Anyone found Kohler K-6487 Whitehaven for a bargain?

Madeline616October 9, 2012

I've found a good deal on, $686.32 including the $75 freight shipping and including the 5% off sale being run until mid-October, but wondering if anyone else has found a better one.


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Yep, eBay has it cheaper, and it's the same company as Look at the bottom of's webpage, there is the logo for .

So, you need to do a live chat with and ask for a better price. Let them make the first "offer" to you. If they don't make it to their eBay price, tell them it's listed on ebay for $643.50. Even if you buy on eBay, they need to pay some fees to eBay for selling that they can go lower.

Just play dumb at first that you don't know it's them. See what happens.

They have always matched and beaten other prices for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay Ad

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Can't rememeber exactly, but I'm pretty sure I got a MUCH better price from a local shop. I just called around to places that carried the sink. You would be surprised how much the local guys will wheel an deal! I got the contractor rate - 20% - at a local tile place just for asking (and I didn't lift a hammer during the whole reno). Good luck!

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Thank you!!

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Got a really good deal just by asking! Even better than the current 5% off they're offering. Thanks again, so much!

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