did this ever happen to your never mt?

brooklynbabeOctober 22, 2013

I have two identical soap dispensers in my kitchen, one on my regular counter and by the sink in my island. I bought two Never MT's, and am using it with Palmolive soap at the main sink, and antibacterial soap in the island sink. I am finding that while the dispenser with the antibacterial soap works perfectly, the one with the Palmolive needs to be pumped around 5 or 6 times before the soap comes out, and even then, it comes a few drops at a time. Even when I was priming the never MT's before the first use, the island dispenser worked right away, but the main dispenser took around two hours of priming to get the soap to flow. Did this ever happen to anyone else? Trying to figure out if the problem is with the Never MT, the dispenser (which was brand new), or is the soap too thick�.

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No. We have two and they both behave the same. I tend to buy two of the same soap types at Costco though.

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Both of mine took many pumps to get anything out, and always had congealed soap at the ends, until I changed soap. Now both work like a charm.

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Fouramblues, which soap do you use? And which did you use before you switched?

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I used to use Dr. Bronner's Magic soap, which I loved except for the clogging problem. My sister has a different dispenser, same problem with Dr. B's. I now grab the largest bottle of lemon scented dish soap I can find at the grocery.

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I have 4 Never MTs and the the costco softsoap ones work well. The EO lavendar soap in gallon is too watery I think and it spurts out and sprays the counter (which being marble etches! Need to change that.) Surprisingly enough the palmolive dishsoap that was working fine suddenly stopped yesterday and I had to reassemble the entire tubing. Not sure what is going on but it is a pain to be with a pump that does not work.

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Does anyone else use Palmolive in their Never MT and have problems with it?
Trying to figure out if it's the dispenser or the soap that's the problem. And if you use Palmolive, do you water it down? (I don't.) Curious to see if that will help; it was very difficult to install the tubing behind my sink, and i'd rather replace the soap than the Never MT!!

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When this happened to me, the problem was that the Blanco pump mechanism was defective. They sent me a new one for free, and it worked after that.

However, I do use Palmolive and water it down by about 25%. The ability to pump a higher viscosity liquid is probably more dependent on the pump than on the NeverMT.

Why don't you hook it up without the NeverMT and see if the pump works?

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it's been so long since i've had to crawl under the sink for anything that i have no idea what kind of soap i'm using, but it always takes five or six pumps for my neverMT to dispense anything. the only downside to this is that i have to wait an eternity to change soaps!

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So THAT's the problem - just ran to look at my soap bottle. I have 2 never MT's. The boot room one has no name brand hand soap for handwashing and works well. The kitchen for the past 2 years has had sunlight dish soap - no problem. I recently switched to Palmolive and it's more pumps to get soap, not much soap comes out, and the pump itself seems to stick in the down position.

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Catherinenow-- that's exactly what is happening. But Palmolive is the only dish soap I like!! Does anyone suggest watering down the soap? Does it clean as well, and will it dispense more easily?

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I think it's the soap you're using. BJ's liquid soap is very thick and doesn't work well with mine. I use Dial. The diff in cost is pretty small over the long run, and the convenience of not having to change the soap very frequently is worth it.

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