How do you clean charbroiler

kamkar2006October 5, 2012

Does anyone else have the wolf stove with the charbroiler. Any tips on keeping this thing clean? I spent 30 mins cleaning it today after cooking chicken on it.

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Cleaning time is why I finally scrapped the whole charbroiler assembly, had the gas lines capped and installed a slab of granite over the area on my stove top.

The C/B seemed like such good idea at the time, but proved a big pain to clean each time, for very little gain in taste over my infraed broiler, or hardwood-fired outdoor grill.

The stove-top granite slab it turns out is the handiest thing ever. I made the switch more than 15 years ago and never regretted it even once.



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I don't have a Wolf so I don't know if there's something particular about it's grill, but with my Monogram grill I did the same as you and spent about 30 minutes cleaning the stupid thing the first time. After that I realized the manufacturer's cleaning instructions are for suckers.

Now I just turn it up high for a few minutes to burn everything off and then scrape it with a wire brush. Works like a charm!! If there's really a lot of burnt-on stuff I'll hit it with the wire brush soaked in hot water ... make sure you have your fan blower going high for that as it gives of a lot of smoke.

We use our grill a lot and I always clean it this way after use. I only take it apart to do a thorough clean very occasionally (like every 2 or 3 months).

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