Rough butcher block texture- help!

KjirstynOctober 3, 2012

We recently installed butcher block counters in our kitchen, which I have faithfully oiled according to the standard 3-4 weeks. From the very first the counters were not smooth feeling-- not rough, exactly, but definitely not smooth or silky, like I've felt other butcher counters be. I thought successive oilings would mellow it out but it only seems to be getting worse. Is there some kind of finish we can put on that isn't problematic around food? I'm flummoxed as to why ours is so different from every other butcher block I've ever met.

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I have a new cutting board that is like that. It's like the mineral oil raised the grain. Since it's just a cutting board, I'm going to lightly sand it and oil it again.

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I'd get a super fine sanding block and you can get them sooo smooth. Just re-oil. Can't imagine it would do anything wrong although I'm no wood expert. If there's no finish on them, sanding shouldn't be an issue.

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Fine sanding was the option we came up with but we weren't sure if that was the actual problem or not. Hope so!

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I would actually take the very finest sandpaper you can find, and lubricate it with the mineral oil or whatever you're using, and sand it in careful, light circles.

If you've ever done decoupage, it's like the final coat.


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I wanted to report back and tell you that I sanded my cutting board with 400 grit paper and reoiled. It is sooo much better. Still not smooth as silk, but without the burrs it had before. I think one more sanding and it will be smooth as silk.

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