Still hate this big honkin' micro & could use the space

mrtulinOctober 15, 2013

It hasn't been wired in, I've been looking at it for 3 weeks, it still bothers me that it sticks out 2.5 inches past the cabinents. And thanks to someone here who dubbed it the "Darth Vader" effect, I break into a cold sweat every time I see it.

If it went, I'd gain a space 30 x 21. That includes a 30 x6 " space with tip down door that "utilizes" the left over space above the micro and - I think- hide the micro wiring.
My questions are:
1. Is there any kind of a fan or hood that wouldn't eat up every bit of space I might gain?
Since the kids are gone, meals are simple. No frying, I'm not so concerned about cooking odors. Moisture from boiliing water wouldn't be a big issue if the silly little cabinent & door over the micro was gone, although there are thermofoil cabinents on either side of stove. Besides I'm really off pasta after raising 3 kids.

2.After installing some sort of fan or hood, if i had 19 x 11 inches left over I could put in a convection toaster oven, whose door pulls down and which would probably be more useful for empty nesters than a big micro.

I don't want to sacrifice what little counter space I have for the convection toaster oven. I'd rather keep a tiny micro and a regular toaster.

Go ahead, tell me whether it is an unworkable idea, or if you have any suggestions.

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With counter space being at a premium, I would think about using a white convection microwave instead. The black really makes a presence. Blending it into the cabinetry wouldn't be so bad. I have a micro with regular convection bake and love it.

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Never thought about color being a big part of the problem. Jeeze, how dumb.
The micro-convection units are one appliance on top of the other. Are you talking about a single unit that does both? I didn't see that, and I'd still want something with a smaller profile. White would lower the profile considerably. Maybe they'd let me exchange it.....

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Yes, I have a GE profile convection microwave. It sticks out at least two inches, not sure. I was concerned about that extension too as I didn't recall that being the case. Looking at micros they just seemed so huge. I think my previous one was a little smaller than the ones today. But it just blends in to the cabinetry so I don't really notice it. So it provides a bake oven, micro and vent in one. No counter space is lost, because there is none to spare! It gets really good reviews. I guess one "unit" will give out before the other, like stack washer dryers, but things cannot be perfect in small homes. I am very pleased with that decision and don't need to heat up the big oven that much.

I did see a picture recently of a ss range and white micro above. It did not look strange, which I always wondered about, as it just blended into the white cabinetry.

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I have to say, I passed on a hood.

*Pause a moment and wait for gasp*

I've honestly never used one. My mother never used one either. Maybe it's the things we cook? Or maybe it's b/c we like the smell of what we're cooking? Having closed off kitchens rather than the open concept may help too since it doesn't permeate the house as much.

When I do see microwave vents being used, they don't do much. Most people never replace the charcoal, and even if they did they're still not very effective.

Unless you think you really need one, I'd forget about it and start thinking of the possibilities you could have w/o one.

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hee,hee. But I dared not say it......the thought crossed my mind several times.In 40 years I have either not had a hood, or the fan was so loud it was unbearable.
The only smell I might not like is liver and sprouts.....burnt broccoli. I don't eat the first two, and I don't burn broccoli any more.
The microwave-convection GE profile is intriguing, but it is 2" deeper than my "big honkin'" current one.At least that's the way I read the dimensions.
My cabinents are 13" deep, the honker is 15" deep and even the GE profile is 20" deep. It may be the curved front referenced above.
Our ceilings are only 7 feet, so the micro is very near the stove top now. Something 5" deeper would hit me in the nose when I was at the stove.
Or I could move it to the right of the stove, and waste two cabinent doors. No I won't do that.

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I feel encouraged. The Profile is 15" deep,the same as what I have now. If Lowe's will take back the micro without a box I can just exchange and have the extra oven, a micro and a white darth vader instead of the scarey black one.
Snookums, if this works out I will be a happy camper. I'll also be thanking you for a long time!

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Yeah, no way is that micro 20 inches deep! Maybe that's the counter top model. I was amazed at how deep these micros are anymore. I had a lot of concern about it too and was looking for one of the smaller ones. Lots were about 17" as I recall.

Doesn't sound too encouraging they would take it back without a box though. I wonder if they have to return to manufacturer for repackaging anyway. So that you could just put it into the 'white' box for the return.

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White would make a huge difference. And I understand you braking out into a sweat. I think microwaves are so ugly that we decided not to have one installed over our range. Instead we designed our pantry to hide a countertop microwave in there. I just hate looking at them! My husband and I don't have kids either, so I guess we are not using it as often as other might. We heat up left over in there once a day and that is it.

Our house came with a convection as part of the normal oven. I still don't understand what to use it for or how!

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another idea is a shelf to hold a countertop unit.
I'm re-modeling and plan to do this in the new kitchen.

Here's a pic of what I mean.
That shelf has been there 5 years and is particle board with a wood moulding on the front edge. It is starting to warp a teeny bit from the moisture so, I'll probably do 2 layers next time. Underside is not all covered in grime.

works for me. I too hate those huge micros.

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I agree with snookums. I think a white one would go a long way to making it blend in. In no way do I think it ugly. I just think it sticks out and screams "hey look at me!".

We are installing my LG convection OTR this week. I have no upper cabinets (don't even ask how that is working right now), so it is taking a bit longer than we had hoped to install. But it measure exactly 15 3/4" without the back brace on the wall. So it should sit 16 1/4" from the wall once installed.

I know there are the haters of the OTR microwaves out there, but for those of us with very small kitchens the fact that these are also convection ovens are huge selling point. They are a second oven, a microwave, and a range hood all in one.

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