Backsplash with granite

mary_md7October 9, 2013

A couple of people encouraged me to get a 4" granite backsplash and add the tile above that. Easier cleaning, supposedlly.

But I see lots of kitchens with backsplash tile right down to the granite countertop.

Thoughts? Comments?

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I have my backsplash tile right down to the granite countertop. I think it just looks cleaner and more modern that way.

Sorry the picture (taken on my old iPhone 3G) is a bit fuzzy, and my glass tile is more green than it appears in this picture - it really matches my Desert Green granite countertop!

But to each his own, I don't think there is one correct answer.

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I also had mine down to the countertop - it's just a look I like better.

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I prefer the look of tile down to the counters, too.

Caya26, your backsplash and granite look terrific together!

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Tile down to the counters for sure. Cleaner look.

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I have tile to the counter. I don't understand why some people think it is easier to clean with the 4" granite bs. Both tile and granite need to be wiped. The 4" bs requires extra cleaning as the edge will collect dust and stuff. Either way where the counter meets bs is caulked and easy to wipe.

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I much prefer no 4" backsplash with tile over it as I am in the camp of folks that thinks that looks like the tile was an afterthought.

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I am just wondering if the couple of people you said encouraged you were from your countertop fabricator? :) They make a good profit from installing that strip.

My preference is for the tile to meet the countertop, with no 4" strip of counter on the wall. The look of a 3-4" strip of countertop on the wall dates back to the formica counter days, and also to before modern counter fabrication where a counter is cut precisely to meet the wall, with no gap. For me, the only reason I would have a 4" strip of counter on the wall is if I were not going to have a backsplash otherwise, and wanted to protect the wall from splatters, etc.

In any case, I will list the reasons why I do not like a small strip of counter on the backsplash:

- you will spend a lot of effort designing a beautiful tile backsplash; why cut it short by 4".

- the additional horizontal line of the 4" strip will visually make the space between your counter and upper cabinets look smaller and more cramped

- the 4" backsplash creates a small "ledge" which collects dust. Yet one more thing to clean.

- you will be charged for the material and installation for the 4" backsplash; money that you may have preferred to spend elsewhere.

This is all MHO. If you simply like the look of the 4" backsplash, get what YOU want. But your OP said others were encouraging you, not that you wanted it.

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I removed my 4" granite backsplash before I tiled. I prefered the cleaner look. It has been easy to maintain. The edge between the tile and granite is silicone, not grout.

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Alternately, you could use the same granite all the way up to the cabinets as a complete backsplash. My sister has one like that and it looks great. You can also use the 4"-er and paint the rest of backsplash area. Personally, I like a backsplash down to the counter, but that's this year. In another 20 years when this kitchen is re-done again, maybe I'll prefer something else. ;-)

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Mary, I'm just going to add my 2 bits worth and agree with all of the above. There's nothing wrong with a 4" backsplash in your matching granite, and in fact I am seeing a lot of in in current bathrooms (not sure why?), but in the kitchen, I think it can be a dated look.

My primary objection would be the added upkeep of cleaning off the ledge it would create, as your tile backsplash assuming you add one, will not be as thick as your granite. Having said that, I was going to have a solid granite backsplash behind my stove and my sink with a decoratively cut lead into a granite BS. My kitchen company was going to do it for free when they replaced my granite (long sad story...), they however declared bankruptcy the day they were scheduled to install. When I had to rethink my plans, I went with tile BS all the way down to the counter.

One advantage of a granite BS is seeing your granite on a vertical plane, if you have a granite that you absolutely love, you may love that!

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I agree with the comments here. We are in the process of building a new house and our kitchen and dry bar have granite counters. I specifically requested NO 4" backsplash as I plan to tile and I prefer the clean look of tile meeting the counters. Incidentally, we got no credit from the builder for skipping the 4" granite backsplash.

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We've done it both ways and it looks good no matter how you do it. Theres no real savings from eliminating the 4" splash because you are adding cost to your tile project.

Someone commented the fabricator likes splash because it's a high profit item. Not true if the splash is installed properly and the joints to countertop and wall are properly taped prior to caulking.

You should do what you like.

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