Has anyone use Dynasty & Omega 'near custom cabinetry'

mae919October 4, 2008

I have a bid from a local custom cabinet builder but my kitchen appliance source suggested I also get a bid from Dynasty & Omega . Any information or pictures you can pass on to me if you used this company would be helpful. Thanks

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Dynasty is Omega's semi-custom line of cabinetry. Several people (including me) have Omega Dynasty cabinets. In our case we have a mix of Omega Dynasty & Omega Custom. Our door style is in both lines so were able to use Dynasty (semi-custom) for most cabinets and Custom where needed. There area a few differences b/w the two lines, but most construction details are the same.

We have cherry wood, mandarin orange stain, and a coffee glaze. Our door style is Anson.

Some "almost done" pictures are in the thread linked below. Another place to see Omega Dynasty & Omega Custom kitchens is the Finished Kitchens Blog (http://finishedkitchens.blogspot.com/). Click on the "FKB Categories" link on the right and scroll down until you find the "Cabinets" section. You will find both Omega Dynasty & Omega (Custom) in the list. Click on either one for a list of GW members' posted kitchens that use these cabinets.

Thread: Almost There!

Here is a link that might be useful: Omega Construction Details

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we also have dynasty cabinets.....my kitchen isn't quite finished so i haven't been using it on a regular basis but i can tell you that i'm happy with the cabinets. they came in looking great except for one door which they are replacing for us. i was afraid that my not getting "custom cabinets" our kitchen was going to look very average but i don't feel that way now. they have all the nice details you can add (crown molding, toe kicks, panels, furniture legs, etc). i can send you a few pics. i have taken but they are mostly of the counterops. you can get an idea of what the cabinets look like though. we went with they wyatt door style in pearl for the perimeter and alder/chestnut (dark wood) for the island.....good luck!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: a few pics of dynasty cabinets

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I have Omega custom cabs in all of my rooms (I'm remodeling all of my house). Mine are all Omega Custom as opposed to using a mix of the two products because I had so many custom pieces, and I wanted specific doors, but the two do mix well if you don't need most of it to be custom.

The finishs are gorgeous, and the construction quality is top notch. I went for every bell and whistle they had, so it got a bit expensive, but I'm happy that I did...because we love them.

We're still in the install phase in most of these rooms:

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gglks - thanks so much for the post and the pics - your kitchen looks great - I love the cabinets and your great looking sink. would love to see more pictures of the island - sounds like a great look with you cabinet color.

igloochic - love your kitchen - I remember your backsplash from a previous post. I am also considering doing the drawer in the toe kick - great cookie sheet storage. Your island looks great with the inset doors and special knobs. You have a great eye for mixing the right combinations.

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mae, check out the 'To annabanana24...' thread. We are discussing Omega Dynasty cabinets there (among others) and you may find it helpful.

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I have Omega Dynasty. They are well-constructed. I got drawer inserts, pull outs, knife slots, you name it. Very happy with the cabinets. You can see them at my blog: www.julie7549.typepad.com

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I considered Omega before going with a local custom cabinetmaker. The cabinets are beautiful and offer a lot of features. The KD I spoke with said that even with Omega, the interior height of the top drawer box was fixed at less than 3" (2 3/4", maybe?) and that even though they offered lower cabinet boxes at any depth, the drawer boxes would still be only 21" deep. If you're happy with the "custom" features Omega offers and you can take advantage of the option to mix Dynasty in for more standard boxes, they are very nice cabinets.

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lmarletto...I have extra deep drawers on my 27" deep run in the kitchen. The drawers are deeper than the standard 21" drawers (I know because I accidently tried to put one in the wrong place) :o) Maybe that KD did't know their product?

Mae, I'm not sure, but I think toe kick drawers kick you up to Omega automatically....at least for the lowers. (Buehl once said something about Dynasty and toe kicks...but I don't remember if it was yes or no). I love my toe kicks. They're in every cabinet, including short debth ones for the sinks.

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Dynasty does not have toekick drawers, at least according to my KD. BUT, what she actually said is that Omega doesn't do toekick drawers....and I now know that that is not true b/c IglooChic has them! We have 2 Omega Custom base cabinets and I would have put the toekick drawers in them at least if I had known I could! (It would have been a tough sell to my DH to upgrade all base to Custom just for the toekick drawers!)

If you are considering Omega Dynasty and/or Omega Custom, I'd check on the toekick drawers!

BTW...I love my cabinets! The cherry wood and finish are wonderful! The hardware is excellent...the drawers operate so smoothly--even the heavily laden pots & pans, mixing bowls, and casserole dish drawers. The full-extension, soft-close is great...one of my DH's favorite things! My drawers are never accidentally left open as all I need to do is give them a gentle push and walk away secure in the knowledge that they will close behind me.

As to the limited drawer sizes...if they're a "limitation", they're not a problem for me. I'm constantly amazed at how much fits in my drawers! I actually have 2 mostly empty drawers and I had thought I wouldn't have enough room for everything! (Ditto for the 36" high upper cabinets.)


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All of you are so helpful - I was just checking back before retiring for the night and was so pleased at all the new information - you guys are the best. Glad to hear that everyone is pleased with Omega Dynasty. When we finally get this build started I will post pictures. Wish me luck!

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Thanks for covering that Buehl. I knew you'd done some research there. That also might be the reason why I was totally Omega Custom verses using some Dynasty, since all of my cabs have toe kicks aside from the window seat which is very custom.

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I did Omega Custom only and they are beautiful. I posted under a 98% finished with unfinished family room thread and will try to find it so you can see the pics

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gglks -- I love your basket weave tile. Do you have any pictures of it on the wall?

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Another kitchen here with Omega/Dynasty. Very happy. We have both painted and stained cabinets and they are great. An the install, we did have some issues with paint peeling, but they took care of it all, replaced everything that was a problem no questions asked and now are perfect. I think you will be happy. But I sure wish I had those toe kicks!

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I chose Omega Dynasty cherry cabinets 11 years ago for my first kitchen. Pretty and well-built enough that I've re-purposed them to my brand new master bathroom, now that I'm remodeling the kitchen.
My "before" kitchen picture taken this summer:

And here's the beginning of their life in the new master bathroom (unfinished but close)
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mbarstow.....my backsplash is up and i love it!!!! our home computer is completely dead so i have been using my laptop....not sure how to download photos on it. i will have my dh load the software this weekend as i have been anxious to send out finished kitchen pics.....

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We put Dynasty cabinets in our master bath. Like Buehl, we used cherry cabinets in the Anson door style; our have the Nutmeg finish. They are pretty and well-made. We didn't need Omega because we didn't need any custom sizes, but as others have already said, you can use Dynasty doors and drawer fronts on any Omega custom cabinets you might need.

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We used Omega's Dynasty line for our kitchen and are glad we did. We selected the Bancroft style in Cherry wood with the Mandarin finish. Looks custom without the cost of custom.

Our order included features like regular and pot/pan drawers, full extension drawers, soft-close drawers and pull-outs, appliance garages, corner units, cabinet doors for use with glass inserts, dual-bin lower cabinet pullout for recycling and built in lazy susans. Cabinet boxes are solid and finish was excellent.

Ultimately, everything came out perfectly and we are very happy with the results. Would definitely recommend this cabinet maker!

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here are my finished kitchen pics....all omega dynasty
mbarstow...also some pic of backsplash tile....

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gglks, you have a pretty pic. Sorry to distract from the cabinetry thread, but what granite is that?

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southern 2008---the granite is costa esmerelda. topic of another thread out there now.....slabs vary greatly with this stone!

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