Calling Threegraces! (Waypoint cabinets)

mountaineergirlOctober 16, 2013

I saw on another thread that you have Waypoint cabinetry (and didn't want to hijack that thread). I used them for my kitchen remodel and love them except for one thing - and it's a major thing. I have 2 banks of 33" drawers that won't close all the way when full! I have Longaberger dishes and they are heavy, but I still thought the drawers would close by themselves, which they don't. I have a bank of 27" that have the pots and pans in it and it closes just fine. It's the larger ones that won't close on their own with the heavy dishes. I saw you posted that you have a bank of 36" drawers so I was wondering what you keep in those

Anyway I have spaced the dishes out and used 2 drawers for the amount I could put in one :( which totally defeats the purpose of having the drawers for more storage. Grrrr! I called my KD who in turn had a rep from waypoint call me and he said that there's a 75lb weight limit. That sounds like a lot to me and wouldn't think my dishes would weigh that much but I dont know.

I either have to waste space or deal with having to push them close (vs just using my hip to give it a shove)

BUT other than this problem - I really like every thing else about them. I just wondered if you encountered any problems

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They might be 33", now I'm not sure, but they are really big. We have all our pots, pans and bakeware in them and they close fine. That stinks that you are having those issues. I know that we don't have 75 lb in them for sure.

Sorry you're having problems. We have not had any with ours yet.

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Thanks for your quick response. I think I may talk to my KD again and see if he can send someone to look at the glides. Maybe an adjustment need to be made. It's been 8 months and I'm still frustrated by it :/.

Are yours painted or stained? Mine are painted "linen" IIRC and I really like them!

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Ours are also the maple linen painted. The perfect white IMO.

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