The best gift a girl can get mid-reno

partyof7October 6, 2012

I am completely delirious with joy that my contractor connected my dishwasher back up before cabinet install (which was slightly delayed)! It's been a nightmare washing pots and cutting boards in my 10" wet bar sink.

Five months before reno started my old DW was leaking on my hardwoods, so I got the Miele I planned on, then. (Lacking its panel still.)

Here's the island that's in already (excuse the dust on it), but those of you that need symmetry in the cabinetry, don't look!

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Haven't you hear that "symmetry is the enemy of art" (and also of good taste)? LOL.

I like your island.

Congrats on the "gift"!

What is the model of the DW?

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Awesome! Looks great so far.

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And it's already hooked up. Way to go! I miss my DW terribly. I've been catching myself tell dh not to get his plate too dirty so he can use it again for dinner. LOL Yes, me, the germaphobe.

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That is a great gift! We have been without running water in our kitchen since June. We are using lots of paper plates and disposable items. Anything that has to be washed gets washed in the shower. I can totally imagine how happy you must be!

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Woohoo! Good for you! And the island is looking amazing. Symmetry schymmetry.

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Now that's a good idea! You'll love the DW:). I really like your island please keep posting progress pix.

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Thanks, eleena. I packed the island with storage I needed., and symmetry paid the price! We got the Diamond Miele, and I love that thing. You can load it like my teens do (no order) and everything still gets sparkkly.

marti8a LOL, but I know exactly where you're coming from!

camphappy- the shower?! What a good idea. I didn't think of that and I don't know how you've done it since June. Yikes! We started Aug 24.

Thanks williamsem, breezygirl and oldbat2be. Hopefully cabs are coming tomorrow!

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