4" or 6" pull on 27" drawers?

Mom23EsOctober 7, 2012

I'm using 4" cup pulls on my white shaker kitchen cabinets. Right around the corner from the kitchen is my wetbar. I decided that since the cabinets are a different color and style that I would use a different drawer pull style. It's the Bistro pull from Restoration Hardware- a regular footed handle pull.

Anyway, here's the pic from a couple weeks ago. The whole wetbar is currently covered with paper and tarp since they have been painting. The drawers are 27" wide. Would you do a single 4" or single 6" pull on these drawers? Doors get a knob.

I wish there was a way to post a survey/poll on this site. I need a vote! DH said he likes the 4" better but doesn't really care either way. Help?

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Okay, I'll be the first- I cast my vote for 6 inch pulls

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I vote for 6" because the drawers are so nicely wide.

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Easy. 6". 4" will look too small IMHO. 6" falls closer to the eye-pleasing, harmoniously balanced Golden Mean. I used 8" pulls on drawers 24" wide and up. Here's my 24"-ish stack next to the DW.

What looks best to your eye? Have you held each pull size to the drawers?

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6" being you're doing one pull. If you were doing 2 then 4", but 6" with one.

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Maybe I should do two 3" pulls?

Why do I over think everything?!?!

I couldn't get to my cabinets over the weekend because they're covered with paper/plastic. I could see the false drawer under the sink and that's when I panicked about using just one 4" pull. It looked too small.

BTW- I'm assuming I should put hardware on the false drawer, right? That's the way it is in my current house.

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modern life interiors


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The Gilmore pull is a cup/bin pull? I would do 4" then (and I did!)

I don't like the look of larger cup pulls. It doesn't look right to me. That is just my preference, though. Go with whatever looks pleasing to your eye. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice.

I put pulls on my false door fronts because it bothers me when some drawers don't have hardware. Again, this is just personal preference.

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Don't do two 3" pulls. Rule that out right now. 3" is small for a hand to comfortably get under and use.

Most people do not put pulls on false drawers. Think about what pulls do. They assisting opening a drawer or door. The false ones don't open so no need for a pull. I chose not to put one on my sinks' false front and I'm very glad. I sometimes lean on the counter and wouldn't want to rub on a pull. And I'm not huge!

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Honestly, for a 27" drawer, I'd do the 6" or the 8" pull. I know that wasn't one of your options, but I think that a 3" or 4" pull would look out-of-scale on that drawer size.

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Ack. I misread. If the options are 4" or 6", I'd definitely vote for 6". I'd consider the 8", though, and see which looks better. I know that in our kitchen, we did 6" on a 24" stack, but we did 8" on a 29" stack. I'm not sure what we would have done on a 27" stack.

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It's so hard to picture these things without the pulls in your hands. Don't overwhelm yourself. I ordered a zillion RH pulls with the 20% off and figured I can hold them up in a couple of weeks to make my final decision. Then, the unused ones can be returned to the store.

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