Do I post this negative review to Angie's List?

deedlesOctober 22, 2012

(I wrote this review tonight after a month of nightmares with a local tile place. The final episode was today.

I could have written something 4 times longer if I put everything in, but for the sake of brevity...

Is it too harsh? It's all true and accurate. Or am I still too upset and is the review reflecting that in a bad way? Thanks)

Ordered tile, grout and thinset from this business. Submitted measurements and the owner calculated what we'd need for our job and ordered accordingly.


The owner over-ordered our tile, under-ordered the grout by 2/3 and ordered the wrong color trim tile. When I complained about paying a restocking fee for the over-order, she started yelling that she had just ordered what we told her to order, even though she had done the math. We had NINE extra boxes of tile. This is why we went to a 'professional' tile store, to make sure we got what we needed. We had to pay a 15% restocking fee for no fault of our own.

Then, in the middle of tiling it became apparent that we were woefully short on grout, necessitating a trip to Menards to buy enough. She yelled about this (and everything, really) when I complained saying "what's the big hurry that you had to do the tile this weekend anyway?" This is honestly what she said to me when I told her that I had to drive an hour round trip because of her mistake.

We took back the over-ordered tile and happily left knowing we'd never have to go back there again... until...

I opened the bullnose tile box to find it was completely the wrong tile. Another call, more yelling on her part and I am to pick up the replacement tile the following Monday. Call on Monday to make sure the tile is in and immediately she starts yelling "I NEED THE OTHER BOX OF TILE BEFORE I CAN GET THE NEW ONE.... I TOLD YOU THAT!" She didn't tell me that, she had yelled about needing the number off the box to be able to order it and I read the number to her as she requested. At that point I started to lose my patience and cool and explained in no uncertain terms that this was the most miserable experience I've ever had trying to do business. And.... she hung up!

So, I decided to get a refund, find my bullnose tile elsewhere and be done with this whole thing. She refused to give me a refund, rather wrote out an IOU in pencil (and got the number of tiles wrong on that, too), tried to say I had to pay a restocking fee on this too, swore at me, yelled throughout, told me she must have met me in hell (which I'm inclined to agree with at this point) and told me to get the s**t out of my ears and shut my mouth and listen to her. That is what she said to me, the customer. "Get the s**t out of your ears and shut your mouth."

Listen to her telling me why she's right and I'm wrong and have a big nerve to complain about anything she did. I left telling her I expect a refund IN FULL in the mail within a week. Wonder if we'll see that happen? When I left, I suggested she change the name of her business to (a word that mostly rhymes with Hibsch) Tile and Marble. Not too mature but I'd had enough. This has been the #1 worst experience hands down, that I've ever had in my life with a business. Anywhere. Ever. That takes some doing.

I do not recommend this 'business' to anyone that values their time, money, dignity or nerves. We try to support local businesses but this is one that will never see a dime from us in the future. Good grief, what a horrible experience.

OVERALL Experience F

Price C

Quality C

Responsiveness F

Punctuality C

Professionalism F

(GW thoughts, comments?)

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Well, I'd leave it, but not until AFTER you have a refund. If she hears about it or happens to see it, she sounds like the kind of person who wouldn't refund you.

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Good point. I'm so peeved that I'd like to leave it now, but waiting would probably be prudent.

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I'd be peeved too. I'd also look for every place on the web to leave a bad review.

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I think posting on free sites like yelp is a lot more useful. I always see commercials for Angie's list and I decided to try it when I was in the planning phase of my remodeling. The site was virtually useless because only a few businesses near where I live have reviews and those that have reviews only have one or two, not enough to get an unbiased view. I live in a small city, not middle of nowhere. I immediately contacted them for a refund which they did issued. Honestly, I think Angie's list survives on gimmicks and mass marketing. My point is basically that a lot more people will see your review on free sites like yelp than a subscription site like Angie's list.

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Don't know much about Angie's list my only concern might be that it's too long and detailed. I'm not sure that if I came across it I might not dismiss it as too extreme. I would think about starting with your last sentence and then get into the review and let some of the details go. The thing that stands out for me is that she claims your measurements caused her to order too much tile but too little grout? How does that work? She sounds like a loon. I salute you for not leaping over the counter and taking a round out of her - she really had it coming.

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How did you pay? If you paid by credit card just call the card company and dispute the charge. There's no way you should have to pay restocking fees on her mistakes.

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I'd add more specifics if you can. Rather than just saying they over ordered by 9 boxes of tile, I'd say we needed "x" number of boxes and they ordered "y" and demanded we repay a restocking fee on the extra 9 that they ordered in error. Some overage is expected (much better than being under) but concrete numbers takes out the emotion of the situation and lets people know just how far off they were.

I'd also use the owner's name if you have it. Again, use specifics if you can. Rather they saying that she yelled at you, say exactly what she said. The part where you said she told you to "get the s**t out of your ears" is a good example. When I read Angie's List reviews (and when I write them), I find them most helpful when they list specifics and aren't emotional. Saying that someone yelled at you isn't as helpful as being told exactly what they said while they yelled or said it in a rude manner. Also try to use dates and times if you can. The date you ordered the tile, the date you called regarding the overage and the date you discovered the error with the bullnose.

As far as the grout goes, was this on a weekend and did you give them an opportunity to fix the mistake? Again, that's just for the sake of the review.

I'd also wait to leave the review until after you've received your refund. I had a horrid experience with a plumbing company (one of those big chains) and left a scathing review on Angie's List. They responded to the review saying that they had tried several times to contact me to resolve the issue but I failed to respond to their repeated messages. Ha! They never tried to contact me once. I left an update saying that they had never tried to contact me and I'd have responded if they had. So make sure, once you leave the review, check to see if they respond so you can update your review to respond back.

I've had great success with Angie's List. I live in the Seattle area and it has provided me with a lot of great feedback. I've used them to find the company who did my kitchen, a good plumber, electricians, painters and a handyman. I guess how helpful Angie's List is depends on the area.

Sorry you had such an awful experience with this idiot. Hopefully your review is going to save others and allow them to take their business to somewhere that deserves it.

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With anything like this I like to sleep on it and then read it over the next day. If its true, post it.

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In a heartbeat. I would want to warn everyone - but do wait until your refund arrives. Call the credit card company is you charged (always charge, it's your back-up if needed). I wouldn't hesitate to post on as many review sites as I could. What a piece of work.

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Is this a chain store or locally owned? Either way, I would make a phone call to the owner and follow it up with a letter, if necessary.

This woman is either bipolar, mega-menopausal or just a b*tch. No matter, her boss/store owner needs to know. If she treated you this way (not to mention the order problems) how is she treating everyone else?

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Why don't you call your local Consumer Affairs Dept and file a complaint? They collect all the information and then mail them a letter. This might be the better route to take in order to get your refund.

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So sorry you went through this. I am surprised that the tile shop "did the math" as you put it. When we ordered or kitchen tiles, WE had to order the amount. And, we were told to do this for this very reason.
I too feel your review is too long. I am glad you wrote it this way and hope you received some relief by venting. However, I agree with Pooh. Short and simple. We ordered this and got that, we needed this and had to wait, poor customer service etc.
I would also wait until your situation is resolved.
This is the problem with Angie's list and similar sites. It is nice to see good reviews but I only really learn from the ones that have shown clear problems. How do you know that a company doesn't have all their friends and realtives write up outstanding reviews? The same goes for people who just want to be vindictive. I take all these with a grain of salt.

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We paid cash since she doesn't take CC. The business has been around for decades (somehow) and she's got to be in her 70's. She's the only one that works there. Has no employees. I think her husband did tile work but he's passed away so all she does is sell tile. Maybe it's time for her to quit.

Thanks for the advice. I'm glad I've slept on it. More specifics, less emotion. AFTER I get my refund, lol.

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Contact your credit card company to get the restocking fee refunded and to ensure that you get your refund. Your letter to your credit card company needs to be factual only. "She misordered based on measurements submitted. If the measurements were wrong, how could she have over ordered 1 item and under ordered the other." In order for a business to be able to charge you a restocking fee, that policy needs to be on a document you signed- not just on a sign somewhere in the store.
Wait to post your complaint a little longer. Your current post reads as very emotional. You definitely need to edit with a cool head and heart. You may not be able to do this because the owner made it very personal through her own actions and words. You need to rise above her level and keep it distant and professional. You may need to have someone else help you edit it if it continues to make your blood boil to think about it.

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Details are important, if too vague (which yours is not) then I often wonder if the customer is just a nut-job with an axe to grind.

Besides Yelp, don't forget Google reviews. See if there is a place to write a review when you google their business.

But I would start with something like:

When the owner of the business says "I must have met me you hel"l and told me "to get the s**t out of my ears and shut my mouth and listen to her. " I knew customers were not important to this business. Unfortunately I didn't hear this until after our order was placed--incorrectly by the owner.

To me, that sums up the attitude of the business owner, and really would make me want to read further. I certainly wouldn't think you were a nut-job whining customer.

Just a thought. It's like a hook to get someone to read more.

Good luck. Gotta run and see if the carrots with tops arrived at the store.


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Sherrie Moore

I am an Angie's list member. I have posted bad reviews and I have posted good reviews. This is what makes the site work. You give details and explain exactly why you are unhappy with said business.

Definitely post your honest opinion on this company.

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Wonder if she has dementia.

I agree, what an experience.

This woman needs to retire.

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Don't forget to report the business to the Better Business Bureau online. It is amazing how things can get worked out after a company is reported. Ask me how I know. It takes a lot for me to get that upset, but two out of three reports got results very fast and finally got the money end of things taken care of.

I agree also that the review is too long. Pare it down, stick to the facts (like 'foul language was used toward customer', etc.)

Friends of ours tried to make a negative review to Angie's List after a bad experience. It never appeared on AL. They think AL contacted the owner and....something happened ... it never showed up online.

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Sophie Wheeler

There is a bit too much emotion there. You should state that she was overly emotional, but most of her policies are not out of line, and are in fact, industry standard. It is up to the tile installer to calculate the amount of tile needed. While any supplier can do the calculations, they will NEVER order unless you confirm those calculations. On special order merchandise, you will always pay a restocking fee. As a gesture of customer service, she could have waived the restocking fee because of misordering the incorrect tile. However, the over/under ordering situation is your tilesetter's issue, not the store's issue.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but if the person hadn't been rude to you and screamed at you, you would have ended up at the same place with the over/under ordering situation that your tile installer should own up to. He's the one that should take care of any fees if they are assessed to you.

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Wait a few days and rewrite it using specific details and eliminating all emotion on your part. "Just the facts, ma'am." It will be even more powerful. Then post it everywhere everyone has mentioned.

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I disagree with hollysprings. The installer generally knows how much overage to allow for edges and pattern, but the people in stores can and do make those calculations too. They haven't seen the space and may allow a bit extra to make sure there isn't something they aren't seeing that would require a bit extra, but 9 boxes is extreme. I have always checked the calculations myself. Stores that are doing the installation (carpet) can be bad about over ordering, and on a 12 foot roll, you pay a lot for the extras. You get nap that doesn't match if they under order.

I would make a BBB claim and let them help you try to get your refund, then file with Angie's and any others based on what is or isn't resolved, noting the errors and extreme rudeness.

Anything you post doesn't need to be nearly that long -- just that they did the calculation and over ordered the field tile by 9 boxes, ordered the wrong trim, under ordered the grout, charged restocking fees on their over order and wrong order, and were rude beyond belief about it all. A couple of lines says it all and makes you appear far less emotional and more credible.

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I agree about making it more succinct and more factual.
"She misordered the tile by x %.
She refused to correct X Y or Z
She used bad language and called me names"

I tend to discount negative reviews that are too long, too emotional and too detailed with the specific conversations and interactions. (I also tend to discount reviews that are too glowing)--if it's too emotional I start to wonder if the author is ever happy or what their contribution to the mess was. If it's too glowing I wonder if it's a relative.

The best piece of information that I got was pre-Angies List when I contacted someone about a project that was published. The homeowner gave succinct positive reviews about everyone except the contractor who was not mentioned at all.

I emailed again and asked about the omission, and the homeowner said "He finished the project, and I will not say anything more about him. I will not give him a recommendation but I will not say any more than that."

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Okay, thanks everyone for weighing in. She may have dementia or maybe is just slipping. I'm sorry for that and am calming down a bit more each hour.

I'll send her a letter with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the refund and wait a week.

Then I'll re-work the review.

I wish I hadn't lost my temper at the end there. Oh well, "I tooks all I could takes and I couldn't takes anymore!"

DH thinks it's funny. I have a feeling somewhere down the road he's going to be asking me if I have **** in my ears, lol.

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Deedles, you did good not to leap across the counter and pummel her, as I would have been tempted to do. >:O

I admire you for calming down and first trying to resolve this in a business-like manner. Hoping she gives you a refund, but be prepared to rework your review.

One day this will be funny, and she did give you a great insult to hurl.

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I agree, leave out all the drama and just state the facts and then summarize the reactions.

I am on Angies List for 9 years now and love it.

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