Sladust dust mop

KimSigOctober 31, 2013

Has anyone ever used one of these? I just ordered one for my new hardwood floors and they sound great. I really wanted a old time wool dust mop and this looks like exactly what I wanted. Was hoping for a review from someone. Thanks!

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No, never used one, but after looking at it, bought it - hope it works well, am willing to give it a try. Anything to help, as I hate cleaning house, lol!

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Any reviews from those who've purchased? I just clicked buy and hope it works as good as the reviews say they do. Didn't want to spend all the money on Swiffer cleaners; this seemed more economical in the long run.

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I am very happy with it, at first I thought it might be to small but it is perfect for getting around the tables and chairs. It seems to do a good job picking up grit and fir needles that seem to accumulate everyday!

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Which size did you order?

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I've been looking for a similar product and would love to hear how this one works out for y'all.

I'd also like to hear what size you find useful. I was thinking that that the second one, which is 24" wide looks like a good size -- or would the smallest be better, with the idea being it could fit between chair legs? I'm thinking of the large, industrial dry mops I've used in the church basement, but my house is considerably smaller in proportion.

For the cost, though, be sure to read the part of the website called "Mop care". This is an investment!

One more thing: How do you pronounce this name? I'm thinking Slay-Dust. I kind of like that -- not that I'm much of a dust warrior.

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Made in the USA.

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My mother uses the dust mops available from the Vermont Country Store. They have cotton and wool versions.


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I ordered the big wooly and it is a good size for me even though it was a bit smaller then I had expected. I think any bigger would be difficult to use around furniture.

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I also ordered the Big Wooly which I believe is about 12 x 18. Hopefully I can post a review by the end of the week. I bought a replacement head as well so I can keep dusting while the other one dries.

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My review:
So it finally arrived (after paying a ridiculous amount for priority shipping; yeah, priority, my eye⦠but I digressâ¦) and I love it! Works so much better at actually picking up the dust and small particles rather than just pushing them around like the Swiffer duster was doing. I definitely recommend it and think in the long run, it's the better deal (compared with Swiffer).

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Do you wash the mop head in the machine?

I just skimmed the Amazon listing and it says you can, but it also says it's real wool. Doesn't it felt?

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I washed my mother's wool mop head from Vermont Country Store. It did not felt. Felting, I believe, is a different process and does not involve strands of yarn; it is a shrinking of wool fibers or knitted wool. Someone can correct me if I am mistaken.


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Typically, yes, but any time you have strands of wool rubbing together, especially in hot water, it can felt.

I don't know anything about mops, but I'm a pretty decent knitter. ;)

There's a type of wool called "superwash" which doesn't felt. I wonder if the mops are made of something similar?

I'm really really wanting one of these mops (this is an expensive forum to visit ;)) but there's no way I'd hand wash my mop. As long as it can go in the machine I'm there.

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