Marrble Etching

arizonalady1October 2, 2012

Has anyone used Vitremela the new etch barrier product by the company Dry Treat. It appears from the YouTube video that it would prevent etching on marble, but I would really like to hear from someone who has personal experience with it.


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This is at least the third product name I've seen from them. I had to go through a lot of insisting to get a sample treated with it and was glad I did. To me, the treated surface felt like it had a plastic coating. It took a beautiful natural stone and made it more like a laminate. I'd rather have laminate.

I can't speak for what they are marketing now or even whether it is different in name or substance from what I experienced. Before you pay a significant amount of money and then have to have it periodically retreated (not something you can DIY), make sure you get a treated sample and are happy with both the look and feel of it and the way it performs.

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Thanks so much for your info. Hadn't thought of It altering appearance. I certainly will now. Did it it prevent etching? And what type of counter did you end up choosing? Thanks

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