Veteran Soapstone Owners: How often do you oil?

peony4November 14, 2013

Hello! My question seems like it would be regularly discussed here, but I searched this forum a few times and couldn't find anything definitive. Please let me know if I've missed the obvious.

In the meantime, we've had our Mariana Reserve soapstone for 3 months. After enjoying a few weeks of the lovely un-oiled look, we figured out our daily habits required that we oil the stone. We have used both mineral oil alone, and the combo beeswax/mineral oil. We've oiled an average of 2-3 times per month. This is not a time-consuming process--it takes me about 10 minutes in the evening to apply the oil, and about 5 minutes the next morning to wipe the excess. Not a significant maintenance issue in the grand scheme of cleaning my kitchen. However, I'm wondering at what point my soapstone counters will maintain more of the oil for a longer period of time? I daily wipe them down with a dishcloth squeezed of soapy water to remove the usual mess of a family, and realize this diminishes, over time, the oiling.

But if you've had your soapstone counters a while, how often do you oil them at this point?

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We've had our Mariana for about eight months now. In the beginning I was oiling like you are at 2-3 times per month, but for about the last couple months I've decided to go "natural", and have not oiled since. I'm actually liking the more natural state of the stone and like the way it looks as it has dried out. We'll see as time goes on which I really prefer, granted it does look more elegant when oiled, so maybe I will oil when expecting company, and let it go the rest of the time...

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My santa rita soapstone has been installed for about 5 years now. When I do oil it, I use the oil/wax combo which lasts a lot longer for me. Last time I oiled was maybe a year ago. I was just looking at it this morning and thinking that it could use it again. The need to oil really slowed down after the first year or so, I think because it became oxidized.

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I oiled once when I installed it, and then never again. In 9 months time it had darkened on its own, and I just clean it. Maybe because of the cleanser, or maybe because of the type of SS, but oil spatters from cooking are not in my reality, but I have seen them in pictures.

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Once a year, before the annual holiday gathering. The area by the sink could probably use it twice a year, but it's really not that big of a difference. It's all dark now (5 years), but the oil/wax just makes it look richer.

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My Green Mt has been in 7 years. I oiled it one time right after it was installed and never again. My use of it as a baking counter has caused it to all darken naturally. I have never had a problem with spots of oil or water marks. I clean it with the dishcloth and dish soap or just plain water. c

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I tend to oil or wax more frequently, because it seems that even a little dishsoap takes the oil off immediately. Three messy kids so I am cleaning counters constantly. The just oiled look lasts for about 5 minutes until I have to clean the counter!

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I so enjoy the look of my SS in various states that I typically wax maybe once every three months or so. Usually before a LARGE party.

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