2 questions - 1 on the mashed lite fixture and 1 on a pillow case

desertstephOctober 17, 2012

Jed rebent the bent parts of that fixture back to where they should be (like they were butter). Now I have a fixture that has working parts that are fine and mostly looks fine (unless you look close). It does only have 1 glass globe to it.

I just don't know if it's wrong to still use it. (I don't usually have problems in this area - I'm normally very cut and dry on these things.) This instance just seems weird to me and I think I'm not viewing it clearly.

Just throwing it out seems so wasteful. It'd probably be fine up high on the laundry room ceiling. Still has the dent in it but who'd be looking up there? I won't. I'm not sure either how the light from it will seem w/out a globe over all 3 bulbs.

Anyway, anyone got any words of wisdom on this? They sent me a new one to replace this one that was bent in 3 areas, had a dent and 2 broken globes when it arrived. I did plan to order 1 or 2 more of this lite for other rooms if I liked it IRL (and I do when it's all in 1 piece and not bent outa shape). I think it'd be a great fixture for my bathroom and for over the kitchen sink.

The other question is - When my son was here I gave him the choice of pillow cases to use. His old ET one or a geometric print one that belonged to his older brother - who died many, many yrs ago. My son recognized his brother's pillow case immediately and wanted to use it. He didn't even seem to notice his own old ET 'case' (yeah, very old). I'm thinking that maybe I should pack his brother's pc in with his gift at Christmas. Let him have it (to use or hang on a wall or whatever). It does have a small rip in it - so, should I stitch it up or just let it be as it is? I have no idea how or when the rip got there. I have used it a few times over the yrs. The other kids probably used it over the yrs while still home. (not something I kept track of). Just as soon as I agree with myself that I should stitch it up, I switch and disagree with myself...

Such life shaking questions - eh? lol!

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oops - just ignore this. meant for a different forum.

maybe they'll make it so we can edit and delete our posts in the future!

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But I have a suggestion on the rip in the pillow case: Get an iron-on patch, cut to fit, and iron it to the inside of the case. You can get the patches at a fabric store. They make them for the knees in jeans, but they should also have some light weight ones appropriate for a pillow case.

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suzanne - thx for your input. That's probably what I'll do - but I don't have an iron so will either stitch it in place or see if my sister will iron it on for me. I think that will keep the rip from getting bigger.

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