Alternative to Barker cabinets??

EAM44October 31, 2013

Hi all. I'm having an issue with Barker Door, so I'm going to try to cancel my order at Barker Cabinet. Where do I go next? I know some of you have used Scherr and Conestoga. Can you tell me what your experiences have been on the customer service side of things? I want to buy good DIY cabs from nice, helpful people. Thanks!

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Sorry I can't help, but I am curious about what is happening. I was considering Barker Cabinets. Thanks! Hope you get some other feedback.

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I have been extremely happy with the Conastoga cabinets we bought from the Cabinet Authority. Great quality and excellent customer service from Rick.

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Are you dealing directly with Chad and if not, have you contacted him?

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I know cefreeman likes the cabinet authority pretty well...

I'm interested to know what's going on, too... nosy parker that I am.

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I found Chad Barker very helpful and responsive (even though I didn't order from him in the end), so I am curious too. He has certainly had lots of positive feedback here.

I hope that if you can't resolve your issue, that you find a company that you are happy with. I looked at Cabinet Authority also, they seemed like a good bet.

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I will check out Cabinet Authority today then. Thanks raee, deedles, and Cindy.

I placed an order for doors for two tall Ikea pantry boxes - two short uppers, two long lowers. I put the items in my cart but wanted to double check measurements in the morning before ordering. Their website has a glitch - if you don't check out right away it doubles your order. I checked the order confirmation and it looked fine, but if I'd scrolled down to the bottom of the page I would have seen the exact same order duplicated.

Flash forward to Monday. I opened boxes and realized the duplication. But because of a packing error two of the long doors were damaged. I proposed to them that they just credit me for those two doors, and I would eat the cost of the duplicated uppers. They insist on re-making the lowers and sending them. Their resolution costs us both money and it's wasteful - they were oddly intransigent. Maybe I caught them on a bad day. I didn't deal directly w/ Chad, but the man I dealt with was perfectly nice. He was just following his boss's orders.

They hadn't begun work on my cabinets and they were honorable enough to cancel that order for me, but not flexible enough to deal with their web glitch, or resolve the issue to my satisfaction, so they lost a $3K cabinet order over $300 worth of doors.

Life is so short, I knock myself out trying to please everyone. I just think I'm better off trying to find people who are like me in that regard. It'll take longer, I have to start over with the cabinets, but it's better than trying to work with the rigid or irrational.

So I'll be receiving doors for two Ikea pantry units. If anyone need them, let me know.

Rebecca, I was honestly a big Barker proponent. I researched cabinets for over a year. I'm so disappointed. It all worked out well for lucas tx. If you do decide to go with them, be sure to scroll to the bottom of your order confirmation if there's any delay in check out. The Barker Cabinets web site has the same glitch.

Wish me luck in the next round...

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That is nuts. Can't imagine that you are first this has happened to? You think they'd fix that asap and give you an extra good-will credit for the hassle.

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That's weird because we left our stuff in the cart like FOREVER while we checked and double checked and nothing like that seemed to happen to us. The moment we pushed submit on that order was the scariest moment of the entire process and did it after printing it out and comparing to a spreadsheet we created based on our plan and went over it together like 3 times. Sorry that happened to you. Sounds like your mind is made up, but I'd still contact Chad and talk to him about it, he'll want to understand what happened, I think.

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YIKES! We were just about to pull the trigger and order from Barker -- THIS weekend. Now we're hesitating. ):

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Thanks Deedles. Could be browser related lucas.

I took a long time to place my orders as well. I measured and re-measured. I struggled with the layout. I went back and forth on door styles. I'm doing everything myself. I almost broke my clavicle getting those Ikea pantries into place. I planned everything around those cabs and now I'm starting over.

It's stressful enough without outside pressures.

Atho, best of luck whatever you decide. It's never easy to know who to work with.

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Update: they changed their minds. They've credited me for the two long doors, I'll keep the two short extra doors, exactly the resolution I asked for.

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EAM44, I'm glad to hear they came to their senses. Does this mean you will (re)order the rest of your stuff from them?

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Linelle, I don't know. What do you all think?

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Wonder if someone there read this thread? Wouldn't surprise me.

Well, it'd be easier on you to go with them after all, wouldn't it? They did finally give you the right resolution and do make nice cabs and most everyone is really happy with them, it seems.

I might be leaning to getting my cabs ordered with them but that's me.

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Glad to hear they did the right thing, but still has us mulling it over. It should not have been something that came as a result of pressure here, it was the right thing, should have been the easy thing to do. Our order would be three times as much, and there's enough to stress about as it is.

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EAM44, well, there's no excuse for the website doubling an order. That in itself should have gotten their attention. The rest of the exchange is just bizarre. Sometimes even nice people can get it so wrong when they don't take a step back and see how ridiculous their position is. With all the other good reviews and this being the only hiccup, maybe it would be best to continue with them. In any event, they know you're nobody's fool and have a vested interest to win you back.

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