OT: Need a Countertop Fix

jmcgowanOctober 24, 2012

I am looking for suggestions to solve a countertop-related issue. It's actually for our laundry room, but thought I'd get the best suggestions here.

I'm looking for advice re:

- Countertop material and layout

- How to improve aesthetics if countertop is nixed

Layout (from left to right, with walls on sides and back):

An 8 inch cubby to hold a drying rack



Integrated stainless backsplash/counter/sink

The height of the cubby/washer/dryer section is about 42 inches. We planned to place a butcherblock countertop over this section. The right edge of the butcherblock countertop would sit on a 5-6 inch stainless backsplash, which drops to the integrated stainless countertop and sink. The current design has the stainless backsplash running on three sides. (The left side against the dryer, and then the back and right sides of the backsplash against walls.)

So here's my problem -- we just found out that the manufacturer says to not put a counter on top of the dryer.

I thought of putting a hinge on the butcherblock, similar to what's done in a bar, so I could lift it up when I'm running the dryer. But this might be too awkward/heavy. Suggestions for other materials?

I could also nix the countertop. But I think it would look wonky without a countertop because of the cubby on the left side and the three-sided backsplash. But maybe there are other solutions? No countertop, and no backsplash on the left side?

Any help really appreciated, I've got to solve ASAP.

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I haven't done this, but I think many times counters for w/d are wall mounted rather than sitting on the machines and the counter is mounted about an inch higher than the top of the machine to allow enough space to easily pull out the machines for repair, etc.

One idea that I saw on GW laundry forum that I incorporated in my design was the double decker countertops for multiple laundry baskets. If you have the space, it's a great idea.

I used ikea counters in my laundry room in a faux walnut. I like that I can wipe it down easily. Ikea has a silvery countertop that might work for you. Can't beat the price.

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Thanks, Dilly_NY, for the info! I am doing cubbies on the opposite side for baskets. I will look at the IKEA counters, too.

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