Kitchenaid, Costco BlueStar or Costco NXR 36" range?

renosarefunOctober 13, 2013

We're in the process of selcting all our appliances which we will be purchasing next weekend and when it comes to the range we trying to decide between the;

1. 36" Blue Star non sealed burner all ng range. (image shown)

�5 x 15,000 BTU burner
�1 x variable simmer of up to 57.2�C (135�F)
�30,000 BTU oven burner
�Push-to-turn infinite setting NOVA� top burner controls
�Heavy-duty control knobs
�Full motion grates
�Ceramic infrared broiler
�Heavy-duty commercial stainless-steel construction
�Automatic electronic ignition and re-ignition system
�Convection oven
�Extra large oven capacity
�LP gas conversion kit included
�Interior oven light
�Removable drip tray
�Low-profile backguard
�Accommodates a full-size commercial baking sheet: 45.7 cm x 66 cm (18 in. x 26 in.)
�60.9 cm (24 in.) depth for compatibility with standard kitchen cabinetry

2. Kitchenaid, 36" sealed burner Dual Fuel KDRU767VSS

Fuel Type Dual Fuel

Cooktop Features
Left Front Burner (BTU) 20000
Right Front Burner (BTU) 20000
Left Rear Burner (BTU) 15000
Right Rear Burner (BTU) 15000
Center Rear Burner (BTU) 5000
Center Front Burner (BTU) 15000

Oven Features
Cooking System Convection plus Steam-Assist Oven
Total Capacity 5.1 Cu. Ft.
Convection Bake Yes
Convection Broil Yes
Convection Roast Yes
Bake Yes
Cleaning System Self-Cleaning
Hidden Bake Element CleanBake� Hidden Element
Sabbath Mode Sabbath Mode
Delayed Cooking Yes
Warm Hold Yes
Bread Proofing Yes
Convection Element Wattage @240v 2800

Cooktop Material Porcelain
Grate Material Cast Iron
Delayed Cooking Yes
Oven Lights 3

40 Amps. 240/208 V.

3. 36" NXR sealed burner all ng range.


�2 x 15,000 BTU spill-proof sealed dual burners, with precision adjustment to 650 BTU ULTRALOW� simmer burners
�2 x 12,000 BTU spill-proof sealed burners with ULTRALOW� simmer burners
�2 x 9,000 BTU spill-proof sealed burners with ULTRALOW� simmer burners
�22,000 BTU U-shaped oven bake burner
�16,500 BTU infrared broiler burner
�7 control knobs with stainless steel bezel
�3 heavy duty, full-motion cast iron cooking grates
�Heavy-duty commercial stainless-steel construction
�Electronic ignition and automatic re-ignition
�Convection oven for faster and even temperature baking
�5.2 cu.ft oven capacity with two included racks (broiler pan included)
�Stainless steel drip pan
�Blue porcelain oven interior with halogen...

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The BlueStar that is not sold through Costco has two 22K burners by default -- you should add that to your list.

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Thank you for your reply, the reason I didn't include the 22k model bluestar is due to it not being sold through therefore not in line price wise. Although the Kitchenaid is the highest price I would be getting employee price which would put it in line with Costco's pricing.

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Hmmmm, doesn't seem as though my first thread/post has gone well.

I quess I'll go with the Kitchenaid.


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I have the 30" KitchenAid Dual Fuel gas range, and have been pleased with it so far. I've only had it for a few months, though. You might try posting your question in the appliance forum, there may be folks there better equipped to answer your comparison question.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb Appliances forum

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Thanks for the reply bethinnc, I didn't realize there was an appliance forum.

Thanks for the link as I've reposted this thread in the proper section.

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I don't know much about the NRX. didn't realize the Kitchen Aid had 20000 BTU burners. Those are pretty high! I really like the open burners of the bluestar and the "simple" design. Nothing to break or if it does, easy to fix. I also like the industrial feel of the grates. How are the KA's to clean? Do you do a lot of high heat cooking, searing/stir frying? Do you want a gas oven? It looks like the KA is dual fuel. Are you really going to use the features like delayed cooking? I have that on my oven now but really the only thing you could use it for would maybe be vegtetable.s You are not going to put your chicken in the oven at 8 am and have it start cooking at 3 pm so it is done when you get home at 5.

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Yes we would take advantage of the 20k burners on the KA range.If we could find the part #'s and online supplier to covert the BlueStarar from 15k to either 18K or 22K burner that would be a bonus for the BS range.

No we wouldn't take advantage of all the features the KA range has to offer, but the BS seems to be a very basic model with little to no features.

Question, does the bluestar 36" (costco) have self clean oven and how many racks are supplied in the oven?

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I own the 22K bluestar and it does not have a self-clean so I doubt the other one does either.

The size of the oven is a plus for the bluestar - you can fit a full size baking sheet in the oven. I think there are two racks in the oven.

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KA 20k btu burners are sealed with a very wide heat pattern. Only very wide pans will capture a good percentage of the heat.

Even with large pans the Bluestar will have more power actually making it to the bottom of the pan because the heat is directed right to the bottom of the pan not to the side. Plus the heat will be much more even across the bottom of the pan.

KA has a history of blowing fuses during self-clean. Better as of late but still something to keep in mind. With KA you get electric oven features but possible electric oven heachaches and cost of repair with integrated circuit boards etc. I can't find the interior dimensions or the broiler rating for the KA but with the BS it will fit commercial baking sheets and you get a very powerful broiler too.

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Thanks for the information on the self clean mode, my wife will not be happy about not having that option. She also wanted a 3 rack which the KA has and I'm not sure what the price would be to add one more to the Bluestar. From what I've been reading the Bluestar has a larger oven capacity, possibly due to it's interior layout.

Thanks for the reply deeageaux:

I believe you're saying the star pattern of the (Costco) Bluestar allows for better heat distribution to the pan over the Kitchenaid, even though it has 5000 more BTU's on it's most powerfull burners?

Also an electric oven and all it's added options may allow for more possible problems down the road. That will always remain to be seen but I don't know if I want to take that chance.

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Renosarefun - I was mistaken, the Bluestar does come with three racks.

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I assume you're referring to the 22K burner model having three racks or are we talking about the Costco version in this thread, or........are they the same in regards to oven features?

I understood the difference was two maybe three cosmetic features and stronger burners on the non-Costco version.

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I have the 22K version, but I think it is the same for each model. Not positive on that however.

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The highest BTU burner on the Costco Bluestar is 15K btu.

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I have the KitchenAid 36" inch range and just blew a fuse during the self clean mode. I loved it up to this point, though.

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Pipdog- hopefully you will see this. How's your kitchenaid range doing? Did it blow a fuse in your house or in the range? Would you purchase it again?

I'm looking at a floor model for around 4995


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