Help me choose a FR couch color to match kitchen (picture heavy)

cloud_swiftOctober 12, 2012

This may be a little off topic but I've tried asking on the Home Decorating forum and didn't get many responses and this is an issue of trying to get a couch that goes with the kitchen in our kitchen/family-room.

We had itty bitty leather swatches for the available colors and were having trouble picturing what the effect of couch size sweeps of that color would be so we took our top candidates to a local Sherwin Williams store to get matching paint colors and painted them on large pieces of poster board. Their color expert got a very good match on the color.

Our kitchen and family room have natural cherry cabinets (the FR cabinets are still fairly new so look at the 6 year old kitchen ones to see what the cherry will darken to), Azul do Mar quartzite, maple floors and a Kurdish rug that this needs to go with.

Here are the samples shown against the kitchen and against the rug and floor (the sample color is truer in the rug and floor picture):

Rock (a very dark grey)

Oxford Blue (a navy blue)

and three browns

Chocolate (dark brown)

Cognac (middle brown)

Brandy (lighter brown)

Which color should we choose?

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I would pick rock or chocolate.

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I like the rock - it just comes across as being very rich looking. The chocolate would be my next choice. The cognac seems to have some red in it and the brandy looks like a flesh tone and so might have some pink in it. Place your samples on a table where the couch is actually going to be (Or tape them to the wall) and see how the light plays on the colours. Also look at what colours in your kitchen and in the rug jump out at you when the sample is placed in the proper spot.

I have to admit I hate picking out furniture colours. It is so hard to do. Good Luck

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I don't like the navy. I lean towards Olivemoms choices, rock or chocolate brown. In real life, which color looks best with the your countertop?

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I like the rock. It looks great with your colors.

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I think the cognac looks the best : ) Now I bet you are really confused!!

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Cognac gets my vote. I think it adds brightness and luster that the other colors lack.

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I like the Rock and love the Navy. The Navy is great with the rug and the counter and a Navy couch is gorgeous. You were so adventurous in your counter choice. Why not go all the way and avoid the browns, which are used so often.

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i vote for Rock. I believe it picks up the dark tone in your granite which remains the star in your open setting and in the rug without such a sharp contrast. GL.

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Rock. it shows the rug colors more. ]
Navy is too primary.

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Rock. Not the blue.

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It's of course hard to tell from my monitor, but the Rock looks best to me as well. My first vote would be for the Oxford Blue if it doesn't clash with the the quartzite.

I was excited to see your post as I have always loved your kitchen and what you did with the FR. Please post a photo when you get the couch so we can see the finished product (if you don't mind).

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Thanks for the opinions - even if four of the colors have been suggested by at least one person. We have agreed that the brandy (suggested by no one) won't work. It is too reddish pinkish and doesn't go with the cherry cabinets.

We have had the colors in the family room most of the day.

Sixty, the Oxford blue goes well with the blue in the rug, but we decided that it doesn't really work with the quartzite. The quartzite is an aqua blue and the purer navy blue doesn't exactly clash with it but it doesn't do much for tying into it.

Of the Rock, Chocolate and Cognac, we are starting to think that any of them could work. We are leaning toward the Cognac. It doesn't have too much red in it and ties well to the cherry. Part of the cherry grain is the same color as it. What we like about it compared to the Rock and Chocolate is that the Cognac still looks like a color when the room lighting is low while the other two start looking just blackish. The Rock and Chocolate would be a lot of dark surface in the room.

I really like all the colors and at least three of them would work but watching them in all the lighting conditions, we think the Cognac is best.

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Cognac get my vote.

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I like your choice, Cloud Swift. And the cute white puppy is a nice touch. :)

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We have cognac on our chairs and it looks great with our cherry. Otherwise, I would choose the Rock - how can you go wrong with a name like that!

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blfenton - I know what you mean - I felt more comfortable choosing kitchen details than choosing couches. It doesn't help that the last couch we chose turned out to not be as comfortable as we thought it would and the new couch and chairs are expensive.

Fortunately, the more we have the cognac color out in the room, the more we are convinced that it really works. And these are very comfortable.

Breezy, the puppy is Biscuit from the Biscuit books. Our 1 year old granddaughter loves the books - my husband will put out a bunch of books for her to chose from and she will chose those.

Gemini, that's good to hear. We are committed now, we put the order in this morning.

Now we wait and wait - it can take 4 to 5 months for them to get around to making our order (in Norway) and ship it here. I'll post pictures when we get them, but it will take quite a while.

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Can't wait to see it!
Now grab a cordial of cognac and relax!

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Oh, of course! Biscuit! We probably have a dozen of those books. My just-turned-3 y.o. has given up Biscuit in favor of horse books recently.

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