Has anyone used Eco by Cosentino (white diamond) counter tops?

sherwhyOctober 12, 2012

Has anyone used these counter tops in their kitchen or bath?

Eco by Cosentino (white diamond)

Thanks for any feedback

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I haven't, but am dying to get feedback from someone who has! I really want either Eco by Cosentino or one of the others with recycled glass pieces.

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I considered using Eco Riverbed for a while, but then decided against it because it was too blue for me. Two showrooms near me actually have Eco Riverbed on their displays. Both look well held up and for showrooms, I think that is good.
Google "gardenweb cosentino" and you will find a couple of threads. I never found anyone with it in their kitchen, I found that Sue_b had it in her bathroom and liked it. Several people were concerned about the warranty, because it is not the same as on Cosentino's other product, which is Caeserstone, I think.

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I have Eco Riverbed for my peninsula. It's mostly used for dining and I have seating on both sides, but it is used several times a day. I've had it for over a year and the only problem was that one of the glass pieces chipped out. This happened soon after it was installed. It's very small - about a 1/8 inch circular shape. It's shallow, but I can feel it when I run my hard over it. I'm careful to never set anything hot directly on it because I've heard it can crack. I never set anything hot on my perimeter counters, either. They are Silestone, also made by Cosentino.
I brought home the White Diamond sample, too. It's very pretty!

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