4' granite backsplash, glass subway tile, or both?

kfagan113October 22, 2011

We finally picked out our granite!!!! We are SO excited. We picked White Ice (lots of grey, black and beige specs, mostly white background). I think it'll be beautiful with our grey stained cabs. I am in favor of white glass subway tiles all the way to the counter, but DH wants the 4" granite backsplash with the tile on top of it. Does anyone have thoughts on this or feel strongly one way or another??? TIA!!

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Here's a thread from last week on the granite strip backsplash.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent thread on this

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I much prefer no granite BS if you are doing glass tile.

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Skip the granite BS. Tile all the way!

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Definitely no 4" granite backsplash! In most cases it will look "off" or "wrong".

A 4" backsplash like that is really for someone who plans no other backsplash finish other than paint.

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I already have a granite B/S but want to put tile above it. I think it might be too difficult to remove. I would also like subway tile. Would be interested to see what you decided.

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My preference is for the tile to meet the countertop, with no 4" strip of counter on the wall. For me, the only reason I would have a 4" strip of counter on the wall is if I were not going to have any other backsplash otherwise, and wanted to protect the wall from splatters, etc.

The reason why it used to be standard to have a 3-4" strip of countertop dates back to the formica days. Now that we have modern counter fabrication where a counter is cut precisely to meet the wall, with no gap, there isn't a practical reason to have the strip. But if you like the look (i.e. people like the vintagey mid-century appearance of the 4" strip), go for it.

In any case, I will list the reasons why I do not like a small strip of counter on the backsplash:

- you will spend a lot of effort designing a beautiful tile backsplash; why cut it short by 4".

- the additional horizontal line of the 4" strip will visually make the space between your counter and upper cabinets look smaller and more cramped

- the 4" backsplash creates a small "ledge" which collects dust. Oy, yet one more thing to clean.

- you will be charged for the material and installation for the 4" backsplash; money that you may have preferred to spend elsewhere.

This is all MHO. If you simply like the look, get what YOU want.

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DOnt do the 4inch backsplash, I did not even get a choice they put in on and 5 years later i want to add glass subway tile and I cant remove that 4 inch slab from the rest of the granite. In my next kitchen I definately wont have it and I will have known better to tell them NO!!

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