Caesarstone vs. Granite

isellnyOctober 18, 2008

Looking for some insight on which is best. Now that we've chosen our colors, the quotes are virtually the same. I have more faith in the granite fabricator (All Granite & Marble) and their ability to get the job done efficiently, but I prefer the aesthetics of the caesarstone a little more. Your guidance is appreciated!

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"Best" is a very subjective term. What is best for one person may not necessarily be best for another. For someone with a very oddly shaped kitchen who has concerns about the number of seams necessary with a stone product, solid surface like Corian may be "best". For someone who likes an extremely regular and consistant look in a light color but doesn't want to deal with the possibility of scratches, then quartz may be the "best" choice for them. If someone wants a dramatic look for their countertops with minimal upkeep, then some granites may fit their definition of "best". "Granite" doesn't have uniform properties like quartz or solid surface. The merits of each granite should be considered on their own. So, even among granites, the choice of "best" can vary. And some people need a budget countertop that will be smooth and relatively durable and a fashionable color that they can change out every couple of years to the current fashion. For them, laminate may be the "best" choice.

Only you can decide the criteria that make a product "best" for you.

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I can understand your dilemma; I've had different granites over 20 years, but in this recent kitchen, caesarstone was essential for aesthetics ; I've been using the kitchen for a few months now and I tend to baby the caesarstone more than I did the granite, which for me was bullet proof, I cut on it, I set hot pots on it;
I would not dare do that on the caesarstone. Mine is a uniform color like blue lagos, except it's called ginger, it looks beautiful; ;they nicked my island upon installation and replaced it. I noticed 3 tiny little white marks on the edges recently, no bigger than a thin thread.

I'll try to post pictures soon, I still have to tweak a few things.

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I have an engineered stone countertop that has been bullet proof for 7 years and still looks perfect. Still... when I renovate the kitchen in our next home I want natural stone counters (probably a combination of granite and marble... some BB too if I can fit it in!). live wire is spot on with the advice to go with what's best for you. What's best for you now might change in 7 years... we all have to live with that, I guess that's one of the reasons why kitchen remodeling will always have some business out there!

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I wanted quartz but the finances won out and we have granite. Can't believe it's true but I could get the granite for much, much less than the quartz.

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did you read the article in the new york times recently about granite releasing dangerous levels of radon gas? it's rare, but it does happen to real people. radon gas is the second cause of lung cancer, after smoking. i'm not trying to be alarmist; just think it's good to know.

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What about the Green issue in this regard? I was just talking with someone concerned about Green Products who denounced granite based on the aspect of mining, shipping, and chemicals involved in sealing etc. She thinks that engineered quartz products are better from an environmental point of view, esp. Cambria because it's made in this country, therefore less shipping to contribute to the carbon footprint.

I'm not convinced, although I'm certainly no expert - but it seems to me that using quartz by-products is great, but adding plastic and resin to hold them together? Not so much. And then with Caesarstone there is shipping from far away.

Although this is not the only thing I am basing my decision on, I do like to factor it in to my decision.

And yes - lung cancer is not something we want to mess with!

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Less than 1/2 of 1% of any granites on the market are cause of concern when it comes to radon. And, only a VERY few of those will ever measure increased radon. Maybe 3% of those. The scare of radon in your granite has been bandied about mainly by the solid surface industry to try to jump their flagging sales.

Not all of the quartz used in quartz countertops is from "leftover" mining. Some quartz is mined just for their use. And, although they do state that "93%" of the ngredients is quartz, it's 93% by weight not volume. Quartz is obviously heavier than acrylic, so that's a misleading statement. By volume, the quartz content is around 47%, and the rest is acrylic resins. It varies, depending on color, as does the size of the quartz crystals in it. Some quartz composites are harder than others. The soft ones will scratch and show the white of the acrylic resins just like Corian, but they aren't homeowner fixable like Corian will be.

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Interesting, thank you live wire! Can you recommend a good (impartial) source of info on this? I'm finding lots of info, but most of it is from someone trying to sell me something, and it tends to be biased from that pov. Thanks again.

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I"ve found this organization to have unbiased info. You have to search through lots of advertising though

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Remodelfa - sorry but, what organization are you referring to? This one, i.e. Garden Web?

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