The granite is in!

marti8aOctober 16, 2012

Kashmir Gold. It looks great with our cabinets, but I'm not crazy about it with our white appliances - which is the main reason I chose it. Maybe it will grow on me after all the cabinet doors are on.

Maybe tomorrow we'll have running water in there too.

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I think we have the same granite. Our dealer caller it Kashmir Creme.

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Hey Marti, I found you and your kitchen! I am glad to see you are making good progress. With you and DH doing all the work, it is slow. I know you have been too tired with work and then kitchen work to write about progress, so it is good to find you over here on Kitchens. Or maybe your thread on Smaller Homes is getting updated and I have not been looking, either way, I am glad I found you. Your staining job looks great!

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it looks beautiful!

it's hard to tell about the white from this angle. but white will look good with anything.
the cabs also look great - I like that wood color better than the old one.

it's gonna be awesome! got more pics?

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Wahoo, nice to see the progress... Looks great and wow that's a long run!!

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Your counter is beautiful! I think the appliances are just more noticeable due to the contrast and in time you will love it!
I can't believe you are already loading the cabs in your bake zone!
Can't wait to see the next pictures!!

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Lovely! Sounds like you stained your cabinets? They look great!

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I think it looks wonderful!!

Remember, the appliances can be easily changed a bit at a time, if you don't like the white!


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Looks great!

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Pretty! What is your backsplash going to be?

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Marti- The countertops are beautiful! You can always tie in the white appliances with the backsplash, if excited to see your project coming together :)

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Thanks everyone. It's a pretty granite and I'm sure I'll get used to it, I just have some regrets about how I had them lay out the templates. It's better than this house deserves, that's for sure.

I'm sorry nancy & steph, I have been doing a terrible job of updating on the Smaller homes forum. I haven't added many pictures to photobucket either. Here is the photobucket link though. I feel like I am chasing myself most days. I like this wood color better too, though the cabinets aren't taking the new stain evenly. The ones across from the window were much redder/darker than those on the other side. Oh well, it's still better. I have still have to stain that new cabinet on the end, and I still have to strip a bunch of doors. Ugh.

a2gemini, I hope that's it. When I viewed the templates on the slab, I actually tried to avoid most of the gray areas thinking they were too busy for my cabinets, but left them in the laundry area, and we LOVE that counter. I think the gray would have looked better with my cooktop. That really clashes, IMO. I loaded the cabinets because a group of my friends were coming through last weekend and I didn't want them to see all the stuff stacked in the living room! lol When anyone comes over I usually try to keep them from coming in the front door and if they do have to come in, I apologize for the mess and insist I am not a hoarder.

springroz, that's what we thought too. When we replaced the dishwasher, we put in stainless, and we're less than thrilled with the maintenance on it, so were thinking we'd stick with white if it looked ok with the counters. We need to buy a microwave next but were waiting until we got the counters to see which looked better with it, white or stainless. We looked at both last night and still can't decide. Both. Neither.

deedles, I have no idea on the backsplash. I've seen Kashmir Gold tile on some websites and I'd really like to see what it looks like with these counters. I thought about doing that behind the cooktop, in an accent area. After we get the floors done, I'm sure I'll be back here to ask. This forum has become my adviser and lifeline. I was at a friend's house this past weekend, new in the last 7 years, and while it is very, very nice, I found myself thinking that she wouldn't have done this or that if she read the Kitchens forum. lol!

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Maybe I can help with the stainless vs. other color appliances question. I also have Kashmir Gold and it just happens we have both black and a stainless appliance (just the fridge in stainless). The black appliances were ones we already had, but I do like them with these counters. I'm not a huge fan of stainless, but I also like the fridge. Actually I love the fridge for its function, but I also like the color. That it has a black side is a bonus for blending with the other appliances.

[BTW, this also seems to answer the question about what do you do with your dishtowels? Yikes. But I took these photos just for your question, so you'll have to overlook the incidentals.]

An interesting by-the-by on trim paint color: we chose the trim color by dropping the white paint chips on the new counter. In the end BM Bavarian Cream was the best color complement to the Kashmir Gold. We've ended up using it for all the trim and doors in the house and it looks white everywhere, but it's just enough cream that it makes the most of the gray-gold in the granite. We have a lot of variations on gray on the walls, so that makes sense, but it still looks white. You can see a bit of it in the second photo at the left edge. The gray in the counters is also a very blue gray which is what inspired the blue kitchen walls and inspired us to substitute those blue glass 1 x 1s into the backsplash. I think you're going to like what you have once you get the cab doors on and the hardware. It does make a difference.

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I think it's great progress! And I think once it's all done the white can be seamless as long as you have some other bright or white elements around the room to tie it in.

Nice work!

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suzannes, your kitchen makes me seriously consider blue paint and travertine BS. But your granite has a lot more gray than mine. Mine just had one corner and I thought it would look odd. Wish I had put more of it in though.

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Looking good!

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marti - don't worry about double posting - we'll find ya!

I also think it'll all look better when the floor is down, the doors are on etc. The white will be fine.

and that is a wonderful stretch of counter top - lucky you!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oh, marti, I almost missed this--it looks great--perfect with the cabinets. Congratulations!

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Marti, it looks great!

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Hey how did I miss this post ? I remember the one when you were trying to choose a granite...and here it is !!!
looking good marti, once you see everything together you can decide about the white appliances.

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