Fridge Next To Windows???

bics56October 3, 2012

We are currently remodeling our kitchen and a layout we like a lot has the fridge next to the windows. I never seen that in a kitchen and was wondering if this would be a big mistake. Please take a look at the design pics below. I may change the 15" base cabinet next to the fridge to a 10" so there is some space between the fridge and windows. Any insight would be appreciated!

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We have a fridge next to our sink window.

Eventually, I think we will frame the fridge in and possibly replace with a counter depth one.

DW is to the left of the sink and silverware, glasses and plates are kept in drawers to the right of the sink and directly behind in the island. It took a while to get used to the concept of nothing stored in uppers but we are very happy with the setup. Good luck!

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Not sure where else it could go without changing everything drastically. My only thought is to panel it. When looking into the kitchen, do you want to see a large block of stainless or whatever finish you choose?
Oldbat you have a beautiful kitchen. I agree with changing out the fridge and enclosing it. It would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

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Thanks ellendi :). Getting there one painfully slow project after another ....

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Annie Deighnaugh

old bat has the fridge on the far side of the window so it doesn't block the light, but in your case it would.

I would swippy swappy the range and the fridge and then add add'l cabinet/counter under the window so I'd get counter top on the right side of the range as well. I would also move the island to the right as I don't think there's enough space...especially if the appliance door is open.

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I agree with AnnieDeighnaugh's suggestions. Right now the window to the right is floating on its own and you're losing valuable storage/counter space. The cabinets on the right also don't feel connected to the kitchen proper.

Are the windows existing and are you willing to change them? You are following the "general convention" of keeping the sink perfectly centered under the window, but that is a small window and a small sink. You'd be far better off putting in a larger sink - regardless if it remains centered on the window or not.

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Note that your Fridge will not really be 27" deep unless you buy a super expensive model like Liebherr. Even counter-depth models are generally 30" deep for the box, 33" including handles. That really will encroach on your aisle space, so I'm thirding Annie's suggestions.

Also, consider making the existing sink a prep sink (no DW) and putting the cleanup sink and DW under the big windows to the right. If that sink is not existing, put it in the island instead. This would nicely separate your prep zone from your cleanup and dish storage zone.

I would then move the tall cabinet next to the Fridge and wrap the new counter where the cleanup sink is around the corner to meet your shallow cabinetry.

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All points were taken and I am on the same page. We work in the kitchen a lot and cook a lot of meals from scratch. That is a big reason why we want an island, it seems like a great work area. Below is another design layout that would solve my "issue" with the fridge next to the window. The thing we don't like is the d/w would be next to the range with only a 3" spacer between them. I question how this would look and how the kitchen will function. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. I guess I could get a panel made for the d/w to make it look better.

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Don't they make a 33" corner susan? Then you could put the DW next to the fridge and have the dr. base next to the stove.

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I'm not sure I understand what the big gap is between the two sections of kitchen. What is that large open area for?

If it were my kitchen, I think I'd be happiest with a counter going all the way across to the left hand wall. That would give a large workspace under the window, which I find to be a very pleasant way to work.

I agree with the others that I definitely wouldn't put the fridge between the work space and the window.

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The room is 20' wide. I do not want my countertop to be that long. I would like the open space to serve as a eat in kitchen that looks into the family room which is right after the far left wall.

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What are the dimensions of your table ? Square, rectangle, round, oval ?

Can you give us a layout of the adjoining spaces ?

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the two standard depth base cabs off to the right of eating nook are not wise.....logistics and feeling when seated at table will be compromised.You'd do better with a diagonal base and upper -right in the corner-you can go tall in this location-right up to ceiling and will be useful, style-wise and storage-wise.

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I am definitely not an expert at layouts, but knowing that you will have an eat-in kitchen I think your first layout works well. Folks can get up from the table and go directly to the fridge to get a glass of juice or whatever without having to go far into the working part of the kitchen and dishes for laying table can go into the cabinets on the further wall where they are convenient for those setting the table. If the side of fridge by the window is a light color it will bounce even more light into the room.

Except that the sink and dishwasher are reversed your layout echos that of Oldbat2be and that layout seems very functional.

Good luck with making your decisions.

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That upper diagonal cabinet looks really awkward and oppressive without another cabinet on the adjacent wall to hide its bulkiness. I've never seen it done like that. I would do an L-shaped corner cabinet.

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may:corner diag display/storage cabs don't all have side returns as in diag sink bases,etc, where the assumption is side returns will have a full depth cabinet installed next to it. with glass doors on top/detailed edge profiles/interesting hardware changes/furniture feet/molding on top, it can provide something to a corner without depriving the needed floorspace for movement of chairs,etc.

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