Need Referral for Granite in San Jose, CA

AdminG1October 13, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I'm so glad I found you guys.

We are remodeling our kitchen and we need a referral of where to purchase granite near San Jose, Ca. We are on a budget, so any references would be greatly appreciated.
We would prefer 3 cm, but I'm reading that it's 25% more than 2 cm so I'm not firm on 3 cm, just prefer it.

Also a fabricator referral would be great too.

Thank you so much.

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3cm is a bit hard to find in the South Bay. The total cost of 3cm vs 2cm might not be that different if you save money on the edge fabrication.

All Architectural Stone usually has some slabs on sale (outside on the right side of the building).

Other stone yards:

All Natural Stone
United Granite & Marble (also does fabrication for Ikea)

I used Marblus Granite for fabrication for the kitchen in my current house and bathroom in my previous house.

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There are lots of granite yards. You just have to go look. All Natural Stone seems to be one of the more pricey.

I used Santay Granite for fabrication; see my Yelp review (Gary A.) He did two bathroom vanities, and later my kitchen. Also a friend's kitchen. I bought my granite at Bedrosians, and Santay gave me his discount of about 30%. Also try Marble Creations and Granite Warehouse on Junction, Dal Tile, Otto, Venice and many others. I also looked at several up in Hayward. There are a lot of them!

When we settled on one type of granite, I hit 5 granite yards over lunch one day -- each had slabs of different appearance, quality, price for the same generic type.

Here is a link that might be useful: my review for Tomas Santay

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i thought Davinci Stone in San Carlos had good selection and pretty good prices on slabs. You can also look at pre-fab granites, though you don't get as much choice on edge profiles. In particular, look at Uni Tile (off Junction ave in San Jose), Artistic Stone and Tile (in Mountain View), and also Troy Marble (off junction ave. in San Jose, their other locations are known as Tez marble). I chose to go prefab for some small bath vanities and saved a lot this way.

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We used Venice Marble for the bath vanities. If you are looking for prefab, Troy marble and KZ stone has good stuff including some 3cm.

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Fori is not pleased

We used All Natural for the slab but we looked everywhere. (I liked their straightforward pricing, which used sensible things like dollar signs.) Arizona Tile in Pleasanton had some nice stuff as well if you end up driving that far. SJ seemed to have the bulk of the good shops.

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Venice has pretty good prices on slabs and many remnants if you need smaller pieces. I like them as fabricators too. They do an amazing job on the mitred square edge in case you decide to "fake" the 3cm edge rather than buy a thick slab. They have done two whole house projects for me and will do my current one. They did this beautiful waterfall edge on one of my houses and see url link for my other one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rancher Remodel

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Thank you all for your referrals. I don't think I can go with prefab since our island is an odd shape of 30" x 58". I'm going this weekend to go and look at more granite slabs at some of the places you referred me to. I really want the 3 cm, but might just have to go with 2 cm since there is more of a variety. I have gone to Bedrosian's and found a few slabs but they were a little pricey. Will go visit more places to see where I can get the most for my money.

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If you have a fabricator that will pass along his discount, Bedrosians price will be about 30% less. This may
not be the situation at other vendors.

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