Anyone with Colonial cream granite? Do you love it?

athenabOctober 23, 2012

The cabinets are in the process of being made. I have a demolition date. I have a fabricator. I don't have a stone.

One of the stones I'm contemplating, is Colonial Cream. I want something without a lot of movement and a white/cream base. I really wanted marble, but don't want the expense. Colonial Cream is not that expensive, no maintenance issues, and I think it looks peaceful and light.

Are you happy with the Colonial Cream? Pictures would be great if you have them!

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This is what I do when I want to see photos - search your product on From the photos they're displaying - it looks lovely! Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Colonial cream photos

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I saw those pictures on houzz also, but there is no feedback as on GW, which is such a great thing. Love GW!

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I selected Colonial Cream based on a sample I had seen in a showroom, but when I actually looked at the slabs, I picked colonial gold, which is similiar. I really like it. I also considered Cabria Quartz Buckingham which has a similiar look, but maybe a bit more movement. You can look for that quartz in A2gemini's finished kitchen.

One thing I will mention is Colonial Gold is very blendy and it is hard to see spills, crumbs, etc. and I often clean up and later see I've missed a spot.

Another consideration is that different lots vary greatly. I love the granite I selected from an old lot, but the newer shipment of the same stone did not appeal to me at all. It had alot more grey in the stone.

Here is a picture of my colonial gold:

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I'm building a house and we had this granite installed yesterday! It's really gorgeous, my camera was washing out the colors, and excuse the construction messiness. Colonial Gold is amazing too, it was our first choice but was unavailable when it came time to pick out slabs.

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Both Colonial Gold and Colonial Cream are beautiful. I really do like it. I just have to switch off my brain that has been trained to think 'marble'. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your beautiful counters!

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You're welcome, if you want to email me, I have lots more photos of the kitchen, slabs, and what not and would be happy to send you a bunch.

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Thank you CelesteA. That's really kind of you. DH and I went back to the stoneyard yesterday. Turns out, I can't get my mind turned off marble. So, I'm biting the bullet. We're going back next week to pick out our Carrara Statuarietto. I was all set to say yes to the Colonial Cream until I saw the Carrara. Then, my DH looked at my face, and he said 'What are we wasting our time for?" haha.

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