Help with pulls and knobs and calacatta backsplash update

KevinMPOctober 12, 2012

Pardon the double post, but I thought I'd get more traffic this way so I can buy the rest of the stuff I need tomorrow.

I did decide to tile behind the refrigerator and I'm likely going with the pearl grout, but I haven't decided yet. Now that the backsplash is in, what do you think: pearl or dove gray grout?

And what do you think about the distressed black cup pulls? I found them today because I cannot find what I used to have locally. I like them because they match the cast iron rim locks I have throughout my house (like the one on the back door in the kitchen like the picture below) and because they match the knobs on the range. What do you think? I could always go back to brushed nickel or stainless steel, but I kind of like them. And what should I do for the door knobs: glass/acrylic or distressed black?

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These knobs would match because they're the same brand and finish:

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I'm on Vicodin for surgery today so I can't really focus on your question. I just had to comment on your gorgeous cat! Wow is s/he ever a beauty!

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I would use the pearl grout. I like the pulls. They're really unique. For the knobs I think it would be nice to mix it up and use the glass/acrylic.

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I think your kitchen is a jewel. I would use the pearl grout. I love the chunky black bin pulls, I think they make statement. I would go with black knobs, all the glass ones I am visualizing seem too dainty- could be a lack of imagination on my part. I would love little black square knobs, though I think the round ones you found could work. I jusst think your bin pulls are so square and then have the little point accents on the ends, they would be better with a square companion.

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Pearl. It matches the cat. And backsplash.


Breezy.... :(

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I'm not on Vicodin, but love your kitty, too. What's a house without a (few) cats!?!

I like the pearl, and I love the chunky black pulls. I was surprised. Normally I don't care for the black on white. Too busy! These are really nice with the points mentioned above.

I'd go round knobs (hate knobs. Always coming loose) because square ones always get turned and they're never right. Bugs the crap outta me.

Your kitchen is really coming along well!

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Your kitchen is looking super! Love how the backsplash pulls in the color of the cabinets and your kitty!
I think the pulls look great! I would get the same color knobs and I agree on round - my OCD DH would go crazy.

Do you have any pictures of your tile and grout options!
Nice job and welcome to the ABB alumnus club!

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What about these, or is it weird not to have all stainless/brushed nickel given that the appliances and faucet are stainless?

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i like the two different handle/pulls together! it sort of softens it up a little.

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