Chile cook off :-)

a2geminiOctober 18, 2012

Our work place has a chile cook off today.

I made my first chile in my new kitchen and had the award winning chile.

Won a $50 gift certificate from WS.

So what crazy item should I consider with this gift certificate?

Boos cutting board (OK - I have about 14 other cutting boards of various sizes and was recently busted for having so many - but nothing like a Boos)

New cookie sheets

Some new gadget that I can't live without?

Other suggestions welcome.

The chile recipe - just the basics - if you want more, I can include ~ amounts but I make it differently each time)

Orange, Yellow, and Red Sweet Peppers

Onions and garlic

Oregano, habenero peppers, and basil from my garden

Low sodium canned tomatoes and fresh roma tomatoes (and some tomato paste)

Chile powder, ground ancho chile, ground cumin

A cup of Troeggs amber ale - the chef consumed the rest!

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Congratulations. It depends what is already in your kitchen. Personally I would get another Le Creuset pot with wide opening. I also find de Buyer iron pans interesting. I remember when I was little, there were no teflon products; if you want none stick, you use really old iron pans with its natural none stick surface.

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Congratulations! I was wishing for a big bowl of chili today because it would have been just the thing to take the chill out of the chilly day we had here. But my DH is the chili maker and he was out of town today so no chili.
I was going to suggest you get a WS remote digital meat thermometer. We love ours. I looked for it on their website and they don't have the same one we have. Some of the ones they did show had less than stellar reviews.
I'm sure you will find something you can't live without. The question is how much of your own money will you have to add to that gift certificate!
Can't wait to hear what you get.

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Those nice kitchen towels from WS or that super thin step ladder.

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No WS near me to know what to get. I'd splurge on something you wouldn't ordinarily purchase yourself. I wanted to say congrats though! I have a great chili recipe, but no peppers in mine.

Btw, interesting how you spell chili. We spell it "chili" in my parts. You spelled it "chile" as in a spicy pepper!

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I love their Thanksgiving plates and platters. : ) Also their lotions/hand soaps
Congratulations on winning! Your recipe sounds yummy!

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Thanks for the ideas!
Guess I was tired when writing the post.
And even failed to include the 2 lbs of ground beef(or Turkey or tofu depending on my mood)
Guess I better stick to my day job!
I get my hair cut this afternoon and will stop into WS to see what peaks my interest. :-)

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Congrats on the win!

If you're in the market for cookie/baking sheets I highly recommend their GoldTouch. I have two quarter sheets for using in the Breville and absolutely love those pans. Heavy duty,great quality.

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Whenever I get a WS gift card I buy an array of gadgets. I've bought a microplane, juice squeezer, peeler for corn, cake tester, and a host of other toys I normally would have past on. I get a kick out of it every time I use them.

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Gold Touch anything, or a pretty le Creuset kettle to go with your beautiful new kitchen. (Caveat: these kettles, and most others I've researched, get poor reviews.)

And congrats on your win! I think I'll have to make a pot of my chili soon -- fall comfort food, YUM!

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What is WS?

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Congratulations! I received a Williams Sonoma gift certificate last Christmas. What a great gift! I ended up with their wonderful, thick, absorbent kitchen towels, matching dish cloths, and their small cookie scoop.

Just browsing their website was great fun.

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I have been ogling the gold touch for some time - wasn't sure it was really better than my current calphalon - but I don't have any of the quarter sheet size pans - I wonder if they will fit in my delonghi countertop oven (or should I say pantry oven to my DHs chagrine)

The smaller scoop might be nice - so I can make little cookies - but would I just eat more of them?

I love their towels - I bought some nice yellow ones for the kitchen already - but you can never have too many towels.(or was that cutting boards)

Four - I am ogling a new teakettle - but trying to decide if I really want a big one (DH doesn't dring tea) or just a little one so it boils faster.

Whenever I host a party, my guests want to see what new gadgets I have - I am hoping to host a Halloween party this year to inaugrinate the kitchen. I am disappointed that we won't be able to have Thanksgiving at our place this year - brother trumped (actually niece couldn't get time off)

Ellendi - Williams Sonoma sorry

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