Backsplash repair

diane3235October 9, 2012

Around 12 years ago I had natural slate backsplash 4 by 4 tile installed in my kitchen. The counters were cheap Laminate with a 4 inch vertical lip of backsplash. At the time I left that laminate in place.

I am now having Silestone quartz counters installed. The quartz is thicker than the laminate. I have two options regarding the replacement of the cheap laminate backsplash. I can replace with same quartz or I have slate tile leftover from 12 yrs ago. Problem is that the slate tiles would have to be cut a good 1/2 inch AND it's the bottom row. Has anyone ever seen a bottom row of backsplash that isn't full size? Slate is my preference but concerned about short bottom row. Thoughts?

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You could use a short bottom row of slate, but it isn't the best look. You could do a quartz lip, but, again, that wouldn't be a first choice. Since the current backsplash is 12 years old, how would you feel about changing it out?

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You can find slate "trim" in the right size. This mosaic is sold in 4" x 12" mesh-backed sheets, and you can cut off a row (and use it on the adjacent column) to fit to your space.

You could also use a larger format tile and go for a band of similar or different colored slate around the bs base. There are also "border" stone mosaics. This one measures 2 5/8" x 13"

and this one is 3" x 12"

So there are lots of options, but most of these will recall the banded "lip" look. If you don't want that, consider suzannes1's suggestion of starting anew. There are so many more options out there in slate than there were 12 yrs ago. All of these came from glass tile oasis, and you can see more stone mosaic options at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic

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I largely agree with EAM. I also have another idea, though. You could use your current (old) slate tiles, but set them on the diagonal. Cut them to something like 2.5" on the edge, which would make them about 3.5" across the diagonal. Thus, you will have a "band" like EAM suggests, but it may look more natural/intentional than a new mosaic. Plus it is cheap, as you already have the tile.

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