Are there pull-down faucets for prep sinks?

CT_NewbieOctober 8, 2013

I'm having trouble finding matching sets for the main and prep sinks. I would like pull-down spray faucets for both sinks. However, I don't see the pull-down for the prep sink matching faucet. I also want the hot/cold handle attached to the faucet in one handle and a matching soap dispenser and a filtered water faucet. I'd like something that looks like Kallista's Vir Stil Minimal by Laura Kirar.

I tried Waterstone because I heard they made suites but it didn't look like their prep sink faucets were pull down. Should I just use the main pull down faucet for the prep sink or would it look out of scale? My prep sink is pretty large 18.5"x18.5" outer and I think 17" x 17" inside the bowl. I really didn't want to add a separate sprayer for the prep sink since I want to put my filtered water faucet there so we can get drinking water easily from the island and so I'd have filtered water for rinsing veggies by the prep sink. Also, since I want to split an in-line water filter system between an ice maker and the filtered water line so I was told I couldn't use a faucet that had three hoses (hot, cold, filtered cold)

Please advise. Thank you.

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Did you look at the Hansgrohe? The Talis S, Talis C, and Allegro E all come in a prep version. Not sure if any of them are similar enough to the one you are looking for, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hansgrohe pulldowns that come in prep versions

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kohler purist has a regular pull down and a prep sink version. i got the prep sink version which is a few inches shorter than the regular but has all the same functionality.

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Delta's Brizo Belo also

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I was looking for the same thing but decided to use Kohler Karbon for my prep sink. The main reason is that for prep tasks, I want water where I want it *and* have both my hands free. I must say, I am glad I did this. It is very convenient being able to target water say to the left of the sink where I have the pile of potatoes and and be able to use both my hands to scrub the potatoes. Just something to consider. I do have Waterstone PLP in my main cleanup sink and it works very well there being able to swing the faucet left and right and be able to use the pull down hose. Also like having the handle in the front.

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I have the Delta Leland on my prep and full size sink. I beieve my prep sink fixture was considered the "bar" size. It works great, but its not much smaller than the full size.

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The Brizo Solna looks similar to Kallista's Vir Stil Minimal. The Solna pull-down model is available in 2 sizes. I used the larger size at my main sink and the smaller size at my prep sink.

I did not like the Brizo filtration faucet, but the Waterstone Parche filtration faucet looks great with the Solna at my main sink. I used the Elkay Gourmet soap dispenser at both sinks.

I can't post photos in this thread because my company blocks Photobucket, but this prior thread shows the 3 products together. HTH!

Here is a link that might be useful: Solna and Parche

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Thank you very much! Those are all quite nice looking faucets.

I couldn't find the purist - for some reason I kept getting lead to bathroom faucets.

On the Brizo, Kay, do you have the automatic dispenser? Does anyone use the automatic technology? Just wondering if it is worth it and if it works. I assume when it breaks, one can still use the regular manual switch

Also, just curious why you didn't buy the Brizo soap dispenser. Did all of the finishes match even though you used 3 different companies?

I guess it requires an additional power source so I would need to decide quickly and have that added in by the electrician?

Thank you!

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We have had the Delta Cassidy Touch2O faucets for both main sink and prep sink for about a year now. They both are pull down faucets. We've been really pleased with how they look and operate.

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I just got the regular Brizo faucets w/o touch technology. I felt like it was just one more thing that could break, and the base of the faucet looks sleeker w/o it.

The reason I mixed 3 brands is that Brizo only has a few options for drinking water and soap dispensers in the whole line and I thought the ones I chose went better with the Solna stylistically than any of the Brizo options. The Elkay soap dispenser had good reviews on GW. The Brizo Floriana soap should also look good with the Solna, but I preferred the shape of the Elkay.

I did not have trouble with the finishes matching because I wanted polished chrome. If you go with a different finish than PC, then you have to worry about matching. I did compare the Brizo and Waterstone stainless in the store and thought they were a good match, but I would not have mixed in a 3rd brand if I went with stainless.

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ct_newbie, here is a link to the kohler purist faucet. there are several models for the kitchen. i usually have luck searching on the model numbers because they have so many lines for both kitchen and bath. good luck!
the one for a prep sink is k-7506

Here is a link that might be useful: kohler purist kitchen faucet line

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