Refrigerator dilemma

crl_November 9, 2012

I posted in appliances too, but since this is as much a "looks" question as anything, I thought I would ask here as well.

We are buying a house with orginal 1920s cabinets in places and just a generally quirky kitchen layout. The existing range is from the 1960s and is not working. There's no refrigerator and no dishwasher (and no place for the dishwasher without modifying cabinets).

I am planning on a Maytag induction range. The induction ranges in my price range only come in stainless steel with the dreadful black sides. I am going forward as function trumps form in a range for me. We will try to work out a panel for the range side that will be exposed.

However, this complicates the already somewhat difficult refrigerator situation. The refrigerator must go immediately next to the range. Far from ideal, but that's a constraint of the existing space and nearly non-existent budget to make this kitchen functional. So should the refrigerator be stainless? If so, this creates the same exposed black side for the upper portion of the refrigerator on one side. It also narrows my choice of fridge even more. The cabinets in the space are white. Would a white refrigerator look okay in light of the white cabinets? I generally prefer white appliances to stainless if that plays into your thinking at all.

The space for the refrigerator is 66 1/4 high, 34 wide, 32 deep. The height constraint seems to cut out most refrigerators. The depth needs to include handles.

I do not want water in the door or an ice maker at all. I am, thankfully, ok with a small refrigerator. I would prefer freezer on bottom, but understand it may not be possible to find to fit this space, especially in stainless.

I think the total budget for the refrigerator is one thousand max. That needs to include any side panels, delivery, etc.

Any suggestions on refrigerators to consider? Thoughts on white vs stainless?

Thank you!

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Doing a search on ajmadison with your requirements, I found 28 fridges from which to choose on the below link. Brands include GE, Whirlpool, Amana, and Frigidaire. All are priced at or under your budget in white, stainless, or stainless look. Width ranges from 28-30". You want be able to find a new fridge that will fill the 34" width at your height limitation. Good news is that they all are shallow enough. :)

Have you thought about Ebay or CL for appliances? We've found some deals at the Sears Outlet store in the past. Who cares if there's a scratch on the side of the fridge that will be hidden against a wall when you could save hundreds?

Here is a link that might be useful: 28 fridges for you

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I see no reason not to get white if you like it better. It's also usually cheaper than SS.

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If you want white, I would consider using a white side panel for the range to make it look more built-in.

If not white, get a metal shop to cut a sheet of stainless the size you need. Giving the edge a small fold inward will give tit a finished edge and not razor sharp surfaces exposed (they have a simple gizmo that does that easily). Based on the two things I've had done, I would expect to pay $50-$75 -- but definitely less than $100 for a panel like that,

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I should have added that the 28 fridges on that search were top freezer models. Ajmadison showed zero results searching for your size restrictions in a bottom freezer configuration.

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I'd go with white, esp since you like it and the cabs are white. Do you have a pic of the space?

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do you have a sears scrtch and dent-you should be able to get a bottom freezer[maybe even with drawers]..whirlpool or maytag in white. do you think you'll be keeping the fridge?-various older and cheaper used fridges are all over Craigs list....if you might get a different one in a few years. In a kitchen reno, I'm not sure I'd permanently want an induction range next to the fridge....if you're set to buy the range for the longterm[are you sure a cooktop wouldn't be better?]....then the fridge is something you could calculate as temporary and "get by" with something....even an apartment sized fridge.

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Thanks everyone. I did do the AJ Madison search and also came up empty on bottom freezer models. And when I narrowed it to stainless, I was down to two Frigidaire models with black sides.

White definitely increases my options.

Thanks for the input!

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Oh, and it just finally clicked about the panel suggestion above to make it look more built in. That would probably help a lot with appearance for either stainless or white. And there should be room for it. I have the paint color for the cabinets so I could paint something to match them. And I suppose it would be attached to the cabinet above the refrigerator with an L bracket. What would the panel be though? Plywood cut to size?


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