need help with rosa beta granite - what color to paint wall

momsuz123October 17, 2012

Hi all,

New here. We just bought a new home and the kitchen and powder room have Rosa Beta granite. It is mostly black and white, with flecks of pink/beige. I need to pain the kitchen (it is that faux painting style). What colors do you recommend? The floor and cabinets are oak. I really love the layout of the kitchen. We are not able to replace the granite (even though that would be my preference). I want. Maybe a fun "cherry" color or something? Lots of big windows in there too - stainless appliances (some still black - will convert those to stainless as they break down).

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Without pictures it's impossible for anyone here to really help, I'm afraid. Oak could be red or white oak, old or new, stained or not, finished with a spar urethane (making it yellow-ish) or clear poly. And there are huge differences among slabs of any stone. All of the stone images below are of Rosa Beta. Is there an existing bs? There are just too many variables.

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if it's the oak of past decades I can imagine you may want to change that later-darker stain or paint. I'd keep the walls whitish if you are bothering to paint[painting a kitchen is a lot of work]... what exactly is the problem with the faux finish? EAM has good pics to show the ranges of variability one can be dealing with.

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I agree, without exact pictures, it is hard to make a suggestion. Maybe a grey, but again, we need to see a picture of what you have.

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It's a classic granite, used for fireplaces and buildings long before the granite kitchen counter era.

I've seen it in a kitchen with pale rose or peachy walls and grey cabinets. It was lovely. It's also a good blend with terracotta tile floors.

If you want to emphasize the rose flecks, use a color that matches them on the walls. If you want to minimize them, use a neutral grey.

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