the lack of toe-kick on the island ....

I'm so glad you're all out here now. Enjoy!!!

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Words fail me. Gorgeous, wonderful...don't seem to do it. Love, love, LOVE the island (definitely one of my all-time favorites)...and the view of the fireplace...and the windows...

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WOW! I just got my two older boys off to school and signed onto GW to all of these wonderful comments! What a fantastic way to start the day! Thanks to all of you!

In response to a few questions/comments:

The kitchen/DR walls are BM Titanium
The Great Room walls are BM Manchester Tan

I absolutely love these two colors at all times of the day. They are both just enough color that you see it but don't focus on it. Catch what I mean?

All of the trim throughout the home is made from MDF. My finish carpenter said that if I had decided to do the coffered box-beam ceiling out of wood, it would've cost 10x's as much! Yikes!

The fireplace is a Quadra Fire FP44. It is gas and has the most incredibly realistic flame that I have seen. I love that I get the look of a real wood-burning FP without the maintenance!

As far as a backsplash is concerned, I was thinking of the following:
*stainless steel mini-bricks
* color blend mosaics (blues/greens?)
* marble subway tiles
* white subway tiles

Anybody have any opinions on these options? Any other ideas?

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! I really appreciate it!

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Downsy, I used RH's Duluth knobs and pulls in brushed nickel. The knobs are 1.25" and the pulls vary in size depending on the width of the drawers. Hope this link works, I am not the most computer savvy.

Here is a link that might be useful: RH pulls/knobs

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Stunningly simple elegance! And yet the details are so beautifully done you can just get lost in them. Truly a beautiful kitchen!

This one I want to see when it's in "working" mode, & the life has been added. Please do keep us posted!

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I have been waiting for these....Thank you. I have your kitchen pic printed out when you had the marble installed- now I can have the entire thing. What is the white paint on your cabinets? I have been told the black white kitchen that I want to do it too cold but this kitchen is so warm and inviting.

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Wow, wow, wow. That is one beautiful kitchen!! Welcome to Colorado.

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Oh my gosh. GORGEOUS! I am so envious of that ceiling, the gorgeous floor, and the beautiful soapstone. I love your Windsor chairs too. Great work!

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Nicole Valentine

Absolutely lovely - your ceiling and your windows add just the right amount of drama to the space!!! Movie set worthy!

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Wow! Really beautiful. Love that stone fireplace!

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Simple, classic, and absolutely freaking gorgeous!!! I LOVE IT!

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I agree with everyone else; it is truly a beautiful, classic kitchen! I can see just a hint of your dining room table and chairs which I think I am trying to find.
Are those arrowback chairs and a type of farm table?

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Your kitchen is so beautiful that I'm afraid to make a backsplash suggestion-- I don't want to mess with such a winner! So, deep breath, my vote is for subways, either white ceramic, or some glass ones with a greyish cast.

Like everyone else, I love the ceiling. The MDF must have weighed a ton! I would guess the beams are not solid, but still, they must be heavy.

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I LOVE your kitchen so much! You must be thrilled to come home to such a beautiful place and in gorgeous Colorado, too! I think my favorite part is...EVERYTHING! Man, I want to start all over now, or maybe just move in with you. Congrats!

What are your Pendants? Thanks. Enjoy!

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Oooooh, that ceiling is FABULOUS! Just gorgeous! Congrats and ENJOY! :^)

* drooooool *

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Are you a designer or in the artistic field? Or did you manage to hire someone with a wonderful eye? I think what strikes me is the soothing balance of all your elements. The ceiling pops out because you kept the cabinets understated. The island is genius! You have just the right amount of space so that the Alder cabinets seem rooted in the walnut floor, and the marble floats above and is perfect. Somehow you have achieved a perfect combination of negative and positive space. I bet your kitchen will become an inspiration for many GWers for years to come!

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Wow, what a beautiful kitchen! We have white custom cabinets with black countertops and have white subway tile (from Lowe's) for the backsplash. They were inexpensive, .22 each, and look great. We went with white grout but I've seen gray and that looks nice too. Please keep us posted!

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Hi! Sorry I haven't responded to some of you sooner...busy week!

Twotogo, the dining room table and chairs that you see in the picture are indeed a farmhouse table and black windsor style chairs. They were built by a guy in Warwick, NY out of old barn wood planks right before I moved to CO last month.

Chaimama, the paint on the white cabinets is BM Simply is also on all the trim in my house and I love it. Not too creamy, not too gray...just right!

mominthedubc, the manufacturer of my pendants is slipping my mind right now, I promise to dig out the info for you soon!

raehelen, I am proud to say that I did not have any help with the design of my kitchen. I am a pediatric RN that enjoys kitchen design as a hobby. Obviously, GW has been a huge inspiration as well as magazines, but I chose everything on my own. Thanks for liking it!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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You could have a career with your hobby, but it takes a special heart to care for sick children. Such a beautiful kitchen you have designed and each detail has been so perfectly thought out. When you get a chance, I'd love to see some close up pics of your soapstone and other details. Hope you are enjoying Colorado and everyone is adjusting. That is a big move.

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Simply stunning! I have followed your progress when you post and this must be a very satisfying end to your project! What a fantastic outcome and I echo what others have said - you have a wonderful eye and have pulled many elements together to create a very pleasing whole! Hope you and your family enjoy this new space and home.

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Stunning, stunning, stunning, stunning!!! What a beautiful space--I love all the finishes and the great architectural details--the ceiling especially!

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Oh wow, it's so hard not to be jealous! That is a gorgeous kitchen! So many things to love! And that ceiling is totally inspiring!

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alliern - your kitchen (and great room) are gorgeous - so classic and crisp but warm at the same time. Can you show more pictures of your dining area? I think it's open to the kitchen area. Correct? Enjoy

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You're kitchen is beautiful. I'm doing a very similar palette and in the process of picking exact colors. I'm planning to use Calacatta marble and keep hearing horror stories, but love how it looks. How did you decide to go with marble? Also, did you have your cabinets painted on site or in a shop? Thank you so much for your help.

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Ohh MY your kitchen is stunning. I don't know if this is rude but I'd love to see a sample of the house plan. If it's not appropriate to ask then please forgive me and I'll sneak away with my head tucked under but there is something that speaks to me about what I've seen.
I'll be dreaming of this kitchen ALL day now!

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May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog? If so then please submit the FKB Category Checklist to give your permission. Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchens Category Checklist

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It is really a stunner. It's so similar in color scheme to mine that I just finished but I must say, yours makes me jealous!! Love the fireplace too. If I recall, the first round your island marble was unintentionally polished? Did they hone the same piece in your house or did you go with a new slab? Can't remember how they addressed it. Hope you are very happy there!

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but the pendants that I used in the kitchen are the mini cargo pendants by Wilmette Lighting...about $112 each. I love the type of light that they give off...crisp and clean.

Sunnny...You can look up other posts of mine on the building a home forum if you would like to see more pics of my house. I don't feel comfortable posting our entire house plans on here. They are custom and were a collaboration between my architect and myself.

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it is fantastic-- I really like your color scheme and layout. your ceiling is also very beautiful.

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Your kitchen is amazing! The marble on your island is the prettiest I've ever seen!

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Wow that is spectacular, congratulations!!

Just for my own personal agenda - do you find that your refrigerator is too far from your stove? I am about to sign off on my cabinet layout tomorrow, and am concerned about that distance...also, does the fridge door when it's open get in the way of people coming into the kitchen? It looks like you have adequate passage between fridge and island - mine's a little tighter - but just wondering.
Again: what a beautiful job!

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To some people, my fridge might be a little far from my stove but, for me, it is not a problem. I don't mind having to walk two or three extra steps. My kitchen in my last house was so tiny that I am relishing all the space in this one!

My aisles are 48" in the "L" so I have plenty of clearance when the fridge door is open for people to get by...the same goes for when my dishwasher is open too. Also, you might be able to see it in the first photo that I posted, my freezer door is actually across from the end of the island and my fridge door actually extends past the end of the island so there is even more than ample room for people to walk by when the door is open.

I say, if you have the available space, take advantage of it! Good luck with your new kitchen!

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Thanks, Allie - we signed off on the layout today (!!) so fridge is staying where we had it, and I think it will be fine. We have less space than you and the aisle is a bit narrower but we think it's workable...Thanks for your encouragement!

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Gorgeous kitchen!! It's one of my favorites for sure.
How big is that island?

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