To the lurking hardware people. :)

CEFreemanOctober 18, 2012

Ok, I know you're out there. DH Lawless gave themselves away in another post (I'm glad!) so I thought I'd post a question. Most everyone has seen this before, but...

Would anyone know where to get these handles? Thank you in advance!

The first is a Pottery Barn pull that is more delicate than I've been able to find with conventional hardware:

The 2nd is one several people claim to have made (I wrote to everyone who showed up in an image search) but cannot tell me it's available anywhere.


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I think I saw those first ones at the Restoration Hardware Outlet outside of Philadelphia last week in antique brass. You may want to give them a call.

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I'll do it in the morning.
Could it be...!?!?

Thank you, Kevin.
BTW. Your kitchen is really coming out beautifully!
Love your pet babies.

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Have you seen the ones I ended up using? They may work for you, too. They're definitely at the RH outlet because that's where I bought them. I bought the Asbury style, and I think the other ones I saw that are more like your first photo are the Aubrey style.

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I have seen those and they're nice. They're a little chunkier than I'm looking for. These make a definite statement and I'm looking for them to blend in a bit.

I can't locate the Outlet thru the different yellow pages online. Just two RHs that are closed. Would you happen to have the phone number on the receipt?

Your kitchen and kitty are beautiful.

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I love those first ones! They look kind of 20s industrial..

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I nearly dug up your other thread a week ago, but didn't, and here you are!!Thanks for saving me the aggravation!!

I was at PB last week, and they had a piece from that group on the floor.
That handle is TRASH!! Small (only three of my fingers fit), rough, and it was not finished on the back, so it had a groove that, aside from not feeling good, would really catch stuff. AND, I am not even a decent housekeeper, much less one to fret about a little gunk.......

Be glad you cannot find the exact hardware, although it Does LOOK good.


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I must have had an(other) idiot moment in the middle of the night. I didn't think to check the RH site. Duh. thanks.

Nancy, that is sad but very good information. How can they ruin something so thin and delicate by not taking care of the part you actually touch!?

Ok. I'll continue to look. I think I might end up with the Stanley or another name that escapes me. It's nice that people are a'thinkin' of me!

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modern life interiors


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The first style seems to more available under the search terms window sash handle or sash lift, although I couldn't find any as delicate as the PB one.:

Here is a link that might be useful: Window sash handle

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iroll, thank you.
We've been thru all that and could have saved you the trouble. :) That's where I could mention the Stanley and darned if I can remember the other brand that should be on its way to me.

It's the delicacy of the PB one that speaks to me. Can't explain the other one, although there are some similar. Lee Valley has the ones I'm probably going to order.

Appreciate it, though!

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CEFreeman - please post if you find out any more about the PB handle. I have been lusting after that since you first posted it a month or so ago. It's so slender and beautiful.

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I was thinking. Did you get the pull I sent you? He said it should be there last week on Friday. I bought an envelope there and did first class mail. Dropped a couple of bucks in there too. I didn't get a tracking number. I didn't think about it. So, I hope to god it you get it! Let me know. If not, I'll send another one along. They are still on sale until the 30th. And, I looked the other day there were still five left in the slot.

Now that I see your above message. I'm guessing you haven't received it. Let me know for sure. I send it regular old mail, not ups or anything like that. I wondered why I didn't hear from you. I figured you were busy.

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BTW, it was hickory.

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Ok. Look.
I found this one today.
I've written to them to ask about finishes and if it's actually as delicate as the picture seems. On every site I pull it from, it's looking pretty darned close...

What do you think?

Junicb, did you see what Nancy (SpringOz) had to say? I've written to RH Outlet, anyway. I absolutely trust her judgement, but they're just so darned pretty!!! Maybe like a pair of killer high heels...

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I think that looks good!! Where did you find that? Is it a window sash or cabinet hardware?


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I just got a Lee Valley catalog in the mail and they have one very close to your first pull. here Comes in antique nickel, shiny brass, and ORB, weathered bronze, and pewter too.

There are some somewhat similar to your 2nd photo, but with a curve.

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I really should have linked to the original thread, shouldn't I have?

Just for reference and to look at the ideas we've tossed about: Original Thread.

Nancy: I found it here for $2.19. Another place is a WHOPPING $2.99. None of the pics are particularly clear. They're window sash handles.

ljwrar: These are handles that have been discussed and absolutely not ruled out. I'm really hoping to find the really delicate handle, though.

Kim was extremely kind to send me a really beautiful handle that is on sale at Menard's until the end of the month. If I can't get an answer from the Stanley people re: the delicate one, I'll probably go with this: Hickory Hardware. Interestingly enough, it's not available by item number anywhere on Stanley!

- - - - - - - -

Just for the record, the 2nd photo of the bar handles? I've searched online by image and written to every single person who featured this handle. Two people claim to have made it, but neither responded after I sent them links to the other photos. The closest I've found is the good ol' Lee Valley Twin Bow. Now, I have found this one other place where it's a few cents less expensive, but Lee Valley is so responsive and great about the GardenWeb business (can you imagine? Think Dutchwood!) that I'll send them my money. This will be in my MBR and MBR bath.

I love the ideas, everyone. I really appreciate the help finding these elusive Ah HA handles!

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CEFreeman - I did see Nancy's post about the rough back, but I guess I was hoping she was wrong (sorry, Nancy!).

Or, I'm delusional because I like that delicate handle so much...

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Because I can't let it go - how about this?

Here is a link that might be useful: C.R. Laurence sash lift

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The second piece comes from Craftsman hardware in Missouri. Very nice, all made to order. It is their Prairie style pulls.

The kitchen it is on is a Crown Point kitchen.

The first pulls, from PB are likely made by a contract manufacturer to their spec. What that means is it is probably not available unless you get it on the furniture from PB. There may be similar pulls available-as you have all discussed at length. Larger furniture companies generally use contract manufacturing for hardware. Or, I could be completely wrong on that exact pull.

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