Soft white cabinets -- what company makes the least yellow/cream?

karilivingOctober 24, 2012


I've been from store to store for the last few months looking at white cabinets (shaker style) for our new home. I do not want to go with the "stark" white option, I prefer a soft white. It seems that most of the manufacturers side on the cream/yellow color as the only other option. Can anyone recommend a brand with a color of off/soft white ? I plan to go with SW dover white or alabaster for trim (we�ll see what goes best with the cabinets).

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Brookhaven and Woodmode carry Antique White which is a creamy white. No yellow and no gray, just a soft white. Hope this helps.

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Showplace does any Sherwin williams or BM color. At the higher price point Quality Custom Cabinetry does that and has several standards that might fit. There should be others.

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Sophie Wheeler

White has to have some color undertones to be "off white". Those color undertones can be bluish (very cold feeling).
Greenish (also cold, and throws other colors off)
Red (most people HATE pink undertones in their cabinets, despite it being a fairly flattering undertone for complexions)
Grey (a true gray that has no mix of any other tint in it than black will take on different tones in different lights, but most do feel "cool")
Yellow (This is what most "cream" colors have their basis in as it's a warm tone. Too much can leave it feeling "nicotine stained" though.)
Orange (This is a VERY tricky undertone to pull off, but it can work quite well to give a warm feel to the white. )

Yellow undertones are the most popular off white, and they are the easiest to work with when planning a room as most woods have yellow undertones. Grays are popular at the moment, but as a long term choice, they will not stand the test of time as an "off white". They do better standing alone as "gray" by choosing a dark enough tone that it shifts to that rather than "off white".

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Shiloh makes a nice soft white. You can search previous threads/photos in google.

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