How many cabinet estimates do you get?

najamesOctober 31, 2011

Uggh, I tried to search but am giving up. We are considering replacing our white melamine kitchen cabinets from the 1990s because (a) they've yellowed (b) have installation issues (c) have door/hardware issues (d) need more cabinet space. Everything was white, floor tile, cabinets, appliances. Only the Corian counter top was colored (gray with white speckles).

How many cabinet estimates do you get?

Ikea - about $6100 for cabinets and generic counter top, estimated $1650 for installation. No removal included. I would need to add a 7ft wall to support them, add $450.

Local guy one - received one verbal estimate with some options, we'll see a cabinets on job site tomorrow and get more details. Eudora cabinets, priced about $1k more than Ikea.

Local gal one - Measured and is working on plan/price, I'd expect it sometime this week. Merrilat or Ultracraft.

Home Depot - guy was very good, could work it up fast, impressive for a big box store. Cabinet prices were ok, but crazy labor costs. Woodsman.

Local guy two was out late of town last week, when he gets back I'll get an estimate. Candlelight cabinets.

Area company one - visited and sent pictures/measurements. Not sure I'll hear back from him. Homecrest cabinets.

Area company two - went today, gal was really knowledgeable, and we could see/inquire about several lines. Likely Eudora or another similar cabinet.

Local cabinet maker - great guy, cost was about $3-4K more for his customs vs Eudora or HD w/o labor. Won't know more until I see some more estimates.

I went to about 5 other places and their ballpark prices were out of my budget, $25-35K. Lowes guy mindlessly punched calculator w/o looking at it, just said about $10k, no thanks. Some were selling Chinese imports, skipped them. In one place the chick was so whacked out she couldn't even write her name on a card, veto.

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I had my cabs quoted from four different places. Figuring in installation costs and comparing quality (i.e. dovetail joints, thick shelving, etc), the local, custom cabinetmaker I choose was cheaper. Now that my cabs are in, I'm thrilled I didn't do a lower quality cab. Mine are amazing, solid, well-built, and created to exactly my dimensions and wishes. Before GW, I assumed that custom cabs meant big $$$$. Not so.

Btw, you're smart to be comparing the install costs of the various lines up front as part of your decision-making. Install can be expensive and is often overlooked when pricing cabs.

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We only got two real quotes (Crown Point and Medallion)
and one "soft" quote from Home Depot for Kraftmaid.

We tried to get more, but it takes a lot of time;
and in a few cases, getting a real estimate was like pulling teeth.
To mix in more metaphors, I just don't like playing phone tag.

I guess I'm just not much of a shopper and don't have much free time.
So I quickly decided to chose the more expensive quote (about 25% more)
based, not only on the quality of the cabinets,
but even more so on the great customer service
and my overall sense of trust in the company, the in-house designers,
and salespeople I was working with there.

Because I was not working with a kitchen designer or architect,
I wanted to make sure that there was no drama in any aspect of the cabinet
selection and fabrication process. That proved to be the case.
(Well, I must admit that my bank account has experienced some serious drama!)

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We got 4 or 5 estimates and ended up with custom cabs at a cost of just 2K over HD's estimate.
Install was handled by our GC so we didn't compare costs for that.
Like Breezy, we're glad we went with custom cabs for the quality and the ability to size the cabs for the most efficient use of available space.

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We received quotes from five different places, which included Home Depot, 3 dealers and Crown Point. Each of the three dealers gave quotes for at least 2 or 3 different cabinet lines. All quotes were for custom cabinet lines, except the Home Depot quote, which was for semi-custom Kraftmaid cabinets. We found that some of the custom lines were actually lower than Home Depot's quote (some by about $9,000) for the same style and layout. We chose Plain and Fancy, changed our layout, had custom sizes and features built and upgraded to inset cabinets, and it ended up costing not too much more than Kraftmaid would have, without all the extras. We love our cabinets and are so glad we chose them. We had our contractor install the cabinets, so that was not factored into the price.

Also, two of the dealers actually gave quotes for the same cabinet line and one dealer was double the price of the other for the exact same cabinets.

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I started with about as many rough quotes as you did from a similar mix of big box, local and custom. From that sampling, I was able to isolate 2-3 cabinet lines that I really liked. Only one really stood out, but I still revisited the ones on my short list and tuned each quote to the point where I was closest to comparing apples-to-apples. I told each vendor my plan up front. Each finalist knew that they were all in budget and close in price. At that point it wasn't about a bidding war but about getting the features I wanted. It gave me a sanity check and reassured me that the one that stood out initially wasn't too good to be true. Once I picked the one, I gave them my deposit never looked back.

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WOW, thanks for all the feedback, and the extra info was fantastic!!

I live in SE Florida and started this kitchen cabinet quest based on posts on another forum by Desertsun41. He recommended Merrilat Classic cabinets at discounted prices.

I'm a researcher (maybe too thorough), want details on pricing and what it includes, no surprises at the end. I live in the land of fraud and know people here who's kitchens were wrecked and never installed, cheated out of a LOT of money. Still worry about this. I got a good referral from my dishwasher sales woman for the local Eudora guy, someone else I know used the local builder supply place, the rest are unknowns.

I got a larger number of quotes because the first 3-4 were all very high, all in the $20-26K range just for the cabinets w/o installation or tops. It was frustrating, then I realized all of them had one thing in common, all had large fancy showrooms. Only when I ventured more into the builder supply and mom & pop operations did I get some lower soft quotes.

Builder's Supply place said a similar Merrilat job was $5800 for the cabinets well optioned. Layout was an L-shape about 14x14. She is trying to get a similar deal on "semi-custom" Ultracrafts, something about certain door styles have special pricing, not sure yet.

Home Depot's insane install costs were quoted at $7000, almost the same price as the $8800 cabinets.

I don't know about her prices yet, but liked the place we drove to yesterday about an hour away. They sold many brands, 6Square, Eudora, Eurocraft, Holiday, etc. The woman was to the point and told us how the lines scaled in price. They sell a lot of Eurocraft because they offer a lot of frilly options others don't, she said if we weren't interested in these options we should look at Eudora. It will be interesting to see how her prices compare to the local guy selling them out of his house.

We were supposed to meet the local Eudora guy today at a job site but heavy rains here has the area flooded, postponed until Thursday. I have some options with this guy plywood cabinets are $9500 removed & installed using blum soft close slides/hinges, 14% less for paricle board versions. This installed price ends up $1600 over Ikea, not bad.

The cabinet maker quoted $13k, said he also does the installs. He showed me his shop, but I'd like to see some of his finished cabinets. He said he options them up with drawers and blum hardware too, "the way he'd like to use them". This is more than I'd like to spend on cabinets, I can do the entire job with granite and Eudora.


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I would not personally trust the quality of any cabinet that wasn't at least double the price of Ikea. That's a good benchmark to take to heart in your search. Ikea is VERY low cost. They do a huge volume, which is where they make their profit. Any line that can "almost" compete with them is questionably sourced and of questionably quality. I would expect that decent quality American made and sourced cabinets for your kitchen would begin at around 10-12K and go up from there, for an apples to apples comparison, which usually leaves out molding, back panels, toekick and other details that comprise about 15% of the actual real finishing that create a complete kitchen.

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I'm not sure I agree with your Ikea view GreenDesigns. Ikea stuff actually has some fairly good reviews and was rated well by Consumer Reports at one time if you trust their ratings, which I do not. I also recently read about some designers actually using/recommending them. I have an Ikea cabinet on wheels here in my "home data center". It is still solid and working fine after a couple years. I did have some missing parts and got jacked around to get them though.

I saw a drawings and estimate for the $5800 Merrilat Classics with updates like crown moldings. However, since I don't have an estimate from them yet, I can't honestly comment on my deal.

My quote for Eudora was $9500 demo/installed with blum hardware, dove tailed drawers, and these specs, MDF cabinets are 14% less.

1/4" UV Finished Birch Plywood Back panel
6-way adjustable concealed euro hinge
5/8" UV Finished Birch Plywood End Panels
5/8" UV Finished Birch Plywood Bottom Panels (Base, Vanity and Tall), UV Finished Birch Plywood Tops and Bottoms (Walls)
3/4" UV Finished Birch Plywood Adjustable Center Shelves

I don't believe price is not the only measure of quality. I hate the "custom cabinets" in our house that the previous owner paid $18,500 for, I have the receipt. You want them?

Desertsun41 in this post doesn't like Ikea either, but he recommends not over spending on cabinets too, as do others.

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This has gotten crazy since my last post.

It took almost 2 weeks to get Builder's Supply estimate for Merrilat this week. Somehow The $5800 Merillats have morphed into $12,500 Ultracrafts. Why??? Not gonna happen.

Another local guy thought he could meet my price range for Candlelight or Hanssem, but he said "your not gonna like my quotes, they're out of your range", poop. Too bad, we liked him too. He had some good ideas and found even more stuff wrong with the previous installation. $14K for removal/installation for the cheaper line.

The place previously mentioned with several lines, also recommended Eudora, came in at $10,600 for MDF, about $2k over the other Eudora guy. Demolition not included either.

I found another place here that normally deals with contracters, but will sell to me. He's excited about Americana Capital cabinets, 3yr warranty, $5800 with all drawers or lazy susans on the bottom, all plywood construction but I can't find out much online. No labor included. He printed a page from the back of the pricing booklet referring to

I might have finally found a good place, run by a younger couple, many lines in all price ranges from $4000 RTA and up. They have Merrilat and Medallion for lower/mid brands. Suggested Medallion Silver.

We need a Kompy, orlandodave or someone here in South Florida.

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I really appreciate this thread about cabinet estimates since I am getting estimates right now and it is taking so long to get removal and installation costs since I care about the TOTAL Cost for what I feel would make me happy. Najames, please keep us updated what you end up buying with the installation costs and pictures!

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Merillat is builder grade and slapped together in ten days.....I' d go with Medallion over Merrillat....ask about manufacturer sales....we are getting Dynasty cabinets and because of sale, less than Medallion and a better cabinet according to dealer....

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Exactly what I said is what you are finding out. You'll find Ikea to be about half the price of any other decent cabinet quote by the time you add in everything you need and not a bare bones nothing quote. Any quote less than that will be of questionable quality or will be very bare bones. Ikea IS a good line, but their choices are very limited, which means you have to be a lot more creative in putting them together in your design. They get their profit by volume and limited sizes and styles, which is why they are able to be so cheap.

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Lynn2006, you are looking at it like I am. I have money set aside and would love to rework the kitchen in and have some left over to deal with the u-g-l-y master bathroom too. Ultracraft demo was $880 installation was $2800, higher than others. I think the one guy quoted $400 for removal.

Joaniepoaniek, that is what they said too. The guy said he prefers hanging Medallions, better built. They also said Medallion finishes are better.

GreenDesigns, If the husband/wife KD doesn't come through, I'll likely choose Eudora, cabinets are built well, no idea about door finish quality though. I saw antiquey painted cabinets but I want wood grain.

This is a couple pics of the cabinets. We had a lot of stuff out for appliance replacement, sorry for the mess.


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Jim, I also have other projects to do in my home so I don't want to use up all the money for the kitchen and I need to know the total cost since if the installation and removal costs are so much more than despite the cabinets being less, the total cost could be more.

Please try again for the link since it did not work for me. Try posting it in the optional link URL below and naming it so it will be easier to click and not copy and past in an address bar. Thank you Jim!

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The link I pasted should work if you cut and paste it. I'll try the URL box too for ya.

Here is a link that might be useful: Original cabinet

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Lynn, I emailed you a full price/detail listing. Plus other good information I've learned.

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Have you heard of cliq studios? Their cabinets seem well built, but I hadn't heard of them before I found them online. I think they are the same as six square. I just got a quote from them for $10,000 for a lot of cabinets for my kitchen renovation.

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najames, Thank you so much! Your email was very helpful and I meant to email back right away and then got busy with my mortgage closing and forgot I did not reply. I will look for your email and reply again. I appreciate it so much!

Marysampson, thanks for letting me know a new place that I have not looked at yet. Everyone is so helpful on this forum.

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Mary, I'm not familiar with Cliq Studios but have seen 6Square. A dealer here sold 6Square and Eudora, said the latter is a much better cabinet. I also read that 6Square is Chinese wood products assembled in Minnesota. We have enough health problems here already without introducing additional possible Chinese Formaldehyde risks.

Thanks anyway.

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As of today, this is my official cabinet range based on my limited knowledge. These are "price ranges", most include all plywood cabinets, unknown if quality is actually much different among them.

IKEA not sure of particle board life span or their 25yr warranty, but they're the least expensive, probably not far from bottom enders next.

My bottom enders are Americana Capital (3yr warranty) for $5800 (veneered slab doors) - $6500 (shaker doors), w/o labor, all plywood with 3 lazy susans, all drawers, etc. I was told to look at similar specs for Wellborn Forest Classics. Not enough info on these newbies, need to call them. Another dealer selling older versions claims expected life of 10yrs on new versions.

The second rung up is likely Eudora (5 yr warranty) at a similar price since my prices included labor. Dealer selling them for 3yrs said they have zero problems with plywood versions, but some hinge/door issues with particleboard versions. No problems with finishes. Antiquey-whiteish-glazed ones I saw at a job site looked nicely finished, but we disliked this color style though.

The third rung is Medallion Silver cabinets (lifetime warranty), some Merrilats (25yr warranty) might fall into this group too, not sure. I'll know more about pricing for these Monday-ish. Got a $8800 Merrilat Classic quote from another dealer.

The 4th rung is Ultracraft/Dynasty/Executive(?)(lifetime warranty) at about $12-15K, out of my range at this price unless I hook a real deal.

Also noteworthy:

American Woodmark prices dropped from $8800 last month, now $6900 at HD, nicely optioned, but their labor is still nuts.

Today I tried Lowes Shuler (Medallion), and I don't trust them at all. They were trying to sneak in 30" uppers at $11K, when asked they turned red and requoted 36" uppers at $12K (w/o labor). As we left they said, "expect 25-35% discounts, don't let price be an issue, we'll work with you". Uggg just quote it then, I am not playing this game!! I chose $176/sqft cherry doors since that price matched what HD used, we also liked maple shaker at only $159/sqft. The quote included a couple susans, crown moldings, not much else, no uppers on open end of U either (fewer cabinets).

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najames, I emailed you back earlier but I have had four quotes so far and once the labor was added with the electric and the tile install the local guy's $11,460 Kemper Maple Cabinets painted Pearl with mostly drawers, lazy susans, crown molding became $30,000 without the hardware chosen yet and without needing any appliances since I have all new stainless steel appliances ranging from 2 years to 5 years old except my Microwave is 9 years old and I may want a new one soon. Also I already have the tile so that $30,000 includes no hardware, no tiles and no appliances for cabinets that I was not in love with.Everything I love including some Cherry Cabinets with pretty stains like Cinnamon, I was told was out of my price range. I have to still do my upstairs and other home improvements and I can't over improve my kitchen since I live in an interior townhouse despite being in an upscale neighborhood and the townhouses sell for a lot. BUT when townhouses are sold, buyers are only willing to pay so much more for upgrades. I know some townhouses that sold for $20,000 more due to upgrades plus I have one of the bigger nicer units in a great location.

I am still waiting for Home Depot to give me a labor installation plus their installer said he would quote me what it would be to install the tile and replace the light in the ceiling and set it up for under-cabinet lighting. I really love the added organization stuff that comes with the cabinets and how I will have all pull out drawers in my pantry and 4 lazy susan's and crown molding, etc. I am not in love with the drawer that comes with the Charlottesville cabinets and I found the Savannah cabinets to be too busy for me since my real love is with inset cabinets with the shaker look. But I also love the Townsend Shaker cabinets with the crown molding on display in Java but it will be too dark for my small 10 X 14 kitchen with no window over the sink. I think Cherry cabinets or maple stained cherry would compliment my family room with the Brazilian Cherry floors best but I want as bright happy kitchen and I do not feel I have enough windows and light in the kitchen to have the dark cherry shaker cabinets that I love.

I will let you know what the installers quote me on Wednesday for Home Depot and the what I am quoted for the Shiloh Beaded Inset (beaded and inset and white painted finish are free until the end of the year)cabinets to be installed since I have to hire a private installer. I love the Shiloh cabinets the best but so far they are $5,000 more than the Home Depot Cabinets that I really like a lot that are all plywood but then again I am not happy with the look of the drawers. I really wanted a recessed drawer or some design on the drawer since I want the cabinet drawer to not look like I painted my old builder grade cabinets. The drawer is not quite a slab since it has a three ridge on the ends so it is a tiny bit different. I actually think I would look it better if it was a flat slab if it was not going to match the raised panel on the door.

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You want to make sure the drawer hardware is of good quality. We got Ikea cabs and their Blum hardware on the drawers is fabulous. That was important because we got so many drawer stacks. You want to compare apples to apples.

Greendesigns is right about Ikea. They don't have as many sizes to work with, but if you can use the ones they have (mostly 6" increments) or modify their offerings (try for ideas or to post questions), you can really save a bundle and get a good quality cabinet. The 25 year warranty makes a big difference from a 3 year one. That tells you the 3 year one has little faith in their product.

We had quotes for $35k from a top end place for cabs alone.
Then we got quotes for the same cab line in the $17k range from HD, Lowes and a local kitchen place, for cabs alone. All were within a $500 range from highest to lowest for the same design and options. I then learned about Ikea quality from GW and and checked them out. With assembly and installation, they came to approx $8,500, almost exactly half of the lowest quotes from the normal places and the Ikea recommended installers did the work. We'd have had to pay extra to get the previous ones installed. I also got a 5 extra wall cabs for the back of our island and a shelf unit from Ikea for that price while the other quotes did not include those.

I used Ikea's 3D planner and could see how different sizes affected the price and look. Ikea spells out each element in a detailed price list.

Having used them for 6 months now, I can tell you the cabinets are a joy.They function so well and look very pretty. We get a lot of compliments.

I decided I wanted to add a half depth shelf in one tall cabinet for our telephone "command center", and bought it on the spot at Ikea the other day. The lady said they are only sold as pairs, so I was thinking it would cost a fair amount. She placed the order to be picked up downstairs and gave me the ticket. I was charged $10 total, and laughed out loud. It is nice not having to wait for an order to come in or worry about it being from a different lot. Ikea does not offer 100 choices in finish and color, but if you like what they do offer, you get a nice cabinet for a crazy good price.

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Jim, I just checked out your kitchen and if I had that kitchen, I would want a cherry cabinet or a maple stained cherry cabinet to make my new kitchen look so different or just a wood cabinet that was not oak. Since I have brown builder grade oak cabinets, I want off-white that look rich and not cheap but if I found a maple in a shade of orange brown with a touch of red in it that I loved and would not clash with my Brazilian Cherry Floors in the next room open to the kitchen, I would be happy to go that way also if the quality and price was there. I want 36" high cabinets. Jim, I love your French Door Refrigerator and that is the look I wanted so I am upset I got talked into the 33" wide LG French Door with water on the door Refrigerator. But I do love the French doors smaller footprint so I do not have to move my kitchen table chairs when I open the doors.

I need to have money for the rest of the house since I want to remove my 21 year old beige carpets upstairs to match the Brazilian Cherry floors downstairs, I need a new hot water heater and I need some other upgrades in my home as well as my kitchen.

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Dianalo, we would love to see a picture of your kitchen and let us know which style door you chose. I am amazed when I see an Ikea kitchen at the quality of the soft close drawers and organization features it offers that is so much better and prettier than my builder grade oak cabinets that I have now.

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I wanted an efficient electric hot water heater, was willing to pay extra, but nobody here had them in July 2007. I got a standard Bradford White from a place I got Toto toilets from. The cost was about $280 for the 50gal water heater, don't remember installation cost but I know the total was less than $500. He had to install a switch too because there was none and it didn't meet code. No surprise in this house of disrepair. Our power bills did drop slightly afterward.

You can also get Sherr doors that fit Ikea cabinets, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

I kinda agree on the cabinet warranty as a gauge of quality, but read about some with "lifetime" and even Ikea that didn't want to replace some stuff. It seems like they (Medallion??) told the customer they'd only replace part of the stuff wrong and the customer would have to pay for the rest. Granted, I have no idea of the circumstances behind it. Shuler at Lowes has sitckers on their cabinets saying something like "Cherry will darken over time and we are not responsible for coloration changes".

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NaJames, thank you for letting me know that replacing a water heater will not be so costly like it was when I had to replace my air conditioner/central heater/compressor system that I got quotes for $8,000 to $12,000 for minimum seer ratings in 2009! I went with one of the best and got a great price to install at $8,100! So at least my hot water heater will not cost that. It is 21 years old and I am getting worried that it could break down and flood my house like the rusted out air conditioner did! But this time I am prepared with tile in the small foyer type mudroom area between the utility room and the living room/dining room combination room that has Brazilian Cherry floors. When I had engineered 3/8th oak floors in the foyer area in 2009, it all came up and warped as well as turned black from the water damage!

If you get a price for Sherr doors that fit Ikea cabinets, please let us know. These prices are real wake up calls for me and I am shocked that even renovating a small kitchen can cost so much.

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najames, Thanks for the info on cliq. I am going to check that out and will let everyone know if I find out if they aren't shipped over unassembled from China.

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I used Costco's website prices for another comparison. I chose a mid-priced dark (Fulton Moca Glaze) as a test example, pictures online are not good enough though. I measured out all my existing cabinets (most/all are standard sized) but did make changes to the island, slightly longer plus added two 24' cabinets on the back of the island for more storage. I'm not adding any cabinets over the pensinula as some recommended. I'm counting on finding a slide in or free standing range. There are shelving/drawer options, but the cost is not radically different. Total with tax was $4918 max with their listed '40% discount', but without labor. I did not add in any filler, finished ends, moldings, etc. This is close to Ikea prices and they're pre-built.

Adding tall cabinets for a pantry is expensive, $750ish for a 18' wide x 82 tall with drawers, about $1000 for 24' wide version.

Their framed cabinets, evidently composed of imported Chinese materials, and assembled here in Florida. However they claim they meet CA Carb2 standards for Formaldehyde content, etc. They offer lifetime warranty and cabinet material is all plywood, 1/2' sides top, bottom, back, with 3/4' shelves, 5/8 dove tailed drawers, includes soft close hardware for doors and drawers too.

No cabinet estimate yet from my mom and pop shop.


Here is a link that might be useful: Allwood Cabinets

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Thank you Jim! I just visited Allwood Cabinets to check the look and the prices. If only I was handy but it is good to know about this place. I can't wait for your cabinet estimate from the mom and pop shop.

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Do the Costco cabs have Blum hardware? Do not underestimate what all the added costs will run you. The tall cabs at Ikea are much less expensive than $1,000. I got 3 tall cabs, with all the interior fittings and our entire 18 cabinet order was just over $4k with all the whistles and bells. Our tall cabs are 30, 30 & 24. All our cabs are large size and the narrowest is one drawer stack of 18". We have 14 base and upper cabinets at 30" or wider.
I think when you compare actual totals, you will see a big difference.

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Dianalo, I totally agree that all the bells and whistles are worth what Ikea gives you. To me they sound like they give great value for what you get and we know they have the strictest VOC standards in Sweden so they will not have that awful odor that makes many people sick like formaldehyde makes me sick.

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It doesn't say who actually makes their slow close hardware. It just says "Costco members get free design service, free rollout tray in standard base cabinets, soft close full extension drawers, soft close doors".

I'll stop by Costco today and look at their displays closer.

OK, now I'm confused. On a brochure I got a month ago, it looks like they use a "fancy store" (Distinctive Kitchens) here as their measuring (installation?) service. It is listing Masterbrands as the cabinet company, not the same outfit as I listed above from the Costco website.

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I still haven't heard back from my mom&pop cabinet dealer. I had high hopes for them, but fear they can't come in prince where they said so they are avoiding me. Hope I'm wrong.

I found out that Floor & Decor Outlets also sell a version of the AllWood cabinets, might be less than at Costco too. I went to see them in person. It was a huge store, think HD or Lowes size. I thought some of the cabinets stains looked blotchy, some looked very good. These same cabinets are also sold by locally too. Soft close hardware is made by an Italian company, forgot the name. The guy at Floor & Decor said they used to make Mills Pride for HD too. I have the name/number for their installer, might call and ask what he thinks of them.

More research shows that I am not sure what Costco sells. I also found Costco sells Xpressions. Displays from one store are from Shrock. I'm totally confused now.

My dishwasher problem compounded today. The Florida Builder Appliance dealer is not returning calls nor doing crap for me when I go in. They offered a new machine, for another $800, veto. I called Miele today and they thing an intake valve/pump is kaput but can't come to check it out for another 2 WEEKS. I almost bought a Bosch online only to remember the stinky problem they seem to have. I wish I had the old Kitchenaid back to fix at this point.

    Bookmark   November 15, 2011 at 10:37PM
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najames, I feel your pain about the cabinet pricing and how time consuming it is. I am so behind in my work now and need to focus on my work but I seem to be so kitchen obsessed.

I sure hope your dishwasher problem can be fixed soon. When I moved out of my house at age 18, none of my places had dishwashers and then 17 years ago I found a modern 2 floor apartment that was only 1.5 years old (prior tenant broke the lease) that had a dishwasher, washer and dryer and central heat and air. I put the deposit on it and broke my lease to have the convenience that I grew up with. The rent was expensive and when I bought my home 3 years later, the mortgage guy wrote down, yes she can pay the mortgage since she is paying it now as well as all utilities including sewer and water. I have been in my home 14 years and the real estate taxes keep climbing so now I am paying a lot but I still like being a home owner and designing my home the way I want it. But timing was bad to look at cabinets for me when I just spent so much time looking for a car and trading in my 8.25 year old car. I needed a power seat due to my petite height and no blind spots. I really am so appreciate of this forum teaching me so much so when I finally make a decision on what cabinet I am going with, I will be educated and accept whatever decision I make. I could also wait and just do the floors and lighting and after my busy season, have a bigger budget since the prices of this project are really amounting to a lot. I had no idea it would cost so much to renovate a kitchen that I had all new appliances already.

    Bookmark   November 16, 2011 at 12:11AM
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Taxes? Sigh.

Everyone else I work with had taxes drop $1-2K last year due to declining property values, not me. Mine keep going up, now $4200+.

Home insurance jumped about $700 this year even though there were no storms. I will try and see the tax appraiser this week, find out nothing, then likely go pay them. Even worse is FEMA, they say I'm in a flood zone so I have to pay for flood insurance. They haven't reworked their maps since the 1970s and my house will never flood. It sits 6ft the street. Even when we get hurricanes or it pours for a week straight, there isn't a puddle of water to be seen in the neighborhood, yet I'm in a flood zone?

Sorry for the off topic rant.

    Bookmark   November 16, 2011 at 5:09AM
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Back to the topic, I have updated cabinet pricing info, getting really close to decision time.

Ikea, probably about $5000 + installation (average $1650-2K on QWR website). All the cabinets I could want are $6800, not sure if it includes the current 20% off though. I don't have shelving options in this number. I need to get a final total cost.

Costco unknown - some deals, confusing what's what since they have many lines listed online. I went to a place that does Schrock estimates and they said their low-end KitchenKraft cabinets are about $500/cab installed (demo?) meaning 16x500=$8000+ for what we have now, $600/box for the next rung up, and $700 for the top stuff. I don't like the place however.

Costco AllWood cabinets (also at Floor & Decor and Cabinet Liquidators) cost less, maybe $4500 without installation. Installation is $55/cab, unknown demo costs. Total would cost about $6000 probably including slow close drawers/doors. The material comes from China, assembled here in Florida, I'm avoiding China goods if possible. Allwood is good to deal with it seems. Costco also lists Xpressions, will find out more tomorrow.

Eudora orginal estimate was $9500 for plywood and $8160 with particleboard, both include demo/installation. Better 3/4" shelves with plywood option. Slow close drawers/doors included. This included a pantry, but also required a $450 wall so the cabinet backs didn't need to be finished. Good guy, would like to see more cabinets in wood finish instead of painted.

Americana Capital (wellbornforest) plywood cabinets were $5800 with all drawers on every lower cabinet. It does not include labor, might be a able to use guy above for Allwood. These look to be well made but calls to the company for information were pushed back to seeing the dealers.

Candlelight and Hanseem are out of price range, $16k and $13k prices respectively including demo/installation. This included 42" uppers and some other options.

Custom cabinets were $13k nicely done, $16k with fancier woods like bamboo. Installation included, not removal likely.

Medallion Silver estimate was $7990 for caibinets only, add $800 demo and $1500 installation costs. Update to add 2 more cabinets on island and all slow close hardware and it bumps the cabinet cost to $9500. Extra drawer units included in base option too. The GC is a good guy and we like him a lot, saw pics for many of his jobs.

    Bookmark   November 16, 2011 at 11:03PM
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I went to Cabinet Liquidators and there was a strong smell in the place. Gotta be from the cabinets I'd think. It might sway your opinion of them.

I went to Costco to last night to find out more about their cabinets. Nobody was there that knew about them, either have to call or go in during the day.

    Bookmark   November 18, 2011 at 6:01AM
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janames, I am very allergic to formaldehyde and had to ear out my BR-111 engineered wood floors for a few weeks before installing them. I also had to return furniture in the past that was outgassing and making me sick. That is why I had to buy solid maple furniture for my Master bedroom. For my kitchen, I need to make sure whatever I buy will not get me sick.

Thanks for sharing the prices. The Medallion Silver estimate and installation sounds great to me!

My Home Depot Estimate came back for the installation of the cabinets and tile (I bought the tile and I will buy the grout) at almost $11,000! If you add the $3800 counters and the approximately $9,000 cabinets that is close to $24,000.

The local store's total price including lights under the cabinets came to $31,000.

The Shiloh Inset Cabinets I love are getting close to $14,000 if I want the drawers and organizers plus the $3800 granite installed and that is before I find an installer to see what that price would be.

I am tempted to get my tiles installed and the kitchen lighting and then look at cabinets again and not worry about the tiles going under the cabinets so I will have that price out of the equation since the local store was going to charge me $4500 to install the tile while Home Depot's price would be $2680! Local prices I got were $1600, $2330 & $1670 for the tile floor installation but not going under the cabinets.

    Bookmark   November 18, 2011 at 11:28PM
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Lynn, I don't understand. If you are allergic to formaldehyde, don't you have to look at cabinet companies that only use low-voc wood? I've been looking for this and it's difficult to find such companies and the cost seems prohibitive. I have high hopes for Scherr's in the near future, if I can find a competent person to install them.

    Bookmark   November 19, 2011 at 4:14PM
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This is one cabinet that specifically states they have an optional formaldehyde free cabinet. These are made in Canada, I believe by Fabritec Kitchens in Quebec.


Here is a link that might be useful: Xpressions cabinet info

    Bookmark   November 22, 2011 at 6:29AM
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sjerin, thanks for caring. Since I will not be sleeping in my kitchen and working in the kitchen (home office is not in that room), as long as the VOC count is very low and I can air it out and the cabinets are plywood and not particle board unless LOW Voc particle board like I am told Ikea uses, I will be fine. Durham's solid maple wood furniture, I aired out for a few days with fans and then I was fine since it is solid wood. I think the finish on the cabinet bothered me for the first 2 days. I have sent furniture back that I could not breath around. So far, I have been fine in some furniture stores I have been in.

Thank you najames! I bookmarked it and printed stuff. There is only that one shaker style door with the 2.25" sides that I liked.

    Bookmark   November 23, 2011 at 1:57AM
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We went with the Medallion cabinets, loved the mom & pop shop plus the husband (GC) had great ideas. He came to measure and said 'Lancaster maple in Brandywine would look great in here', we liked it and chose it.

Xpressions plus estimate was about the same as the Medallions, sales rep worked in El Salvador, Canadian cabinets, it didn't set well.

Eudora doesn't mention Formadehyde standards and is not listed on the green cabinet website. Sorry, don't have the link that listed manufacturers.

Fully optioned the 19 Medallion cabinets are budget busters, $11K+1900 installation (percetage of cabinet cost). We added more drawer stacks (all lower cabs?), 2 adjustable spice rack cabs, changed one 12in lower cab to tray dividers for cutting boards/baking sheets, a microwave cabinet, soft close full extension drawers, upgraded sink cabinet. We also increased the length of the island by 3in in length & 12' width. We're going with the GC's suggested top molding with crown, light rail, flush cab ends, etc. He said the granite tops will be less than we expected, $2800-3500 depending on slabs picked.

TBD - old cabinet demo, plumbing/electrical (minimal if any), likely need some sheet rock replacement.

We love the look of Morton5's cabinets in the link here as inspiration. We won't have a big hood or as much backsplash though, also slightly different layout and our island will be U-shaped on the back side, cabs on both ends.

Thanks again.


Here is a link that might be useful: Morton5 kitchen halfway down

    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 6:13PM
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Good luck, I bet you are breathing easier now that the cabs are at least picked. It is tough to go around and get estimates (it took us 2 months and 3 quotes and designs). make sure you check references is my only 2 cents.

    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 7:17PM
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NaJames, I am so happy for you and your wife finally picking out cabinets and a mom and pop shop you feel comfortable with. The price and installation is very reasonable and I know you will be happy.

Morton5's Ikea kitchen is gorgeous! If my kitchen was that size, I would do what he did since I find it very modern upscale looking at a good price. Thanks for sharing.

    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 7:54PM
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You got a great price. I priced 21 cabinets in Medallion maple, stained with black glaze, raised panel (but basic) door style and I was quoted $26,000 for Silverline (not installed). Another shop priced it at $29,000 in the designer gold line. Seems like a big difference to your price. I guess its my area :(. Good luck!

    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 9:56PM
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Medallion Maple Lancaster Door in the Brandywine Stain is gorgeous and looks like the style and stain one of my neighbors had in their kitchen with the tiles I bought as I loved their kitchen. Another neighbor went darker with the Cherry Java stain with the same type of door but a recessed drawer also. So happy for you! Pictures please as you do the work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Medallion Maple Lancaster Door in the Brandywine Stain is gorgeous!

    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 11:28PM
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Wow, that is a lot of estimates and a lot of WORK. You really did your homework so deserve the great deal that you got! I hope everything goes smooth as buttah for you guys!

I wasn't planning on going overboard with the quotes, too much info for me is overwhelming. I am expecting 2 bids this week. One from a custom cabinet builder, and one semi custom from a distributor. I also approached another company that does custom work who we have used for a minor project in the past, but haven't yet heard back from them. I wasn't planning on going to a HD or Lowe's type of store, but maybe I will after I get the current quotes back. I swear I would have to quit my job to do this properly!

    Bookmark   December 4, 2011 at 11:33PM
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If anyone needs their old cabinets removed for free, Habitat Restore will take them and give you a tax donation receipt. Just search for your state, there are many around.

    Bookmark   December 5, 2011 at 12:56AM
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EatRealFood, Thank you! Home Depot wanted to charge me $2,880 to remove the cabinets and the soffit. Maybe there is a way, I can have new cabinets after all.

    Bookmark   December 5, 2011 at 1:16AM
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I've been quoted $11,310 for mid-quality HomeCrest (quoted +7% to go to top of line HomeCrest) cabinets plus $3250 for installation. There are some quirky issues with installation around exposed beams so I expect that cost to be a bit high but the cabinet prices seem very high. Natural cherry shaker with slab drawers: 3 15" base with roll-outs, 1 36" base with two roll-outs, 2 24" base vanity (18" deep), 1 30" sink base, 1 33"x27"x24" over fridge, 1 30"x24" over microwave, 1 15x30 wall, 2 30x24 wall, 1 36x18 wall, 1 36x30 wall with gass doors, 1 18" 3-drawer base. For the past two weeks, I've tried to get cabinet price estimates (without installation) from other vendors without success. I could pay the $11.3k but want reassurance that I'm not being grossly overcharged. I HATE dickering but want to talk to my contractor about lowering the cabinet price. What's the best approach since I haven't been able to get other quotes in hand to challenge him? What seems like a fair approx price to you? I've been told HomeCrest is comparable to KitchenMaid in quality and price. Thanks for any advice.

    Bookmark   February 8, 2012 at 12:59AM
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I have so mny quotes that I am crossed eyed!
Has anyone used the Eudora cabinet line. I am leaning towards this paticular cabinet for price and plywood box frameless. Can anyone give some advice or review on this company. Thank you so much! I cannot find review online at all. Janet

    Bookmark   March 12, 2012 at 1:49PM
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We went with Thomasville via HD as we got a year end deal too hard to pass up, the line gave me every option I wanted, and we got an 18-month same as cash just for the asking. But we refused to use their labor - it cost more than the cabinets. So, we found a GC at a fraction of the cost. And since HD gives you pics and measurements for each inch of the plan, our guy expects no problems. (Cab install actually starting right now.)

Our HD KD is wonderful. We are ready to note anything we see amiss during install, as they will take care of it.

So far, very happy with the route we chose, but I do realize that lots of good options exist out there.

Good luck - we ended up with 6 bids too (2 from big box, 4 Indep contractors.)

    Bookmark   March 12, 2012 at 2:21PM
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Najames, thanks for all the info. How did your kitchen turn out? Would you do anything different? I live in South Florida also, what was the name of the mom and pop store you used?

    Bookmark   January 13, 2013 at 3:19PM
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najames did you end up buying Eudora cabinets? If so, how are they holding up?

1 Like    Bookmark   February 26, 2015 at 5:24PM
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I also would love to see pictures of najames cabinets.

    Bookmark   February 26, 2015 at 9:38PM
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I plan on 2 RTA quotes, I received one also from Bertch, and then I plan on getting 1-2 other manufacturers (Shiloh and possibly Waypointe).

    Bookmark   February 27, 2015 at 9:25AM
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Shiloh and bertch are probably similar, waypoint will be much cheaper.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2015 at 10:17AM
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Lily Spider

There is a waypoint & a waypoint living spaces I believe? The living spaces is a better quality.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2015 at 11:34AM
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OK, it was a Waypoint Living Spaces catalog I had. I may have to go with cheaper given my budget, haha, but that is why I'm considering RTA. Thanks for the information!

    Bookmark   March 2, 2015 at 4:25PM
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waypoint living spaces is waypoint they are very reasonably priced

    Bookmark   March 2, 2015 at 4:58PM
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abick2, have you heard of any issues with the Waypoint? I'm shopping for bar as well as kitchen cabinetry. The kitchen I don't mind spending a little more for, especially if I can pull from the bar cabinet budge to cover it. Is there a considerable quality difference? The cabinets I saw in the showroom for Waypoint seemed pretty beefy (meaning solid construction).

    Bookmark   March 2, 2015 at 8:04PM
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Nouvel Kitchen and Bath

A lot of good advice here already. Ikea is a tricky store, we often installed Ikea for our customers in the past years. Good for rental properties, I would not put in my own home. To me, you get as many quotes as it takes you to meet the person who can deliver good design to you. Even though the quality of cabinets is very important, great kitchen is about good layout and great hardware options: drawer-based systems, swivels, hardware that makes hard to reach places accessible. We offer all of the above, so if you wish to check out some of the top of the line hardware options and design, you are welcome to stop by our showroom and meet for a FREE consult with our designers.

    Bookmark   March 2, 2015 at 9:15PM
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happyallison I thought it was decent, I saw it at a friend's house and thought she had custom made cabinets turned out they were Waypoint. They do seem sturdy and not flimsy like some of the cabinets I have seen. I like that the drawers are covered with a clear coat and feel smooth and i like that the cabinet inside is covered with melamine. I know some people don't like that.

    Bookmark   March 3, 2015 at 5:19AM
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