What color curtains to put for a two walls with different colors

yolimay22October 11, 2013

This is for my kitchen, one wall is painted gray and the other wall is painted teal, each wall has a window. I have no idea what color curtains to get or if to get two different colors. Any advise please. Thanks

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I'd look for something that incorporated both colors in the pattern.

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I like your colors so far and the way the refrigerator blends.

Deedles' suggestion is a great way to go to integrate what you have into one cohesive pretty look. This is what I would do, but it's not the only possibility.

If you enjoy the look of separate blocks of colors playing against each other and want to continue that direction instead, you could use the curtains to introduce another block.

You could either go relatively calm by choosing a color (or overall color in a patterned fabric) close to the ones chosen, like a gray-green or lavender blue. Or you could add more energy by contrasting with something like a yellow or orange.

In both cases, since your existing colors are medium on the lightness-darkness scale and medium in brightness, neither crayon-bright or dull, the most foolproof way to achieve a look that really works would be to do the same with your curtains: medium/medium. That way contrast is kept to the actual pattern or hue chosen, while the other factors remain harmonious and allow it all to work together instead of fighting.

Have fun.

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I would go with a print that uses both colors. Think Sarah Richardson. Alternately, you could use a black and white print.

Who knows what colors these "teals" actually are, but you get the idea: (from the Joann website)

Another option is simple white linen: (from www.fabrics-store.com)

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I confess I'm not fond of those two colors together. To me, they're both a little cold and downbeat. My first thought was white/off-white linen, a clean, neutral look, whatever shade of white goes best in your house. However, some of the prints Suzanne has offered, incorporating both colors, would make the different wall colors seem more intentional.

I'm sorry, I'm probably not the best person to give input on this.

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Thanks everyone, i really appreciate all the advices.

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suzanne's #3 is very pretty, IMHO

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I agree w Deedles et al., in principle, but I see the colors a little more muted than suzanne does.

Are you certain you want curtains (I hear the rhyme)? You could go with shutters or nicer blinds in your trim color, that you could clean more regularly without worrying about dry-cleaning or fading. The second option below is an outdoor sunbrella fabric with similar advantages. If you really want fabric you could instead consider roman shades that would sit within the frame of the window trim for a more modern (I see the irony) look.

The thing is, you already have walls that are two different colors, a trim color, a floor color, and presumably a cabinet color and a backsplash. If all of those are neutral, blending colors with no discernible pattern, by all means go for a fabric with presence. If any of these other surfaces is patterned, keep it simple in color and texture.

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