Backsplash with some color? What do you think of this one?

hobokenkitchenOctober 8, 2012

So we are just waiting on our slab of butcher block and our kitchen will be done except for backsplash!!!

Those that have read my other threads know that this has been a very tough process and it feels like it is a miracle that we have come this far.

There have been a lot of threads on backsplashes that compliment the Superwhite. Beekeepers wife's arabesques are perfect and I also adore some of the Artistic Tile options, but almost certainly can't afford them.

We had been looking at cararra marble (which I now can't find) which was something along these lines:

but yesterday we saw this:

I don't normally love 1 x 1s, but I love the bling of this and the greys and blues. My concern is that we have a lot of warm red wood, and I wonder if this would go.

I think it would because it's between the Superwhite and the cabinets which have a grey glaze, but I don;t want it to fight with the red Sapele Mahogany butcher block and warm floors.

Here are some kitchen pics. Wall color is Smokey Taupe - looks washed out in the pics for some reason. Butcher block is not in yet, neither is the window seat cushion and please excuse the total lack of furniture - it's all being used to stage the Philadelphia house which is for sale:

The lights - they sparkle a lot - pics don't do them any justice at all:

Here's our sample of Sapele Mahogany butcher block.

and while I'm posting pics..... here's the baby girl in her pjs : )

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Baby Girl is a cutie pie!

I like the mosaic, and I think it would look good with the red-brown. I tend to like brick reds with gray-blues, although they can come out looking a bit patriotic.

If you plan to use the mosaic for the whole backsplash, it could be a bit dark, however. I'm having trouble visualizing, but you might want to mock it up before you commit.

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so I get to the last photo....and I can't even remember what the question is!

The kitchen is looking gorgeous!!! And so is da baby!

I have no idea about the tiles because if I did, I would have an installed backsplash myself.

So, let me just say, I'd like to see some more pics of the kitchen counters, the lighting, the rug, the stove, the baby, and on and on.....


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:) Simply adorable! I'm now 5 days from my due date, and nearly ready to go to the county to submit permits from our build! I just read my husband the conclusion to your contractor dilemma, and his heart goes out to you at well! We are happy to see everything coming together for you!

As for the tile, I love it, but I am having trouble picturing it throughout the entire space. What if it was used as a focal point over the stovetop?

I'd also love to see some more photos, and I'd like some information on where you bought those lights!!

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Wow!!! Your new subs have worked a miracle!! Absolutely gorgeous! I really like that tile too, but I do agree that it may be a little dark and busy for the entire BS. Maybe use a white or slightly off-white subway or even a 6x6 (or larger) square tile set on a diagonal for the vast majority of the BS and then use the mosaic for accent under the hood. A single row of that mosaic (1 tile high) could also be used as an accent in the BS along the cabinet runs.

Sweet little girl! So nice to finally get to see her. She is adorable!!

Hope this helps!

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Who's really going to notice the backsplash with that cutie around!?

This one looks similar with less blue/dark, appologies for not posting the pic but I'm headed to bed and it's a crazy round about process with the iPad.

I thnk a little bling in the backsplash will complement those awesome lights and tie them together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Less blue more gray, still bling

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I'm kind of agnostic about that backsplash. It wouldn't work for me, but I'm into plain and simple. It might work in your kitchen since it's a bit more traditional than mine will be.

I posted just because I had to say... Nice kitchen! And a very cute baby, too!


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Williamsem I think that's a color variant of one of our final contenders for our last kitchen! I like it a lot, but hope it's not too much grey. I like that it still has both texture and some bling.

Backsplash decisions are always so hard!

Beekeeper's wife I'll try and take and post more pics later if I get 5 minutes to myself. ; )

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that might really work if you like it because of the high level of glazing and all the relief angles showing the shine-plus your lighting seems to be a feature in your space,thus giving different light at various times of day/nite that will play off the tiles[like a shiny diamond].I'd think about it for all the areas EXCEPT above the range-and do a plain pattern-like a taupeish whitey plain tile/or something akin to your counters in tile format above the range and across in the alcove next to fridge. [what a happy little gem she is!]

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hobokenkitchen, love the lights, and your baby is gorgeous! Glad your saga is taking a turn for the better. I don't have advice on the backsplash, but I do have a question for you. What are your floors? I'm doing similar style and colors in my kitchen and trying to decide on a floor. Yours looks perfect! TIA.

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Hobokenkitchen --

Your kitchen is so lovely! Your happy daughter too!

I love the play of patterns and textures in all your materials,
from your sparkling chandelier to the rich woods.

I think the backsplash you posted would work really well
and would add to the sense of depth
and nuanced play of materials and textures.

I think it is a winner.

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Wow, great looking kitchen! I like the tile but in small doses. I think it would overwhelm the space if you did it everywhere. It could be pretty in the area alcove by the refrigerator and just behind the range and something simpler any the other areas.

Congrats on the new baby, she is a cutie!

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I hear that you're looking for a bit of color. I don't think your choice will compete with the warm woods, but if you are leaning toward the smaller mosaic tiles, might you consider using one that reflects more light and gives a bit of shimmer?
Daltile City Lights London


This one has some warmer elements that could blend nicely with your wood.

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Is she really a redhead? So cute-baby smiles are the best!

Your kitchen is really lovely with a bit of bling as it stands. Great pendants! I'm afraid that tile will overwhelm the other elements and demand great flashing neon arrows pointing at it saying LOOK AT ME! Have you considered using the 1 x 1s as accents in a calmer field?

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First that baby is SO precious!!! Please pick whatever you need to quickly and get on with life with that sweet babe.
You've been thru so much with this build and she is an adorable blessing.
Love your kitchen. Just beautiful. I like that tile alot. I agree the BS needs some bling, you have that started with the great light fixtures and glass cabinets.
Before you commit you might want to try a metallic paint in a close color on the walls to see if that dark would work with your lighting. Cheap easy and a great way to try in on. You can then of course tile over.
Thank you for the shot of your island. Is it walnut?
I'm trying to commit to a walnut island with white and butcher block top so its great to see a visual.
Hugs to the baby.

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Another non-BS expert checking in just to say your baby is adorable and your kitchen is gorgeous!!! I am so sorry you had to go through all of those hassles with the original GC, but the good news is that you have a wonderful baby and beautiful kitchen in the end! Love your lights, cabinets, counters -- everything! That being said, since you have so many interesting things going on in your kitchen, I would tend to keep the backsplash simple, rather than introduce yet another focal point, although those tiles are pretty. (your other link didn't work for me)

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First, the baby. She is lovely and happy and I wish you the best.
Then the BS tile. I think it is too busy to use all over the gorgeous kitchen. Perhaps try it just behind the stove. Then keep it simple. I think what happens with back splashes is that there is so much stunning stuff out there that we tend to want it all and lose the original focus which in this case is elegant, with rich finishes and a bit of bling in the lights and glass cabinet.

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Your baby girl is beautiful! Your kitchen is amazing and gives no indication of the trials and tribulations you went through with your awful GC.

I'm not at all a bling person, yet I love the mosaics, just not in a backsplash. Maybe as a necklace pendant or earrings, something you can take off and put away when you're done. An entire backsplash would be absolutely overwhelming and definitely darken the space. I think that just a row of them will be the first thing you see, very distracting. Maybe as a small feature in an out of the way spot?

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Was going to post so I could I gush over your kitchen--looking lovely so far!!! And to tell you that I love the blingy lighting (I recently got the matching table lamp for my dresser--FUN!).

But then I saw the pic of your little princess and everything else you posted just pales by comparison! Sorry, she's just so shiny, and sparkly and new, and oh so pretty, I can't offer up any kitchen thoughts!!!!

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Adorable baby!
Gorgeous kitchen, but I have to agree with the others. I think the little tiles would be busy and compete with your other elements in the kitchen. Maybe just a small bit behind the stove. Oh - and if you are interested in the arabesques, they are on sale for the next few days.

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Thanks for the compliments on the baby. I can't get over how gorgeous she is... but yes I may be a bit biased! ; ) She is a red head and looks so like her Dad that it's ridiculous.

In terms of backsplash. I am really not sold on the smaller mosaics. I like the tile I posted DESPITE it being a small mosaic, not because of it (if that makes sense).

The floors are by Ferma floors and it's Walnut with a Teak stain.
We also used them in our Hoboken kitchen, 3 (!) kitchens ago.

Bee, here are some more picsif they help. Ignore the rug, it may stay there or it may not. It's only 9ft long and really we need longer. The Super White looks so dark in pictures for some reason - the greys are lighter in person.

Butcher block sample:


Island close up.

Are there any others which would be helpful?

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I missed that Baby had arrived! Congratulations! She is a beauty.

I love the tile. Not into little and fussy really, either (Don't look at my tile, because you wont' believe me), but I think this will come off un-busy from a distance because of the size and fairly consistent coloring, but have a lot of fun interest up close.

It seems like it will connect with the lights and be a wonderful contrast to the woods, both getting set off nicely by each other. It's dressy and a bit dark, but if you're OK with that, I think it will be fabulous.

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Everything is beautiful, including the baby! :-)

I love your tile, but would use it as an accent though, a bit busy for me. Maybe with some plain square or subway of some sort. And use more of it behind the stove.

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I find that backsplash to look a little dated. What type of countertop is that? Granite? What type?

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The tiles are nice but seem more craftsman to me. Here is a photo that I really like the backsplash in a similar kitchen. Your kitchen is fabulous! Baby is adorable, so sweet. Thanks for sharing : ))

it's a Carerra I believe it's 2 x 4 or 6 inch brick subway tiles. It was so pretty in person. Art & Design Showhouse 2012.

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Adorable baby girl and gorgeous kitchen. Maybe someone can Photoshop the backsplash on the wall for you to see how it will look. I wish I could help more but I love your kitchen the way it is now I would not go too dark on the backsplash.

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Your kitchen is beautiful. When I look at the first picture, the thing that seems to be the focal point right now is that gorgeous fireplace surround. It seems like when thinking of a backsplash for your kitchen it would be nice to find something that compliments the stone around your fireplace. To stick with those lighter stone colors and organic shape of the flagstone could be a guide and inspiration.
Something like this?

In this pic, the one on far left:

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Well, your slabs are as busy as mine. So, I would have to say you need something that is calm and not attention grabbing. I did find some some Jeffrey Court marble tiles that were really pretty. And they mixed in some pieces that had a curvy line of something sparkly in it. Imagine a 1/8" x 1/8" mosaic in an S pattern running through the tile....and just one line of it. It was really cool. I think it was a liner, but it could have been used anywhere in the field tile. But it was mixed in with the same tiles that didn't have that S in it. Kind of hard to describe. I know it's new. It is Chapter 16. Here is a link that does not do it justice. If you do have a dealer near you, see if they have this sample board in the showroom and go. Really, I liked it a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chapter 16

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gr8day - I really like those, it's like the other tile we were looking at (which I finally found):

I'm just not sure if this brings in enough color, or if it would read cold?

Aansch, that' a very good idea, but i'm not really into that look so much - otherwise it's a great idea to tie in the two elemants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile option

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Well that baby sure did come out right;)

Glad you have been able to make good progress and it all looks marvelous.

I love the tile as accent, not as an expanse in your kitchen..your kitchen has all large expanses,including sq footage of bs but it will dwarf in the application of 1 x1 over that large of an expanse. It's a special thing not a matchy thing. If that makes sense. Just my $.02

Best to you

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Did you see the one Bee posted? It has an upscale, organic look that works with all your elements.

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In truth, your bs abuts the superwhite, so cool will look fine in that space and not fight the butcherblock/island/floor warmth. I don't love the 1" x 1" look of the tile you chose.

I think annsch has a good idea trying to choose a bs that speaks to your fieldstone fireplace colors, although a more traditional shape might work better.

But if you want touches of blue in there, I would recommend keeping it subtle.

You don't want the bs to compete with the stone in any way. Perhaps the way to go is a white marble mosaic.

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