Matching Thomasville Baltic bay cabinet stressed color

marco25October 5, 2013

Can anyone help me match Thomasville cabinets color Baltic Bay , It is a strewed blue color. I would like to get it dead on . The closest store to me is sherwinn Williams but can travel if need be to other paint company stores! I also am wondering if the Baltic Bay ( blue hue) has something added on top of it to give it the stressed look. But in stores the color on the Thomasville cabinets is called just Baltic Bay. HELP. I am behind in construction for my loan and need help fast if someone can! THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!

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It's a multi step glazed and topcoated finish. You're not really going to be able to match it without a paint artist involved.

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I cannot answer your email because you don't have your account set up to reveal your email address to me. However, I can give you some answer here.

I understand why the color appeals to you. It's gorgeous! But you're going to be better off just buying the cabinets from the company, or just using it as an "inspiration" rather than trying to match it.

You will not be able to color match using a spectrometer at a paint store and get the same results. The base coat is a brighter, clearer color that is dulled down and accented by the top glaze, and also has a bit of a highlight. The color that would result from that match would be the muddier color that was the result of the glaze being applied to the base coat, not the brighter clear basecoat color itself. And then if you applied a glaze on top of the already muted color, you'd get an even more muted color.

You could buy a sample door (around $50-$70) and have good decorative paint artist could do several experiments (probably charging you for their time to do so) with different guesses at combinations of base and glaze to get you close to your inspiration. (I doubt if any cabinet company would let you just check out a door long enough to have that done though, as it runs against their business interest to let their doors be out more than a day or so.) Once that's done, having him paint your cabinets won't be inexpensive. A good quality decorative painter would charge between 7-10K for an average kitchen paint job that involved as many steps as does this finish. That's on top of whatever cabinet purchase you may be thinking of making.

Although you can come close by spending quite a bit of money to do so, you will never get the exact color without buying the cabinets from Thomasville. Remember that Thomasville is also the same exact company and cabinet as Diamond as is also Kemper and if for some reason you are hesitant to buy from HD, there are many other places to be able to find the cabinetry---and for probably less money than hiring an artist to custom paint cabinets. And frankly, the cabinets will be much more durable with the factory finish than they would be with a home quality topcoat. Also, you have to look at the quality of the cabinets you are thinking of painting. T/D/K make a pretty good quality cabinet with high quality slow close drawers and doors and 1/2" plywood sides available. Compare the results of your approach vs. just buying from the cabinet company.

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