Thynes' Finished Kitchen

thynes1501October 18, 2011

18 months after we began, it's nice to be able to finally share our finished kitchen with you folks!

Early 2010 we decided to sell our brand new home and buy a 40 year old home in an established neighborhood. The home was lovely, had good bones, but needed much work so we moved in with the in-laws while an entire home reno was completed. Well, we moved in late last year (made it in for Christmas!), then spent the winter searching for backsplash, ordering samples and catalogues, buying tiles, returning tiles, putting backsplash up, taking backsplash down (!), and completing the kitchen in time to spend the summer re-landscaping the entire 1/3 acre property. Now that things have settled down I've finally taken the time to take a few proper snaps of the finished product!

Some background: The house was a larger executive style but with a disproportionately small kitchen (I think common for its vintage), so we removed a load bearing wall and utilized an adjacent family room as additional kitchen space. The house has rear southern exposure yet the original kitchen had no windows exposed to the south (?), and we were determined to correct that. To boot, we live in the foggiest neighborhood of the snowiest, foggiest, windiest city in Canada... Winters are long, spring is nonexistent, and summers are short... so bright was important!

My wife and I did all the design work ourselves. Being an engineer, I took the function (structural modifications, materials, layout, ergonomics, appliances, gadgets, etc) while she took the form (colors, finishes, fixtures, fabrics, etc). I discovered the GW Appliances Forum while researching appliances and quickly found my way here to Kitchens. By then the fundamentals had been largely settled (the L-shape was unavoidable, sink wall without uppers were a must, separate coffee/beverage station and eating area were musts, as were cream colored cabinets, yellow walls, and hardwood floors) but I think I spent hundreds of hours reading through the archives here and learning new things (and even occasionally posting..!). It was here that I learned about the importance of zones and proper aisle widths. It was here that I learned of induction cooktops, roll out pantries, pull out pantries, dish storage in drawers, vertical tray storage, soft closures, and firsthouse_mp's paper towel cubby (which I have so shamelessly stolen!). It was here that I learned we weren't alone in spending more time finding the perfect backsplash than it took to build the actual kitchen!

So how did it turn out? It could be considered a bit of an eclectic mix of modern (crystal pendants, mirrored induction cooktop, metallic glass backsplash), traditional (5 panel doors, ogee edged countertops) and rustic/country (floral fabric, hand scraped floors, stained Amish table), but we love it. It works like a charm and it's easily our favorite room in the house. Thanks to everyone for your help and I hope readers in the future can gain as much inspiration from this posting as I have from those who've posted before me.

First the details:

Double Ovens - Miele H4892BP2

Induction Cooktop - Thermador CIT365GM

Vent Hood - 36" Ancona Rapido Chef

Warming Drawer - Jenn-Air paneled

Dishwasher - Miele Optima G2472SCSF

Refrigerator - KitchenAid 72" CD KFCS22EVMS

Microwave - KitchenAid Undercounter Convection KBHS179SSS

Beverage Center - KitchenAid KBCS24RSSS

Standup Freezer (in mudroom) - Kenmore Elite Commercial SS

Faucets - Main Grohe Ladylux3 32226, Beverage Station Grohe Ladylux3 32283

Sinks - Main Houzer MS-3210SR-1, Beverage Station Houzer CS-1607-1

Cabinets - Custom 5 panel mitred in BM OC-88 Indian White, made by local cabinet maker

Hardware - Richelieu oil rubbed bronze knobs/pulls, Blum soft closures on doors and drawers, Richelieu vertical lift hinge for appliance garage

Counters perimeter - Zodiac Quartz in Giallo Michelangelo

Counter island - Zodiac Quartz in Saddle Brown

Backsplash Cooktop Wall - Saltillo Imports Metallic Glass 2x4 Subway

Backsplash Elsewhere - Crema Marfil Polished Marble 2x4 Subway

Island Pendant - Trillium by Glow Lighting with Danube crystal

Table pendant - Avalon by Glow Lighting with Danube crystal

Flooring - Kraus Madeira Collection 5" hand scraped oak in Golden Saddle finish

Simply Amish 48" round table, Loft II single pedestal, maple

Simply Amish chairs, Urbandale II, maple, side chairs painted Antique White, desk chair stained

Blinds - Robert Allen @ Home in Sperling Geranium

Wall Paint - BM CC-190 Summer Harvest


During (notice the LVL beam install and the temporary walls supporting the entire second floor, needless to say my wife was nervous at this point..!!):


And finally, Daddy's Little Helper. This is what happens when a 4 year old discovers that Daddy's camera has a remote control. One of many self portraits...!!

Thanks for viewing!

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Beautiful!! You must be thrilled. I love all the colors you've chosen.
How do you like your range hood? We bought the 30" version but haven't installed in yet.

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Great kitchen, and those are some cool pendants!


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So many things to compliment here. For the finishes, probably the two that popped out at me were the rangetop backsplash--it felt like an intimate old-world kitchen. Second, the flooring is just gorgeous. The window with the two side openings added a nice focal point, and the floral complemented it (and the room) well.

One question: I loved your design, and that is what you needed to do.... but do you have a living room or family room elsewhere in the house? I am not seeing it on the first floor.

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Nice layout! I love the soft creamy cabs. And your curtains!


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Your kitchen looks amazing -- gorgeous and *functional*, always a good combo! But best of all is your helper -- too cute!

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Love the new layout and your fabric choices really add to the flavor....
Your new light fixture is whimsical with clean lines, so perfect for the fresh new kitchen ;)

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Sorry colorfast, I see now that the floor plan sketch can be confusing. What I've sketched is about half the main floor. Picture the foyer as central to the house... on the other side of the foyer are a formal living room and a large sun room that we've converted into a family room / play room.

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Love the fabric choice for the Roman shades. Now all you need is a bowl of Red Delicious apples to complete the tableau. ;-)

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Wonderful, bright, happy room (like your little helper). Given your description of your climate, adding the glow from the interior cabinets on the inside to light from the windows on two walls is brilliant. :) I like all your choices. Congrats, and happy winter.

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Wow! That is one gorgeous kitchen. Love the backsplash and window treatments and, really, everything about your beautiful kitchen. Great job!!!

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Love it! Bright, happy, beautiful. And with such cute help in the kitchen how could you resist spending time there?! Enjoy your lovely space.

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Love it! Enjoy your new space!

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When the sun comes out in CN it really comes out ! Beautiful space. I love seeing your cooktop area in context...your other peek at that space was tantalizing.

Great eclectic mix as you say. Very nice use of zones. Your kitchen shows you did do your homework. Happy cooking to you. c

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Oh, I wondered if maybe there was more to the drawing. Glad to hear you have a living room:)

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Great job! You should be proud of yourselves, absolutely beautiful kitchen.

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Absolutely amazing! My kitchen remodel is about 18 months out, but I can see it is not too soon to start. You have a wonderful combination of beauty and function! I'm going to be using lots of these pictures for my "inspiration kitchen" - enjoy!

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Hi Thynes, thanks for your note on the other thread. WHAT a gorgeous kitchen! By chance would you be in St Johns Nfld? (from your description, "foggiest and windiest"). I lived my childhood formative years on Cape Breton Island right by the Strait of Canso, I know all about windy!

I would LOVE to have info on your door manufacturer, thanks! Scrappy25

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That is a gorgeous kitchen! I love the small windows behind the cooktop and that fabric!

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Wow, what a great change! It's so bright and happy! You all have done a lovely job, and I, too, really like that fabric. It's charming and will no doubt serve you well.

~ MM

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Wow! Often a kitchen is just a kitchen but you have elevated way beyond that with your choices in fabric, cooktop backsplash and lighting to be a beautiful personal space.

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Beautiful kitchen! Your changes in the floorplan all look great. Lovely finish choices. Congratulations!

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As trailrunner wrote, the other glimpse you gave us was tantalizing so I'm thrilled to see the rest of the space. Love your color choices and how well the colors you chose for trim, cabinets and walls work so well together. It's all very well put together. I'm very impressed with your design skills. There are so many great details, I'm going to have to come back several times to let it all soak in.

(your daughter is a cutie!)

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You certainly accomplished putting together a bright, cheery space! The layout looks very functional, too, congrats. Hope you enjoy many years of cooking and time with family and friends in your new kitchen! And your daughter is just adorable :-)

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I am so tired of white. Your kitchen is beautiful.

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Love, love, love, your window treatments and the way the compliment fabric on the dining chairs. Beautiful!

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lovely kitchen! i also adore your window treatments!

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I said WOW! out loud. What color are the backsplash tiles behind the cook area. I love how they shine and have a wonderful, rich texture to them.

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Love the floors, they look spectacular.

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I am so in love with the wall behind your cooktop, I can barely see anything else! The backsplash gives so much in texture and depth...At first it looked to me like bricks (a classic look that I love), and then I could see it offered more. And the way the window frames and shades stand out so crisp and pretty from the backsplash with the hood in perfect scale and balance with the rest... It's all so great. I am not big into window treatments, but I LOVE these.

The whole space is great. What a wonderful transformation from "OK" to "Fantastic!"

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Absolutely love your kitchen! I have a question about your window treatments. Is the flower color a red, rust or pinkish? I really like them.

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Beautiful!! I love everything you picked out. I especially love the tile, countertops, window treatment fabric, and kitchen table. Enjoy!

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You have a lovely kitchen! I love the cream and yellow colour scheme; so many kitchens today seem to be done in cool tones with stark white cabinets, so this is a lovely change.

Just one question: how are your window treatments holding up? I would like to have fabric in my kitchen but have been worried about how often they will have to be cleaned.

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Wow, thanks so much for the compliments!

Perhaps the comment that has struck me most is blfenton's. This is a very personal and important space for our family, and each material and finish was chosen individually because we absolutely loved it, not because it conformed to a particular design convention. That this sum of parts has created a space that pleases us greatly is one thing... that you guys find it pleasing as well is simply overwhelming. Thanks again!

scrappy, I will get the info you requested. It may take a little while, but I'll find it and pass along to you. Oh, and exactly right we're in St. John's! My wife tells me we're actually not the snowiest city in Canada (sure feels like it sometimes!) but I guess being the foggiest and windiest will have to do!

rhome410, the cooktop backsplash tile is clear glass with a brown metallic glazed backing. What's interesting is that the glazed backing is three dimensional (has contours, or valleys, running through it) and the glass front face follows the same contours. Installation was a bit of a challenge as the tile has no straight edges or flat surfaces. I'll find a couple of close-up pics I've taken in the past and post them up.

rikerk, the flowers are definitely red. Probably closest to a deep poppy red.

Bobby99, the fabrics have held up very well so far. No doubt they'll need cleaning from time to time, but in 10 months of use they're still pretty clean.

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What a beautiful kitchen! Your countertops are my favorite and the layout works!!!
Congrats for being "finished"!!!

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Your before kitchen was really nice but your after kitchen is gorgeous and I love the cabinet style, the cabinet color, the layout of the kitchen, all the light, the counters, the spice racks and really just the overall beautiful wow factor! Thanks for sharing.

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You rocked it! Different fabrics. Different backsplashes. Design genius. Love your choices. And love your floor! ENJOY

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Love your space! Very bright and well laid out! The beverage center area is very cool :) I have a large window like yours (7 feet) and have been trying to figure out a window covering. Seeing how you split it up into 3 shades looks nicer than I would have pictured in my head, so thanks for giving me that inspiration,I think I may do the same and save myself a lot of $$ :)

p.s. we have the same playset for your kids too, they love it :)

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love the island! so neatly done, looks fabulous. and i like the wall behind the hood, nice!!

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Creamy, dreamy kitchen! Love the colors, the floor, the table and chairs. Congratulations and enjoy!

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I am crazy about your light fixtures! Also really love the cooktop backsplash. Great job...simply yummy! Your 4 year old is adorable. Mine is 12 now. I miss her being 4.

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Some of the colors in this metallic glass backsplash, such as silver, aluminum, or blue pearl, can get pretty wild (manufacturer's website linked below). We chose the softer brown EM113 Las Vegas:

I think I posted these a few months ago, but following up with a couple of detailed pics of the backsplash.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saltillo Imports Metallic Glass

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I know that tile, because we have little squares of it in one of our bathrooms, but it's a whole different affect in your kitchen...and in that shape and color. It's FANTASTIC. Good mix of traditional (classic shape), modern (glass and metallic), and rustic (uneven surface) in that one element! Great choice for your vision.

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scrappy25, not sure if you're following this thread but I have gathered the cabinet door info from our cabinet maker:

Supplier: St. Agapit
Door Style: P4500
Frame: S370
Panel: P5

They are based in Quebec. Contact info in Website link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: St. Agapit

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WOW! Love the mixture of elements and materials. I love how light and bright the space is. So welcoming and warm.

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WOW what a GREAT space! I love your island! love how your incorporated so much into a small space (paper towel holder, cookbook, pull out trash, looks like cutting boards/cookie sheets and drawers). I would love to see what is inside the island!
What are the dimesions of your island? Can you measure the base separate (lxw) and the top? How much of an overhang do you have at the deepest part of the overhang?

BEAUTIFUL kitchen! Very well thought out use of space! ENJOY!

Oh also, how do you like your Ktichen Aid CD frig? We are in the market for a CD frig and want to find one that folks like/are happy with.

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Thanks for the compliments!

ejbrymom, the island base measures 66" x 31" and the deepest overhang is 14 inches at the corbel. One end has a paper towel cubby and cookbook storage. The side facing the sink wall has a double trash pullout, three drawers (top - large utensils, knives, measuring spoons, etc, middle - dish storage, bottom - tupperware storage), and a shallow spice cabinet (shallow because it backs onto the paper towel cubby). The entire end panel facing the fridge wall is also a shallow cabinet with a "push to open / push to close" magnetic latch on the door (perfect for storing canned pet food!). I believe these types of "invisible" shallow end cabinets in islands were discussed here a short while ago, as a means of making use of space - I must admit it really works for spices and canned goods.

As for the fridge, we like it alot. It has worked like a charm and we do like the shallower CD layout (nothing gets lost in the back anymore!). I believe there is a good body of positive feedback on GW forums (both Kitchens and Appliances) for the KA 72" CD fridge. The capacity is good, though we do have a full fridge in the basement and a standup freezer in the mud room which helps during peak prep/leftover seasons (such as holidays). The beverage center also helps a bit, by keeping pop, beer, wine, juice packs, etc out of the main fridge.

When I get a moment I'll take a few pics of some storage solutions that we used. If you'll indulge me I'd also like to post some likes/dislikes about the design and its function, which might help others who are in the decision making process of their own projects.

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Beautifully thought out, beautifully executed, beautiful to look at and I'm betting to work in, too. Great job and thanks for sharing!!! It's so much fun to see real life renos. Thanks again and enjoy, your little helper is adorable : )

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Love your kitchen! You mentioned that the glass tile was textured and difficult to install. I will be using tile with some texture on my range hood wall. Was your tile installed completely behind your hood and chimney or was there some filler behind it. I was told to use wood the same thickness as the tile in the area behind the hood and chimney. Thank you for any info you can provide.

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The kitchen of my dreams! Wow!

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badgergal, we did exactly that! (see below for pre grout, pre hood picture).

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Hi Thynes, just got back to this thread. THANK YOU for the resource info and the link on your cabinet doors! I have printed out the pdf link and may give them a call. Really appreciate your help!

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Thynes - I noticed you have some angled upper cabinets. Do you find them inefficient in terms of space usage? Looks like you have a pretty big kitchen so may not be an issue for you. I have a very SMALL kitchen, and as of right now, have two angled cabs in my plan.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Layout

    Bookmark   June 22, 2012 at 1:19AM
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