Ugh.. Help me pick a range color!

chris11895October 11, 2012

OK, We've settled on the Lacanche Citeaux range. Weve been saving and planning for a few years so it's exciting to be so close to ordering.

Some background: New build. Our kitchen will probably have creamy white cabinets, or a very light beige. Floors will be a dark walnut and there will be no uppers. Countertops will be marble. I don't have an inspiration picture really because I can't find one! Anyhow.... What would you do - Black Lacanche or Frangipane? If I need to post more details let me know. I need to order in the next two weeks and thanks in advance for your opinion.


Spaces design by Portland Photographer Whitney Lyons

Frangipane (courtesy of clinresga):

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Well, do you want the range to stand out or blend in? If you go light range, light cabinets, light marble, then you create a monochromatic, clean look.

If you want the range to stand out as a focal point? Then go for some contrast.

I went with a black range and white marble instead of a dark granite because I wanted my range to really stand out.

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Maybe it's because the Frangipane photo is blurry, but I really like the black better.

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Black is my vote. I think it will look beautiful in your future kitchen as described.

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While I love the black in the photo, I am not sure I would love it as much with dark walnut floors. What is the overall feeling of your kitchen/house? The fact that you are doing lower cabs and no uppers also makes me lean toward the Frangipane. But I seriously doubt you could do wrong with either. Gorgeous and congrats!!

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Black! Without a doubt. The contrast it will provide will make a better statement. Plus black never goes out of style - it's neutral - classic yet impact full

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I like black with the other choices you've outlined. It'll be very dramatic and a stove like that really deserves to be shown.

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Thanks for the input! The feel of the house is a casual, nautical, feel. We collect antiques and are paneling the appliances. On the exterior it's going to look similar to the picture below. We're going to do ships lapping on the ceilings.
I think I need five kitchens to decorate because I have so many ways I could go. I've done stark white and in this one I do want o keep the feeling of this warm. Keep the votes coming!

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I have the Citeaux in black. I love to look at it .... but fair warning we've had a few issues with ours.

I dont recall all of the LaCanche colors but Viking has a wonderful color called Seaglass.I think if I were totally honest I'd admit that my biggest motivation to buy a beach house is I'd love to put a Seaglass Viking with brass knobs in it! I had Viking before and it was pretty good.

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I apologize if this is posted multiple times because I've hitted submit and nothing is happening.

Anyhow.... Mtnredux, what problems have you had? Feel free to ping me off-line through my page if you don't want to post them here.

Black, Frangipane, Black, Frangipane, Black, Fragnipane,etc.... I've been on the verge of flipping a coin so everyone's opinions really are appreciated.

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Ha! I too had a terrible time deciding on color. Our new black Chagny was installed just two days ago. We haven't moved in yet so I can't speak to its function. It's absurdly pretty though. (I have a Viking in the current house and it's functioned flawlessly for twelve years or so.)

Here's a pic, but I don't think it does her justice:

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Definitely black. It is a beautiful pop of color. If you have dark walnut floors and don't like the look of the black against the floor, you can temper that by putting a rug or mat in front of the stove. My floors are not too dark...I have gelmats in front of my Lacanche...and I need them since I'm ALWAYS at the stove!! I can't seem to find a finished kitchen picture...only construction or initial move-in pix; otherwise, I'd post one!

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I like the black with the oil rubbed bronze / black cabinetry hardware as shown in your photo. It really brings it all together perfectly.

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I vote for black. It just seems so classic and as others have said it will be the star of the kitchen.

Try this...close your eyes. Look at your kitchen in your mind. From side to side.

What did you see? What color was the range?

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for the look you are going for it seems like the frangipane fits the bill. its much easier on the eyes especially with cream cabs.

i like the monochromatic, clean look....jmho

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Black! If I could afford that gorgeous beast I'd want it to be the star and black is perfect. Frangipane is an okay color for other things, but is too watery and wimpy for this rock star.

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We have been using our Citeaux for about 18 months now. I love the way it looks, but frankly I think the quality is disappointing.

In no particular order.

1. The broiler will overheat and shut off automatically. To put it back on, you need to remove the whole top of the range. The service person said you should leave the door open. Fine, but the door is the vertical one on the far left. It isn't like propping open a normal oven door. It's wide open and at the level of the dog, my knees, etc. So you have to be very careful not to preheat the broiler for too long or leave it on too long.

2. This same door sticks and is hard to open and close. I already had it adjusted once. It needs it again.

3. My range is installed freestanding, like the one on the cover of the brochure. I personally don't like a range of this size and look sandwiched into a cabinet run. Although it is shown freestanding, it isn't really finished to be installed that way. There is a gap in back with visible wiring. They suggested I have panels custom made. Umm, what?

4. Have you ever tried to turn on the oven on one of these? It is like safe cracking. I do not use my oven very often. We have a woman who cooks for us during the week, and when you add in weekends away or social things or dining out, I maybe make dinner 1x or 2x a week. I suppose if I turned on the oven every single day I might get the knack of it. But right now I cannot reliably turn on my own oven. (I am otherwise considered a reasonably self-sufficient, capable person. : ) ) They replaced a part which made it a little easier (as opposed to impossible) but I would ask if they have re-engineered this yet. They knew it was a problem.

5. I am not a UL lab, but I think the ovens provide unusually uneven and unreliable heat. Their response was to adjust down the pilot light. That does not really cure unevenness. I have a baked french toast recipe that kept burning no matter how many times i tried to make it. Finally I made it in a glass dish. It burned consistently in just one spot.

6. It sure is pretty and a show stopper.

7. I have never once used the hob. But it is a great place to set things. The only time I would need more than the four burners is an elaborate dinner for company. But that's no time to teach myself how to learn to use the hob. So, ive never used it. I do love the warming oven (though it to is not a great open and close). We have the stainless steel counter, but we had an extra piece of marble that I had made into a pastry board. When it arrived, DH noticed it was the perfect size for the stainless counter, so there it sits.

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mtnrdredux, not to hijack this thread, but could you elaborate more on the steps to turn on the oven? You do sound quite capable, so I assume it's more complicated than just turning a dial or pressing a touchpad.

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Hmm, I think i'd describe it this way. To ignite it, you push it in and turn it. But you have to turn it a certain amount and push it in a certain distance for it to engage. Then you let it out a bit and turn it again to set the temp.

That's why I say it's like being a safe cracker.

I know it doesn't sound hard. But I couldn't do it at all, and the woman who uses it most still has to fiddle with it. And why should it require any skill at all?

BTW, in re the broiler, it is in the over to the far left. I am not sure if I made it clear that it opens left to right, like a cabinet door would. That's why it's a little disconcerting to leave open when you broil.

I am not trying to bash the product, but I think that at this price point it should function as well as it looks.

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Wow, Mtn... Have you contacted Elisa or anyone at Lacanche? I would think that amount and level of problems would warrant a trip out from someone! Is your main oven gas or electric? I wonder if any other Citeaux owners are having problems?
I've cooked on one and we didn't experience problems but it was a Sully and was a couple of years old.

So far Black is winning :-)

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yes of course, they've been here three times

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WOW. That's really bad... Is there any course for action as of now?

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I have the Sully and don't have any of those problems. Perhaps they can reset the pilot for you so you can get more even cooking. I don't think this is something I would know how to do. Also, if you don't use the gas oven frequently, it does take a few seconds (maybe up to 10) to light for some reason. But when I am using it daily, it lights up within a few seconds.

I have black, but I love the softness of the frangipani.

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Not your imagination, Finestra. LaCanche told me that the stoves are used mostly commercially inFrance where they are not turned on and off a lot. Fine, but you sold them here, to a homeowner.

,, I forget the Sully config. Do you have vertical ovens? do those doors open and close easily?

When I orderedmy Citeaux they'd just been rolled out .... maybe they've improved.

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I don't think I would spend $12,000 on a range only to buy in in what are essentially black or bisque. (Not that the black ones in the pictures don't look great, they do)

But they have 21 colors (some of which are just variations of black or white-ish)

Since they seem to be highly temperamental and not all that user-friendly (I've read this lots of places), and looks is a big part of it, I would step outside the black/white/stainless trifecta that is available at 1/40th the price and get an actual color.

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Many ranges come in colors ... blue star, bertazzoni,Viking.

Aesthetics isn't just color, it's also design. In my particular case, I wanted my range to look old world. So I only considered black and white. I was channeling Downton Abbey. The only others I'd looked at were Cornue (ovens tooooooos small) and Aga (intimidating to use and is never turned off).

If you are one of those people who always loved red, let's say, then that's easy. But if not, you really want to think before you commit.. Its worse than a car as i can't imagine trading it in!

Are you sure you don't like Vikings sea glass? i have it on my beaxhhouse moodboard.

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Aren't you building somewhere coastal, IIRC? I think this color is so subtle as to be neutral, and especially fitting for anything coastal, without being kitchy IMHO. I don't remember how big VIkings come, as I do like having three ovens, but anyway:

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Hi Mtn,
Yes, we're on the Coast of Mass. That color is very pretty! My only issue is that I have three friends who have Viking and all three have had a fair amount of problems too. Of course, now you're having problems with your Lacanche!

I'm always open to colors but so far no color has made me swoon. And I don't want to do a color just to do a color. I don't know why I fell head over heels with the Lacanche, it's not really something I can put into words, but after having visited a million stores and testing various ranges it was the one that made me go - this is the one. So far, I've found pluses and minuses and good and bad reports in all of the various brands so it's definitely something you need to consider, but also take with a grain of salt.

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In my last house, I had a Viking 6 burner gas range and a Viking electric wall oven. I think I had them about 8 years.

No problems with the wall oven, though it has a noisy fan (I understand this is common with this generation of wall ovens, which cool off for safety reasons).

One of the burners used to be difficult to light. Frankly, since there were six, I just avoided it. But when we listed our home I wanted to get it fixed, and I was not so happy with their service.

Frankly, I hear more complaints about high end appliances then the top of the line "mass market" appliances, if you will. It seems the high end is far more about appearance than true quality, alas.

PS I just love your inspiration house! It is nice to see something so simple and classic for a change. Gorgeous. Good luck with your project!

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Chris, congrats on an awesome range! You must be so excited. If I were going to buy a range that made such a statement, I'd want it to pop, to anchor the room, to be a focal point. Black achieves all of this. Plus, IMHO, the black looks amazing and the white looks a little...anemic, maybe, with the white range and gold details and the light cabinets....just MHO, tho.

@mtnrdredux - I almost got that Viking. I forget the name of the color, but it's a fabulous very light green.

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Thanks, Mtn! Of course now I'm staring at all of the Lacanche colors to make sure there isn't another one I should be considering. I obviously enjoy pain. ;-)
I don't know if I'll do this but, I did see a neat tile display that I found intriguing (see picture). I collect antique Nautical Charts and walked into a Tile Store where they had a tile backsplash that was a Nautical Chart. I don't know if the size of the Lacanche would work with it, but it's something I've tucked away as a possibility so I'm keeping it in mind with my selections. The company custom makes it from your own print so I would be able to do one from a chart I have of our town and the surrounding harbors.

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Stupid iPad erased my last sentence when I was editing it....

So then I also think doing that would be too kitschy, because I usually am rather streamlined.

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id frame a real one in glass!

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Oh that's a good idea - thanks! That would be easier and less permanent too.
Also, can I help with your Lacanche issues? I'm a potential buyer, I'm going to have to mention this when I talk to Elisa so maybe I can help? If so, ping me off-line. You should be able to reach me through my GW page. it shouldn't take that, but....

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black or stainless. I am thinking that down the line when the cabinets sort of darken or mellow out you will have all different colors of off white and it will not look good at all. I hate that when I see white appliances that no longer match the cabinets and stick out like a sore thumb. If you weren't doing off white cabs it would not matter. Good luck! That is one great looking beast! I love it.

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Yes, I think b/s that are anything but field tile are kind of kitschy. But I love the idea of one of those framed in glass!

Anyway, thanks for your offer but at this point, most of my issues are "resolved".

1. I was told simply that I can't leave it on too long or I have to open the door
2. I have to decide if I need them to come out and fix the door --- DH says he will look at it, it may be minor
3. They don't care that, installed freestanding, there are visible wires from the sides. If it bothers me, I have find a local, custom solution.
4. My DH and the woman who cooks for us are able to turn the oven on now that we had two service calls about it. Frankly, I can't recall the last time I tried to ... I just ask DH.
5. They did adjust the pilot light. I still believe it to be uneven. But it's not like I can prove it is more uneven then any other oven? I have to decide if I want to put further discussion about this on my "to do" list. The work around so far is to cook on the higher rack.

I'm guessing where you are, that you have not seen a Citeaux in person. I think they will offer someone local who you can visit. If I were you, I would do that (make sure it is a Citeaux). I would try turning on the oven, get the feel of the doors, talk to the owner, etc. If you still have concerns, then I would raise them w LaC.

You are most welcome to come here and see ours, in CT. But we are a bit of a hike; about 3.5 hours to Boston.

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Here is a vote for the tile nautical chart! I think it is a SUPER idea.

Black for the Lacanche. Love the contrast. More of a statement.

And, a vote for the adorable, timeless house complete with picket fence. There will be no labeling that house for the decade it was built.....and it looks like the place for family to gather.

Lacanche has 3 new colors for 2012:
1-Griotte Red which is a brighter lighter version of Lacanche's Burgundy. On the printed paper sample, this color was dead....blah. However, I have an enameled metal sample and, wow, is it full of life. It changes per lighting conditions - under incandescent light bulbs it kicks up to a raging red. I'm considering this one.
2-Olive green - looks very much like the printed sample. It is a yellow green with no greyness. Gorgeous in the enameled sample.
3-Faience - light grey with hint of blueishness. Lovely soft color - don't have this in an enamel sample.

Right now, I'm debating between Black and Burgundy/Griotte Red. Although the sample of Brit Racing Green is tempting as well as the Olive. So it will depend on the granite and my head is still spinning.

Mtn: Thanks for revealing your issues with Lacanche. I appreciate knowing the negative as well as the positive. Keeps me aware!

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Late to the post - Love that black - and consider black counter tops with your counters. I think the light color would look to matchy matchy or like you tried to match and failed.

The new Faience would look good with marble (if my vision is seeing it) and a great tie in with the nautical map.

Great looking house!!

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i know this wasn't one of the choices, but how about in navy? navy is almost like black, but maybe more nautical?

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I LOVE NAVY! Classy & Timeless......yet what a surprise in a range!

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I don't think the blues they have are navyish enough. They seem closer to Royal Blue. Now I'm revisiting the Anthracite, which has a slighter softness to it. I'm hoping someone on here has a picture of a range in Anthracite?
I was also looking at the light green last night. I'm determined to make this difficult for myself!

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IMO the black and red are ooh la la the white is on link below to see photo gallery of Lacanche ranges.

Here is a link that might be useful: lacanche picture gallery

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A black Lacanche is a very Victorian or Edwardian look, which is not what you are building. The French Blue looks kind of interesting.

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After having a look at your house, I'm thinking you'll like the black better.

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But, Marcolo, I imagine the insipration picture is a home built be a ship captain in the mid 1800's, who came across the pond with his Victorian tastes. : )

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Did you pick out a color??? Which one??? Have you ordered your Lacanche?

I'm about to order the Burgundy Chagny. Griotte Red was not well behaved - became much too bright, too often in our lighting....although I LOVED the idea of it suddenly changing from a nice classy dark cherry red, with the flip of a lightswitch, to a naughty party red!

After years of disinterest, I'm looking at recipes again. "Anticipation" is a wonderful state to be in.

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I like the black with the tile map. The house will always be in that location, so the map will always make sense in the house's context.

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I am going to do the black. I received every color chip under the sun from Elisa and when I pair it with my finishes I think it works best. It may be "safe" but as I said before, none of the other colors seem to jump at me when I see them in person and hold them up next to my stuff.

Kitchendetective, Congrats! I love the burgundy. The Lacanche I've cooked on was the burgundy one and it is so beautiful!

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I received a boat load of colors from Elisa and am thinking I'll go with Black because honestly none of them go well with the things I hold them up to in my home. I will need to bring some of my antiques and fabric into the mix because I've done the boring white kithen and need to mix it up. Anyhow, thanks for all of the input. I had five minutes and put a few things into Olioboard. Marcolo is right it's looking Edwardian but I think I can just live with that deviation from the overall style of the house. I think I'll need to make sure the white is not too stark and I'm going to do a hand painted finish which I hope helps... Thoughts are still appreciated!

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Chris - That is stunning! Love the marble - it all looks WONDERFUL!

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I never had any of the problems mtn has had with my Cluny. However, I had two gas ovens which worked perfectly. I don't need a broiler or convection oven and all gas let me live normally even without electricity. The quality of the stove is excellent. I sold the cluny to my ex so I can get a Sully. I just have to decide whether I want to get Burgundy again ( fantastic color) or try something else....

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