Mtnrdredux--Info on your pulls please

breezygirlNovember 6, 2011

Hi there. I was going to just email you directly, but you don't have your email option on.

You mentioned on my pull thread that your GC found some pulls similar to the Aubrey but with faux screw heads. I hesitate to ask as I'd bet they are out of my budget, but could you please share with me what they are?

You and I share a similar, simpler-is-better aesthetic. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll like them, too!

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What timing -I came by to check out the design challenge and here is a message for me.

I will have to add the email option, sorry, I think I used to have it on?

They came from my GC and I dont know who makes them. Maybe a sleuth here will? I include two photos since that might help ID them.

As for price:
The Polished nickel is $13.40 and aged pull is $12.80- GC's cost.


Aged copper (not for you but maybe to help find it?)

If they interest you, I can take a photo of them on the cabs. I wanted Aubrey but chose these for a very similar look with better function (at least for the thickness of my cabs).

best of luck!

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Yes! I looooove those! Thank you for posting them. If you would be so kind, I'd love to see them on your cabs please and to know how long they are. Are they all the same length?

Do you know anything about them? Were they ordered from somewhere or picked up locally? Easy to get? Anything?

Are your cabs thick? I'm not near to measure mine, but they are thick. I thought I might ask my cab maker to find some different screws if I go with the Aubrey since I've heard of others here doing that.

I'm after polished nickel so prefer the first. :)

I don't mean to sound like an idiot. I'm so very sick of looking at pulls online. I just spent another 4 hours tonight, which is a drop in the bucket considering I've done this many days and nights over the past 18 months.

Thank you again!

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I guess two more hours of searching paid off. I found it!

It's Hafele Traditional Zinc Pull in polished nickel. #123.31.731.

I'm going to mock up the dimensions tomorrow. It only comes in one size, but it's not quite long enough to work on my 36"+ drawer stacks. I'll have to see if I could live with that.

Thanks! (I'd still love to see pics of yours installed if you have any.)

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Breezy -- just chiming in to say that I love mtndredux's pulls.
I'm glad you found the source.
I would never have even thought to look on the Hafele site -- great sleuthing.
Although I love the Restoration Aubrey pull (and had them in my last kitchen),
I love these event more.
They manage to be no nonsense and to have a lot of style!

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Hi breezy,

I am so glad you found this helpful. Here is a shot of the nickel ones on my cabs. I think the longest drawer here is 32"? But I have a 36" under my sink and I used just one pull on that too.

You may want to use two pulls on larger drawers? I didn't want to use too much because I have 4 kinds of hardware in my kitchen ... these, orb on my island, aged brass on my dish storage area, porcelain and black iron in my breakfast room. Not to mention nickel and brass bling on the stove....
I don't find that, at least for my drawers, you need two pulls for function.

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Oh, I can so see those in Breezy's kitchen!

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Francoise--apt description--"no nonsense and have lots of style.". That's my style, too!

Kellie--me too!

Mtnrdredux--thank you for the picture! I just love seeing your kitchen regardless of the reason.

Good to know the width of the longest drawer in the pic. One of my issues is that I have 2 stacks with 4 drawers each at about 38" wide. That's wiiiiiiiide. I was hoping for an 8" pull on those to keep the scale in proportion. I know that 2 narrower pulls on a wide drawer like that is an obvious answer, but I find that too busy. Man, I'm picky. :) Plus, I'm not sure how the height of those pulls would look stuck in the small, flat area of the shaker panel as the wide stacks have 4 drawers, leaving the flat area fairly small.

Do you have a guess as to the thickness of your cabs?

Thank you so much for the help!

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I think it wouldn't look right to have different lengths of the same pull in the same kitchen. Maybe its just me, though.

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Hi Breezy,

Aww, you are sweet.

I never really noticed it before, but there is the drawer and then a panel, so the handle is going through two thicknesses.

Measured this way, i think it is 1 3/8".

I say you can never be too picky. I wrestled with the same questions, especially since I had so much diff hardware. I mocked up the elevations to decide ...

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very lovely. I can see one working on a longer drawer because they're not thin.

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Their look comes across as being hefty and so if they can be functional with just one on each drawer you could easily go that route.

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I have four stacks of drawers that are between 34" and 36" wide.
Each drawer has two pulls (bin cup pulls).
This looks nice.
And I love the wide drawers.

But I sort of wish I had done just one beefy pull in the middle of each drawer instead of two pulls on each drawer.
Why? Because I'm a fast and furious sort of cook and don't like to slow down to use both hands when I open a drawer.

Just something to think about (that I never thought about).

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I'm about to lose my internet connection so I'm typing fast.

Kellie--I bet you've seen differing pull sizes in a kitchen before and never noticed it.

Micki and Mrs. Fenton--I think you're right.

Francoise--Thank for relating your experiences. That is exactly why I was planning one longer pull. Besides not liking how two shorter pulls look on a wide drawer, my cooking style, like yours, may call for a beefier single.

Mtnrd--Many thanks for posting these pics and measuring for me. My drawers are similar to yours with the face attached to the drawer box. I would love it if you could please try to post a pic of that pull on your wide drawers. Maybe photobucket will cooperate for you? :)

I ordered a sample of this pull. Hopefully it'll be here early next week so I can try it out. I can't wait to see how it looks IRL.

Thanks again!

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Hi breezy,

Hare you are on a 36" face.

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Thanks mtnrd!! I think those pulls look great on your wide drawers. Now I'm even more excited to receive my sample. And I'll be able to hold it up on my cabs to my hearts content after we move back in today!

Many thanks again for helping me with this!

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I think those pulls look too small on those wide drawers in the pic above. I think two would look better.

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I am finding two pulls on very wide, very heavy drawers a little troublesome too. If the drawer is heavy, it wants pushing in from the center, just functionally.

Breezy, I think you should find a source for your pulls in Las Vegas (mail order). ;)

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I received a sample of Mtnrdredux's lovely kitchen pulls. The proportion didn't look right on my very wide 4-drawer stacks. In the end, I chose the RH Aubrey pulls in polished nickel for my kitchen. DH and I both liked the Hafele pulls so much that we used them on some built-ins in the master bedroom. I can post some pics of those after Christmas if anyone is interested in seeing them.

I appreciate you taking the time to post pictures and provide so much information, Mtnrdredux. Have a great holiday season!

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