Show your exposed hinges (please)

deedlesOctober 2, 2013

Anyone with exposed hinges, would you show a pic? Never even thought about not having hidden hinges but now I've read a few older threads about them taking up cab shelf space and I'm rethinking the whole thing.

Maybe also a comment about why you picked them over hidden?

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Here are my exposed hinges. The house was built 29 years ago. The house is colonial and I guess they just went with the style. The kitchen has been updated with granite, etc, but cabinets are original. And yes, they are oak, but a medium brown stain, not golden oak. I still like them.

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I don't have any pictures as I am just picking out cabinets myself. However, read AGK2003's thread "Inset vs overlay cabinets". Jakuvall gives a great detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of both exposed and hidden hinges.

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here is mine

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jstell2008: The cabs we're having built are white oak. I think your cabinets are lovely. Thanks for the pic!

Sherry10: good luck to you picking out your cabs! It can seem impossible at times. I think that thread is one that I read that got me thinking but I'll make sure. Thanks..

phorbin: Thank you for the pic. Guessing you went with exposed hinges for the look with your inset cabs? Love the little niche above your stove, btw.

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I don't find the hinges to be an issue. If you had a tall glass right against the side of the cabinet, then yes, but chances are you're not going to pack them in that tight. What I do remember is my mother cleaning the hinges periodically on our 1955 kitchen. Even though we had less than 10 cabinets, the last thing she needed was another chore.

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Phorbin--do you have other pictures of your kitchen? Very nice.

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Here is a link will try to post some up dated pics later

Here is a link that might be useful: phorbin kitchen

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