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mjher1October 18, 2012

I have been lurking on this forum for several months and have made some decisions based on what I've read on here and the images of your kitchens.

We have removed a wall and resized the windows. This is what it looks like now. Not much-but with your help, I'm beginning to envision what it will look like in a couple of weeks.

We have chosen a dark stained maple shaker style cabinet that has just been shipped off to be stained and finished. They were custom built by a Menonite man who lives close by. We will be picking them up on Oct. 27 (he only drives horse and buggy) and he will begin the install on Oct. 29. I'm so excited and can't wait:)

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This is the section of cabinet that will go in that space. The upper will go above the dishwasher and the door that has the knob on it is a pull-out for garbage/recycle. The space to the right is for the 1.75 Blanco silgranite sink in "truffle". When this picture was taken, we were still unsure of whether we would go with ORB or pewter. This decision took more time than any other so far!

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I bet those will turn out beautiful! How exciting. Don't forget to post pics when they are in!

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How exciting. Even unstained those cabinets look beautiful. I had Amish cabinet makers make my cabinets so I'm sure yours are great quality too. Good look as you move towards completion of your kitchen. Can't wait to see it.

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So exciting! Those cabinets look wonderful!

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I hope the stain guy _really_ knows what he is doing. Those cabinets are beautiful. However if the wood is hard maple, it is known for sometimes absorbing stain unevenly which can lead to a blotchy appearance, which can be more pronounced with darker stains. I don't want to be an alarmist. If the stain guy is experienced with hard maple, he's almost certainly aware of this potential problem, and some of the ways to address the issue.

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I am looking so forward to more of your posts! Those cabinets are incredible...But even moreso, drives only by horse and buggy???? WOW. where do you live??

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Oooh! Very exciting. Can't wait to see more pics of the progress!

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go figure01 - I live in southern Ontario in Canada. Recently 17 families of Mennonites moved in to the area and many of the them are furniture makers. We were fortunate to find Cleon, our cabinet maker:) Yes, we will pick up the cabinets in our truck, so that he doesn't have to hire someone to take them in for him. Not many cabinets fit into the buggy!

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Our cabinets were built by a Mennonite family and he drives a truck! Beautiful cabinets! Enjoy the process.

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