What height for island counter stools?

Mom23EsOctober 20, 2012

I had no idea there were so many options!!! I haven't thought much about stools for my island, but now that we're moving in less than 2 weeks, I should probably get on this. We also haven't decided on a kitchen table, so really there's no place to sit except on the floor. lol. It's not really that terrible because we actually do own furniture right now, but the stuff we've been using for the past 10 years does not go at all with our new house.

So, what is the "ideal" seat height of a stool at an island? My island is standard counter height. We made sure that there is 15-18" (depending on the side) of counter overhang.

Any other words of wisdom with selecting stools?

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Just search for "Counter height" stools. I think they are 24" high. It's a standard height for a reason. :)

What we like about our stools:
* they have a small back so we can lean back in them
* they are leather and easy to clean (no fabric)
* they have some cushion

The above reasons are probably why we can sit in these chairs for hours.

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24" sounds right. Our stools have... A nice sized back for good support
A slight curve to the back for comfort
A padded seat (easy-clean fabric) for comfort - both cushion-y and so they're not too hot to sit in in the summer i.e., we don't "stick" to the seats :-)
Swivel so they are very easy to get into/out of
A foot rail the entire circumferential to rest your feet

We are also able to sit in the for long periods of time.

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Counter height stools are usually around 25". Consider whether or not you want a back. Pro- more comfy, con- backless stools can tuck neatly under the counter.
Do you want them to swivel? Chairs with a back and that swivel can be a pain to keep lined up. There is a self-returning swivel if that is a concern, which also keeps them from turning 360.
Choose a material that is easy to clean and sturdy, like wood or metal. Leather is pretty long wearing and cleanable, but I would avoid fabric.

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We have standard counter height and went with 26" barstools. 24" just seemed a little too low. This has worked well for us. I played with piling books up on a chair to 'test out' the different heights. Good luck!

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I knew picking out stools would be impossible, so I bought 2 at Bed Bath and Beyond (counter height - it said it on the box). Our island also is counter height. I mainly bought them so that I would have something when the guys came in to template. Well, I LOVE them! So much that I covered them with fabric (stapled right over the out of the box fabric) and we're keeping them (until they break anyway). I've even decided that I think we need 3 - as we have no table yet and the dining room has become a messy office during this project - we just sit at the island while we wait for the project to be over. So I may just go buy a 3rd for the heck of it. They were on sale for $20.

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Counter height stools range from 24-28" high (seat height). It really depends on your preference. The 24" ones were too low for our taste. Borrowed some that were 28" high (Hillsdale Normandy) that we really liked but when I went to order them saw that the manufacturer also made one in 26" height for significantly less $$$ (HIllsdale Northern Heights). Ordered the 26"s with intention of returning them if they didn't work out. Turns out the 26"s were perfect. It did take us about 6 months to find the perfect stools.

The other questions to ask yourself are: Do you want stools with or without a back? Do you want the back to be high or low? Do you want arms on the stool? Do you want the stool to swivel? Do you want a metal, wood or combination stool? Do you have little ones that will be eating as well as doing their homework at the island?-if so, a higher seat will be better for them.

Hillsdale furniture makes a number of different height counter stools in all designs. You may want to take a look at what they have to offer. Great deals can be had on Hillsdale stools at Kohls.com. If a Hillsdale stool isn't on Kohls.com today, wait a month and it will likely appear.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hillsdale Furniture Counter Stools

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Thanks so much for the insight! I drove 2 hours to the outlet store and to Ikea yesterday. I was looking for other things, but one of the outlet stores had tons of stools. I sat on one stool that seemed super comfy, but I was so confused by all the different heights. There weren't any tables or countertops nearby to compare, and my 2 year old was getting fussy so I couldn't think straight. LOL! When I got home, I looked up the stool on the store's website, and I noticed a review about how even though the stool said 24" it was more like 22"- the person wasn't happy about it. I kept wondering all night if I should have bought the two brown ones they had.

Like I said before, I had no idea there were so many options! I thought there were only two options- counter and bar. Maybe I'll try to find some super cheap stools for now until I can figure this out. Phyll- $20 would be amazing. I can't believe how much the stools I like the look of cost!!! Eeek!!! Doesn't anyone understand what my kids do to nice things?!?!? I'm stressing way too much over furniture these days.

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Seriously, just grab some from BB&Beyond, put your fave fabric on it and when you find what you really want, your kids can use the stools for crafting/projects - that will be about the time they're destroyed!

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