Finished: thynes' Budget Beach House Kitchen

thynes1501October 8, 2013

Hey folks, it's been awhile since posting on here. I know how much I love viewing kitchen reveals, so I thought I'd share our latest with you.

This summer we completed a kitchen renovation at our small vacation home, on the coast of Newfoundland. Not an extensive or elaborate renovation by GW standards, but quite a considerable facelift. And interesting timing, because I really enjoyed the Beach House 'design around this' thread that was very active while we were completing the work. The thread was a little too late to influence our design choices, but it was incredibly interesting to follow everyone's vision of what a seaside kitchen should be.

A little background: the house is fairly new (less than 10 years old), but was built to imitate a house that had stood on the property and had remained in the owners' family for over 200 years. It is built in the traditional "saltbox" style common in rural Newfoundland and, while new, it retains some components of the original dwelling (e.g. the bannisters, railings, and posts were salvaged and reused). We bought the property from the original owners a couple of years ago, and felt that a real opportunity to create a bright, seaside cottage feeling had been missed in the build. So we've been steadily working on improving the property ever since.

This kitchen project is similar to our last in that all design concepts, materials, etc were discussed, researched, and chosen by my wife and I. But also substantially different than our last (that reveal is linked below), in that we committed to keeping the budget low and resisting the urge to go 'high end' or perform structural modifications on a home where we (sadly) spend only a few weekends a year. So unlike our last kitchen project, this one saw us keep the same footprint, reuse the existing (and rather crude) face frame cabinets, hardware, and sink/faucet, install laminate countertops instead of solid surface, buy entry level appliances and light fixtures at clearance prices, and perform some DIY work (though don't get me wrong, this was not a DIY project... our contractor completed most of the work). We would have loved to install a wall of windows to maximize the ocean view, but the only modification we performed was in widening the opening from the porch to the kitchen, bringing an unused nook in the porch into play and allowing conversion into a beverage/MW center (and freeing up valuable counter space). The only splurge was wood-look porcelain floor tile, which we chose for aesthetic reasons as well as durability.

Our project considerations were simple: make the space as functional and aesthetically pleasing (to us..!) as possible at minimal cost. From the beginning, we knew two things: first, we wanted blue cabinets and white bead board and second, the kitchen table had to be sanded, painted, and reused (had been hand-built many years ago by my wife's father); everything else came together as our thought process evolved. The project, along with an interior repaint of the entire house and re-trim of the main floor, was completed in three weeks with zero surprises or hiccups.

We're very pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy!



DIY (and our little helper..!):


Thanks for viewing!

Here is a link that might be useful: thynes' Finished Kitchen

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Wow, what a difference!

There are some spectacular kitchens here, but I'm always most impressed by the ones that cost more in ingenuity than in money.

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Wow, what a difference that floor made! Combined with the colors and open shelving that facelift looks like a completely different place! It looks like it belongs there now. Great job!

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I forgot to say that's an incredible view outside, too.

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I love it! What a beautiful, fresh space. I especially love your eating area. The combination of white beadboard, blue accents & creamy (hint of yellow) paint is perfect. The light fixture adds a touch of elegance. So many well though out details, just perfect!

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Wow, wow, wow! I had to scroll up and look at the before pics again to make sure it was the same kitchen. I love the blue. I love the blue chairs with the white table. Love the rug. Love the open shelving.

You did a really great job!

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I love the beachy colors and the lovely job you did with the open shelving. I like your coffee station area. It's amazing! Send more photos of the view--it looks crazy pretty!

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oh wow! that is so charming! the incredible views really pop with your new facelift. so impressed!
btw, can you share where you got that beautiful blue and white round rug under your table?

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Oh is that cute! How lucky you are to have such a beautiful spot for your vacation home, too! The tile looks great, btw. Wonderful job, you should submit your pics to


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Lovely! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

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robo (z6a)

Beautiful! Now it feels like a beach house! The views look amazing. I'm in NS and can't wait to see more of NF. Did you have the cabs sprayed or brushed?

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Wow, it's so pretty and fresh and bright and charming! Very cottage-y. Love those floors and your rugs, the coffee/micro station, your countertops (what are they specifically?), the blue cabs with dark hardware and the beadboard. And your toaster -- we never get to see people's toasters on GW. And of course the view!

I hope you can find a few more weekends to spend there!

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What a great transformation! It fits right in with its surroundings. I caught a view out the window and all I can say is wow! You must post more pics of the house AND the view!!!! I love it!

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That is exactly what my idea of a beach house looks like! Everything is just lovely! Your little helper is adorable as well :)

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Wow- Great job. You will have to spend more time in Newfie with that gorgeous kitchen. Nice job without going over "budget". The kitchen is so inviting and so much more functional than before. The blue is just perfect for a salt box.
Is it time for a beach party? OK - maybe some skiing.
Congratulations on a job well done.

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Oh, how wonderful--the site and what you've done!

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Absolutely delightful. The cabinet color against the white, like sea and puffy clouds, the tile behind the range, like rainfall, the chairs like sky. LOVE the rugs, and the rolling island.

How do you use the space below the micro?

What is the beautiful light above the table? I need one :)

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This should be in BHG. I am always so much more impressed with redos that make use of existing materials and space. They show much more creativity and are far more eco-friendly than any leed certified project I've ever seen.

Your kitchen looks beautiful. It really speaks to the power of new trim too. If it is not too crass of me to ask, I am curious what your budget was for this.

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Perfect renovation and updating. GW is far-flung and my how your location qualifies!
The rest of the house, please?!?

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Wow, thanks for the positive feedback! I'm tied up with work all day, will respond with further information later today.

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Holly- Kay

Thynes, what a lovely kitchen. It looks so totally different. I hope you all enjoy the few weekends a year you get to spend there!

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If I had not read the text, I would have sworn you'd added windows and skylights. What a transformation! Looking forward to the details.

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This makes my heart sing! Beautiful renovation on a budget too. I too, would love more pics of the view. Enjoy your lovely new space!

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So bright and summery! Love the beachy feel with that gorgeous rug and the white kitchen table! I would vacation in this home in a heartbeat! Fab job you guys!

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Thanks so much for posting, Thynes. It's such a happy place now and very nice to imagine your little one playing at the table her grandfather made.

Especially inspiring is how much of this was accomplished just by subtracting and painting, which really could be DYIed by many for very little.

I'd also love to see more when you're ready.

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What a lovely transformation! I love the combination of blue and white with the "wood" floors. It looks so charming and beachy now. That is an amazing view out the windows.

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Wonderful! The colors are just so fresh and happy. You really did a great job. The details really make the space- love the open shelving instead of uppers along the sink wall and the beadboard is very beach appropriate. Oh and the microwave shelf nook is super cute!

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Finally, I have time to respond...

michoumonster: the round blue rug was bought at

robotropolis: the cabinets were brushed. My wife painted the table and chairs (also brushed), but we left the cabinets to our contractor.

scootermom: the counter tops are Basalt Slate by Formica. We really like the look of soapstone, and this was the closest we found in a laminate product.

bpathome: so far, the space beneath the microwave has been used for storing bottled water and pet food. It could be used for any kind of bulk storage really.

The light over the table, I'm not sure what it is. This was intended to be a splurge, and we had ordered vintage ceiling fixtures with edison squirrel cage bulbs. At the last minute, we learned that the fixtures were discontinued, so we were left with a decision - order a different style and spend weeks with a swinging light bulb or run down to the local big box store and get something, anything. An hour and 99 dollars later, we had found a fixture that we both really liked.

Brandywine72: Our budget for the entire job, including bathroom reno and extensive paint/trim work throughout was $20k, and we met that. The kitchen big ticket items were appliances (3000) and flooring (3000 installed). Cost effective components included counter tops (500), light fixtures (150), rolling island (300). The rugs were amazing deals: the round rug for 120 on overstock, and the rectangular rug we found at our local BM paint shop on clearance for $25 (yes $25..!). Adding in the kitchen portion of materials and labor, I would estimate the kitchen as finished cost $12-13k.

ppbenn: I'd like to show the rest of the house, but we are STILL waiting on furniture that was ordered in early June. And honestly, there isn't alot more to show (main floor is 750 sq ft, upstairs is 500 sq ft)... yes it's tiny..!

A few details:

Flooring: Florida Tile Berkshire HDP in Hickory

Walls - BM Ballet White
Trim and Kitchen Table - BM Decorators White
Cabinets - BM Blue Stream
Chairs - BM Buckland Blue

Formica Basalt Slate

Fridge/Stove/DW - Kenmore
MW - Panasonic (Costco)
Hood: Ancona (Costco)

Material is Ticking Stripe Blue from, blinds were made by my wife

And here are some outside pictures:

View from the ocean

Opposite view (from kitchen window)

View from side deck
Note: The sailboat isn't ours (though we wish it was..!)

View of house from side deck

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What an amazing makeover, made even more amazing by the fact that you were able to do such a major transformation on a budget. It really looks perfect ... love the bead board and the little coffee station. And the colors ... very beachy! Fantastic job!

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I just love what you did in that space. The colors are perfect!!! I especially love the round rug under the table. The view is amazing. I'm sure it's even more amazing in person.

Really stunning! I'm sure you and your family will have many wonderful weekends there!

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So charming and lovely. Looks like a place you would never want to leave. Congratulations on a wonderful reno!

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My blood pressure dropped just taking it all in.

Great job. Really beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it for many wonderful years.

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Oh so charming!!! I love it! The beautiful blue cabinets pick up the blue of the water. Such great views! Great job! Enjoy Enjoy!!!

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Thanks so much for sharing your "budget" renovation pictures. We are in the process of renovating our new lake cottage--also on a budget. I hope it comes out as nice as yours.

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How did I miss this back in October?? It is just fabulous! I adore the blue chairs, and the scenery is unbelievable!



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This is a perfect beach kitchen. Love it! I always admire so much people who do some or all of the renovation themselves. I don't trust myself to paint my own fingernails, let alone furniture, walls, or cabinets.

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Just an update:

Not exactly BHG or Houzz, but our vacation home is featured in the winter edition of a local home improvement/design magazine, Home & Cabin. The print edition is on local newsstands now, but in time the article and pictures will be posted on their website. I'll provide a link when it appears.

For those interested, the magazine website is linked below. It has some nice articles, DIY tips, etc. as well as an archive of some interesting homes and cabins from past issues.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home & Cabin Magazine

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Be still my heart... THOSE VIEWS!!!!

And, I love what you did. It matches the beachy vibe and is perfectly quaint.

Congrats on the magazine feature! Don't downplay it; You should be proud! You've done a wonderful job and have a wonderful home!

    Bookmark   January 22, 2014 at 10:22AM
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