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newhousehelp123October 31, 2012

We are working with several people who each sell different brands? We want all plywood construction and it is very difficult to differentiate the differences if any exist in the specific brands. Can someone help explain the differences in these brands and rank them from best to worst and if there are any particular brand you would absolutely stay away from?




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Wellbourne Forest

Lastly, we have a custom cabinet builder our contractor would prefer us use. However, I feel the most uncomfortable with him. He has had the layout the longest, yet has failed to produce any pricing, drawings, or follow-up discussions. He only communicates with our builder at this point. He also gave us a quick book with some door styles and none really stood out to us like the ones we have seen from above brands. I have no idea if he has other door designs and I am worried about the type of finish we can expect from the cabinet builder. We prefer a stain with glaze. Our builder just keeps stating that if we do all plywood construction, his custom builder can come in at the same price, but with better built cabinets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The post below your original post looks like an advertisement. The person just registered today.

RTA Ready to assemble cabinets have their place in the market and in home remodeling but are no where near the quality of the brands you are mentioning above also no where near a cabinet makers quality.

There are a couple entire threads that try to rate cabinet brands. I am sure someone will be along that will help you link to them. I am not very skilled at finding things I am looking for on GW!!

From your list, I quoted DuraSupreme and Medallion for my kitchen. The two KD's I talked to felt DuraSupreme was a "better" brand than Medallion. But I have also read very favorable reviews of Medallion on here. I choose DuraSupreme and have been quite happy with them.

Many people on here also have excellent experiences with cabinet makers and custom cabinets. I have never gone that route so can't give advice on that.

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Sophie Wheeler

The boxes aren't the cabinets. The doors are. Yes, the boxes hold your stuff, but pretty much any material boxes will do the same job. Yes, you can spend an extra 20% "upgrading" to plywood if you have money to burn, but you aren't buying anything useful or meaningful.

The biggest differences are in the doors. The quality of wood used. The amount of heartwood vs. sapwood, vs. more knots and pinholes vs. less if you are doing something rustic. Then there is the sanding. And the finishing. Good quality cabinet doors have a depth and subtle sheen to them that poor quality ones never will. Look at the endgrain edges. Are they rough? Do they catch on fabric or a paper towel? Are they the same color? THAT is what you judge a cabinet line on, not the box material.

Of your list, Medallion would probably rank highest for me, followed by Kraftmaid. But that is an in person judgement call for you to make. But, DON'T over-rate the boxes and under-rate the doors. That's a classic rookie mistake.

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